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Automatically Set Android into Silent Mode in Bedtime & Volume Up in Morning

We used to set our smartphone in silent mode when you go to bed and turn back on when you wake up. We all do this to get away from marketing calls and to avoid any alert sound like notification, ringtone, incoming email alert etc.

This time we created the recipe for muting your Android device and turn back the volume up when you get up in morning. If you are an Android user you have to install free apps from Google Play. Once you download, please create an IFTTT account from your phone with your email.

Set Your Android into Silent Mode in Bed Time

Please don’t forget to install this IFTTT app on your Android device before triggering this feature. Now click the picture below from your Android phone and it will guide you to your IFTTT app.

By default, we set this to set your Android phone to set into vibrator mode at 10:00 pm every day. You can edit this recipe to change the time or set the phone into complete silent instead of going to vibrator mode.

Set Android Ringtone to 80% in Morning

Now once you set your phone to silent mode in bedtime you have to revert it back in morning. We set one recipe to do this automatically on your Android Phone. Click the picture below from your Android phone and it will set your phone to 80% ringtone volume at 7:00 am.   You can change the time and the volume in the percentage you want to raise up in the morning. There are few other uses for this recipe. If you are working in a noisy environment every time you can tell your phone to volume up in a certain time. You can set your volume low when you back your home. There are many other possibilities you can try and share with your friends.

You can do this automatically if you have an Android phone. You can make this happen using the free automation tool called IFTTT. We discussed this tool on our site and we used to get advanced Alert on your iPhone or Android for Rain or Snow.

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