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10 Best 512GB, 256GB, and 128GB Micro SD Cards.

The Micro SD cards are the standard memory card size used for most of the devices. You can get the micro SD cards with large capacities, like 256GB, 512GB up to 2TB. The 256GB and 512GB micro SD cards are pretty standard to use in video recording cams and dash cams. You can get a high performance 256GB micro SD cards for a decent price, usually under $100 bucks.

Let’s see the best 256GB micro SD cards and 512GB with some common size memory cards for your electronic gadgets.

Micro SD Card Standards and Speeds

Min. Write
Speed (Sequential)
Std. Speed ClassUHS Speed ClassVideo Speed ClassSupporting
Video Format
90MBSecV908K Video
60MBSecV608K, 4K Video
30MBSecU3V308K, 4K, Full HD, HD Video
10MBSec10U1V104K, Full HD, HD, Standard Video
6MBSec6V6Full HD, HD, Standard Video
4MBSec4Standard Video
2MBSec2Standard Video

The high-speed micro SD cards are offering UHS3 speed, which is up to 30MB/Sec. The high-performance cards can work with writing sped up to 90MB/Sec. The Class 10 cards can write up to 10MB/Sec speed and that’s enough for regular devices like Android tablets, or extending the memory of your device. The V60 and V90 stand for 4K video recording that demands high writing speed.

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256GB Micro SD Card

The 256GB memory card is pretty common and available for a budget price. This size is good enough to record videos and high-resolution images in RAW format. SanDisk brings a dedicated micro SD card with 256GB size for Nintendo Switch users, that offer high performance.

Budget SD Card for Android Devices

Samsung EVO is a decent priced memory card that can use with Samsung Galaxy or Android devices to extend the memory for HD photos and videos. The Class 3 card offer up to Up to 100MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds.

High-Speed SD Card for Nintendo Switch

The SD card built for Nintendo Switch users with high speed and performance for games. The 256GB micro SD card offers UHS Class 3 for a read transfer speed up to 1000x (150MB/s).

Best SD Card for 4K UHD Video Recording

SanDisk Extreme is built for performance, to record 4K and UHD videos. The Extreme micro sd can shot up to 70MB/s. The videos can record and built for UHS 3.

Best for Video Recording & Games

SanDisk 32GB is made for Android phones and tablets to extend the memory. This is a Class 3 memory card that offers UHS speed at a transfer speed up to 1000x (150MB/s) read and 80MB/s write.

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128GB Micro SD Card

The 128GB micro SD cards are the standard and the maximum size supported by the majority of devices including dashcams. There is a maximum memory card size limit for most of the gadgets and 128GB micro SD card is compatible for most fo these devices.

Best Micro SD Card for Nintendo Switch

The SanDisk dedicated to Nintendo Switch users to extend the memory and play high-resolution games with high speed and performance. The UHS 3 offers speed up to 150MB/s to read and 80MB/s to write.

Micro SD Card for HD Photographs

The Lexar brand made for a professional photographer. This card offers high-speed file transfer between the computer and card. The UHS 3 works with transfer speed up to 1000x (150MB/s) and 80MB/s write.

High-Performance SD Card for Dashcams

PRO Endurance supports multiple read and write cycles and offer long durability. This card is ideal for recording dashcam videos at Class 10 speed.

Budget Priced Micro SD for Tablets & Phones

Samsung Evo is the budget-priced micro SD card, good for a decent performance. You can use it to extend the device memory or standard use. This card offer Class 10 transfer read speed.

64GB Micro SD Cards

64GB SD cards used on dashcams and drones to record the videos. This can be used in Android tablets and mobile to extend the memory to install additional games and apps. The SD cards for photographic professionals built for high performance and work with DSLR and Dashcams.

Micro Card for DSLR and Photography

The Lexar fro DSLR camera to record HD images at high speed. The price is above average and offers a read transfer speed up to 1000x (150MB/s) and 80MB/s write.

High Endurance Micro SD for Dashcam

SanDisk High Endurance Class 10 SD card brings you high-performance recording for Dashcams with a read and write speed up to 20MB/s. YOu can use this on dashcams that do not support 128GB micro SD cards.

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32GB Micro SD Cards

32GB is a pretty common size micro sd card good for Android phones, Amazon tablets to expand the device memory. The 32GB micro Sd cards come under $10 price tag.

Small Size Designed for High Performance.

SanDisk Ultra is a Class 10 micro SD card offer up to 98MB/s transfer read speed.

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Samsung EVO is a UHS Speed Class U3 SD card that offers up to 95MB/s read and 20MB/s write speeds.

512GB Micro SD Cards

The 512GB micro SD cards are good for 4K video recording. These high-resolution videos are memory hungry and need large size SD cards to record the video for a few hours continuously. Compared to the 256GB size, the relative price per GB is higher for 512GB micro SD cards, and these are not common as 128GB or 256GB size cards.

Low Cost, High Capacity Micro SD Card

Samsung Evo low-cost high capacity memory card that can use on your Samsung Galaxy phones or other Android devices. You can get a Class 10 data transfer speed.

High Performance SD Card for Android Memory

A1 rated performance while using with the Samsung or Android devices to load the data or games. SanDisk Ultra is a Class 10 micro SD card offer up to 98MB/s transfer read speed.

High-Capacity, High-Speed for 4K Videos.

Lexar 512GB can be used for recording high-resolution videos in 4K with long reliability and performance. Lexar Professional can use in 3D cameras, DSLR and 4K where you need higher writing speed.

Reliable Micro SD Card for HD Photography

SanDisk Extreme can transfer speeds up to 170MB/s. This is perfect for shooting 4K UHD, or Full HD videos. This UHS-I micro SD card can shot speeds up to 90MB/s.

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1TB Micro SD Cards

You can’t see 1TB micro SD cards that common. Also, 1TB and 2TB size memory cards are selling only a few manufacturers and those are available with a high price tag. The cards have enough memory to use in your 4K video cams to record the video footage for a couple of hours. However, check with your device specification and make sure that supports 1TB size cards.

1TB Micro SD, High Performance

SanDisk Ultra is a Class 10 micro SD card offer up to 98MB/s transfer read speed.

1TB High-Speed SD Card for 4K Recording

SanDisk Ultra is a Class 10 micro SD card offer up to 98MB/s transfer read speed.

We have converted the micro SD cards from 32GB to 1TB in this list. The 16GB and 8GB SD cards are outdated and the demand for high capacity SD cards is huge now. the 256GB and 512GB micro Sd cards are worth the money you pay while considering per GB price. If you want to get 1TB o4 2TB, wait for a while to save money.

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