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How to Bass Boost Songs in Spotify Using Spotify Equalizer

Spotify offers high-quality music streams across your devices. You can easily play any songs you want from your phone, Google Home speaker, Alexa speaker, and more. But you might not get the bass boosted experience for some songs as you expected. This is probably not because of the speaker or the headphone quality you are using. Spotify has a quick fix for it – Spotify equalizer.

In this guide, we will guide you through the steps to bass boost music playback in Spotify using Spotify equalizer.

Bass Boost Music Playback with Spotify Equalizer

Spotify has an inbuilt equalizer. Apart from the standard presets, there are some Spotify-only equalizer settings as well. One of them is the “Bass Booster” for Spotify. This boosts the bass output of the songs. Whether you are listening on an external speaker or using headphones, the bass booster works immensely.

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Open Spotify Settings
  1. Open the Spotify app on your phone.
  2. Tap the settings cogwheel icon at the upper right corner.

    Head to Spotify Playback Settings

  3. Go to Playback from the Settings.

    Go to Spotify Equalizer Settings

  4. Tap “Equalizer” option.
  5. Toggle on Equalizer and choose “Bass Booster.”
Select Bass Booster for Spotify in Spotify Equalizer

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Apart from the Bass Booster option, there is plenty of other Spotify equalizer presets available. In case you want to reduce the bass of the songs or podcasts, choose the “Bass Reducer” preset. The Spotify equalizer works despite the default equalizer setting on your phone. However, for an optimal listening experience, make sure your phone equalizer and Spotify equalizer share similar presets at the same time.

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