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7 Best Offline Dictionary Software for Windows 10

Are you trying to enrich your vocabulary? If you are on a Windows platform, you can download the English Dictionary Software for the PC or Mobile. There are some best offline English dictionaries that give you a huge collection of words, usages, and graphical representations. Without much effort, you can type the word and know what you want about it. Since these English Dictionary Softwares are offering an offline version, you can use this even if you don’t have internet.

Let’s see the list of best offline English dictionary for Windows PC and Phone, that can be used even without internet connection.

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

Oxford Learner’s app is the best offline English dictionary from Oxford University editors. You can search the words from A to Z and get the meaning in a second. You can learn how to say the words, and when and how to use them in a context. When you look out for a word, it will search amongst more than 1 lakh words. Also, more data on the word such as synonyms, antonyms and all are also present. If you find a tough word, this free dictionary software helps you with small notes, examples, and images. Word origins, verb forms, US and UK usage, and Academic Word list are rest of them on which you can count on. For all these to fit in your system, 2GB space is a must. And a price of $29.99 has to be paid before using it.

Download Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary for iOS

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The Dictionary software is simple and handy to carry it only in Windows mobile. The app contains more than 2 lakh words and store these in the device and has a faster response. Even the meaning of words are updated and speak icon lets you spell the word. Also, you can get to grasp a word daily with Dictionary along with its antonyms and synonyms. Once you start playing word games, wildcard letters will help and guide you. If you wish to use any word you like in other documents, just use copy button. If you are happy about the dictionary just post your feedback.

Download Dictionary for iOS

The Free Dictionary

As the name depicts, this is a free dictionary software. But if you need it offline, you can download the offline version. The free dictionary features are distinct from rest of them such as word search and data from many English dictionaries, etymologies and much more. Multiple dictionary searches cover data from legal, Idioms, wiki and encyclopedias. Also if you wish to know about the English word in other languages, options are plenty. And even the dictionary is within easy reach for you in 13 other languages. Not only these, you get to play word games, learn one Idiom, word, and quote each for the day. From there you can select your most liked word and share it on social media. You can unveil more options once you start using it.

Download The Free Dictionary for iOS

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Before buying this English dictionary make sure you own a windows mobile. This is again the best English dictionary software. At a price of $3.99, you get online access to ad-free content. When offline, you will get basic functions such as the meaning of the word. The online version provides more information. You can view wordbooks, graphical images for words, word usage, and others. The Webster Dictionary also helps you with places, people and foreign terms that are more than 20000 in number.

Download Merriam-Webster Dictionary from iOS

TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus

TheSage is one of its kind and the one of the best English Dictionary. TheSage English Dictionary features very vast collection includes 12.4 million words. It is available in free as well as paid version. As you know, free version comes with some limitations. But learners and experienced can benefit a lot from it. When you try to type a word, The dictionary app will suggest words. Once you choose the word, It will show the senses, etymologies, antonyms to holonyms, and phonetic transcriptions. More functions such as rhyme assistant, wildcard search, anagram and thesaurus search are useful when trying to edit a document. In order to get updates, to a custom interface, and for advanced options, an amount of $10 has to be paid for full version.

Download TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus for iOS

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Wordweb free version software is of a 30-day trial period. After the trial period, you need to buy Wordweb Pro version. The free version allows you to search the meaning of a word. The Pro version is coming with more options and a huge collection of words. This includes Word search results from distinct dictionaries, anagrams, root words, an example of words, audio pronunciations are some of the highlights. WordWeb helps you in editing your document by showing reference, finding words by matching patterns, editing the glossary and a lot more. Moreover, it will try to correct, warn, and suggest the words while you type. Before starting to edit a document, there is an option to choose from UK or US or Canadian or Asian English. The Wordweb is for Windows PC. For Android, a separate section is given.

Download Wordweb for iOS

Perfect Dictionary

Perfect Dictionary is yet another free dictionary software that is handy on PC, mobile, hub and hololens. With a wide variety of words, the Perfect Dictionary has many dictionaries in more than 50 languages. This Windows Dictionary will help you on how to pronounce a word with audio and pin that word to the homepage if you like it. To make it easy for you while entering a word, Perfect Dictionary will suggest words. This software is small in size and needs only 19.24MB of device space.

Download Perfect Dictionary for iOS

With these pocket-friendly software dictionaries, you have the dictionary at your fingertips and works offline or online. There is no more page flipping. Just download the dictionary software on Windows PC or phone that can be used even without internet connection.

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