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7 Best Music Player with Lyrics for Android and iPhone

The music player with lyrics serves as a lyrics finder app that gives you the song lyrics instantly as you play it. There is no need to perform the song lyrics search as the music player with lyrics eases the process. These apps also allow you to play that song lyrics without any difficulty. Music is an all-time remedy for many individuals. Just by humming the lyrics will enable us to calm down our tensed mind. Through these apps, you can get the lyrics on your smartphone displaying on the screen as the song continues.

Find out that annoying phrase or whole lyrics that you are unable to catch on with these music players with lyrics.


Musixmatch is a music player with lyrics that inherits the most massive lyrics catalog, giving the song lyrics at the needed time. The app offers multilingual translations for the music playing on the player. Through the player, get the song lyrics easily as it identifies the song playing around with a single tap.

Search for the lyrics for your loved songs by title, artist and with a present sentence of the lyrics. Use the smart seek bar to get to the favorite part of the songs having your liked verses. You can also submit your favorite lyrics to the app. With multilingual translations, one can quickly get lyrics in more than one language.

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Discover music playing in an entirely new way with SoundHound. Know the song lyrics just by humming or singing the tune after opening the app. Through the app, identify the song and answer your urge saying what song is this with a simple tap. Just say ‘OK Hound’ to launch the app and perform the defined function or activity.

The app allows you to find a song by lyrics just input the lyrics and you are good to go. Any user can easily see the lyrics when playing back a song from the YouTube. You can also get the lyrics of the songs playing around you just by tapping the SoundHound button on the app.

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Lyrics Mania

Get millions of lyrics on your smartphone or tablet through Lyrics Mania app. With the music player with lyrics, you can easily listen to the music and get the lyrics on the go. The song lyrics are easily identifiable of a song due to the MusicID functionality of the app. Whether you are listening to the radio or streaming online, it is easy to get lyrics of a song.

The app comes with a widget in the notification center allowing the person to get the lyrics with no difficulty. You can connect the app to Apple Music account to get the lyrics of any song played on it.

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Find annotated lyrics of more than 1.7 million songs over Genius music player with lyrics. Witness an all-new world that contains knowledge of song lyrics and getting it through worldwide crowdsourcing. The lyrics finder app comes with interviews with widely loved artists telling more about them and their music.

The user can quickly highlight their favorite of the song lyrics search and annotate it any place as well as anytime. Access it as a lyrics app offline allowing you to get the needed verses on the go. Every content present over the app for the users is verified by its producers and artists.

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Being powered by Lyric Wikia, Lyrically music player with lyrics is always ready to give you accurate lyrics. Due to being publicly hosted by a wiki-hosting service, the app gives out the lyrics provided by its fans. It is a fan-driven platform allowing almost any person living in any part of the world to give the song lyrics.

Any update or change in the lyrics automatically synchronizes to the app, and there is no need to worry about outdating. Anyone can easily purchase the songs directly to the iTunes. The Android Lyrics provider app comes with a wide range of support for diverse players.

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Just play the song and get the lyrics, it is only this simple with Lyrics app. The music player with lyrics is lightweight in size and simple to use. It does implements with your favorite music player without replacing it. Customize the look of the app with light and dark themes.

Get recently viewed lyrics to access the last seen lyrics instantly. The app comes with a safe mode to give the user a clear lyrics option. Quickly launch your favorite player through the app without leaving it. More than a dozen music players come with the support of app to deliver lyrics to every user in the world.

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Lyrics Plus

Get lyrics of almost any song with Lyrics Plus app. The app allows you to have instant access to the lyrics of a particular song. Lyrics database of the app is huge and expands with each passing day. The translucency skin of the app makes it a visual treat for the eyes.

We can follow all the artists and catch almost every word of the song. The lyrics search is automatic in the app for the user. You can also save the displayed lyrics to the device and view them on any other iOS running device. Furthermore, you can search manually for the song if you are not satisfied with the automated results of the app.

Download: iTunes

Music Player with Lyrics

Music serves as an all-time remedy whether you are a great day or a bad one. While listening to them, most of us get an overflow of emotions. We all are hooked to a particular song due to its tone and lyrics. There are times when we do forget the lyrics of the playing song and are unable to follow it as it plays on. However, you can avoid this entire situation through a music player with lyrics.

The mobile technology has made it easy for all of us to use these music players with lyrics to satisfy your demand to hum the song lyrics. Brighten your entire day by signing your heart out by seeing the lyrics as the song plays on. Make the song lyrics search easy with these apps allowing you to play that song lyrics.

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