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5 Best High Endurance Micro SD Card for Dash Cams & Drones

High endurance SD Cards make sure that you get a complete guarantee of footages and stays strong during harsh conditions. The modern cameras are now capable of 4K video recording. As video qualities increased, there is a need for enhanced storage devices. These devices should be phenomenal in every aspect, whether its speed or capacity.

Here we’ve taken a step further and compiled a list of the top high endurance SD cards for drones, dashcams and security cameras.

Editor’s Note: These High Endurance SD cards are designed for heavy lifting. These SD cards are typically designed for longterm, continues, and high-quality video (4K) recording. Compare to the high-speed SD cards, these high endurance SD cards are used for DashCams, Security Cameras, Drones, Bodycams, etc.

Samsung PRO Endurance

The Samsung Pro Endurance tops our list as its the most reliable and trusted micro SD available. It is designed for video monitoring through dash cams and surveillance cams. This high endurance SD card can last up to 44,000 hours of continuous video monitoring.

The continuous recording is swift and lasts longer than all other storage devices. It can secure data and capture all your footages up to 128GB of storage space. This means that you need not be worried about changing the memory card any time soon.

Samsung PRO Endurance 64GB 100MB/s (U1) MicroSDXC Memory Card with Adapter (MB-MJ64GA/AM)
  • DESIGNED FOR VIDEO MONITORING: Samsung MicroSDXC PRO is specifically designed for video monitoring...

Moreover, Endurance is a reliable choice for storage intense and write-intensive applications. This feature makes this Samsung Pro SD card, an ideal choice for dashcams and drones.

The read and write speeds are phenomenal and offer swiftness in every aspect. Samsung Pro endurance card is one of the fast micro SD cards for professionals. The read speed clocks up to 100 MBPS and writes speed up to 30 MBPS.

Being an endurance micro SD card for security cameras, it protects your files and works well in extreme conditions. It can stand up to extreme levels of UV, X-ray, and magnetic radiations. Samsung Pro is water-resistant and can operate at a temperature range between -25◦C to 85◦C. The Pro endurance card is the best SD card for Drones, which have a rugged design to withstand any weather condition.

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SanDisk High Endurance 64GB SD

When it comes to storage devices, SanDisk always had an upper hand. The Sandisk micro SD card 64GB is ideal for dashcams and drones. SanDisk Micro SD is tested and built to stand in harsh conditions. The shockproof and waterproof design makes it suitable and reliable for drone cameras.

The reliable design makes sure your dashcam or home security camera can record everything even during harsh conditions. You receive an SD card adapter too. This adapter sees to it that this high endurance SD fits into every memory slot of all major cameras.

As it developed only as a surveillance video storage device, it offers up to 10,000 hours of full HD recording. This long hour recording capability makes SanDisk a fast SD card to use in security cameras and drones. The class 10 standard sees to it that you get swiftness in every aspect.

The read and write speed clocks up to 20MB/s. Unlike other storage devices, the SanDisk Endurance SD card comes with a file recovery software. The RescuePro software makes it easier to recover stored files that you once deleted.

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10 Best 512GB, 256GB, and 128GB Micro SD Cards.

Transcend High Endurance 128GB SD

The Transcend Endurance SD card comes with a storage capacity of 128GB. Being a high endurance memory card, it is suitable for continuous video recording in security cameras. Transcend SD card is developed to be equipped with surveillance drones and car dash cams.

The Transcend 128GB SD card offers up to 24,000 hours of full HD recording. Transcend High Endurance is one of the best external memory cards you can get to couple up with your dash cams. This fast microSD card offers exceptional read and writes speeds. The write speed clocks up to 50MB/s while the read speed can clock up to 95MB/s.

The exceptional reliability and data protection make it a favorite in this field. To deliver the best performance each time, the Transcend memory card is crafted to withstand some of the harsh conditions. It is temperature and water-resistant and offers protection from X-ray radiation.

You also receive access to a recovery software developed by team Transcend. The RecoveRx software helps you search deep into your directory. It gives access to erased files including documents, videos, and other sensitive files.

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Kingston High Endurance 128GB SD

The Kinston High endurance SD cards are built to withstand write-intensive applications like drones and dash cams. It comes in three variants, the 32, 64 and 128GBs. This high endurance storage card gives you to access 20,000 hours of video recording. As its a generic high endurance micro SD card, you can use them to shoot footages with your dash cams and surveillance cams.

Kingston High Endurance 32GB MicroSD Card High Performance, 1080P, Full HD, Up to 95MB/S...
  • Thousands of hours of reliable recording — capture critical video recordings at home or on the...

Kingston is made to work well in harsh conditions and is durable enough to withstand extreme temperature, shock and X rays. The class 10 standards guarantee the highest read and write speeds every time.

The read speed clockes 95MB/s while the write speed clocks up to 45MB/s. It would be better to get yourself an SD adapter in case you find it hard to fit into your cams etc.

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Lexar Endurance 256GB SD

When you plan for professional photography, the Lexar name comes first. The Lexar high endurance micro SD is a class 10 micro SD that offers 256GB space. It is a premium memory SD Card for dashcams, sports cams and surveillance cameras. This high-performance micro SD offers a great read and write speeds every time you need them.

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Lexar Blue Series High-Performance 633x 256GB microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with SD Adapter
  • Lexar BLUE Series High-Performance 633x 256GB UHS-I microSDXC Memory Card - SD Adapter - Lexar...

The read speed can get as fast as 95MB/s while the write speed can get up to 20 MB/s. As most cams don’t let you insert micro SD directly into its ports, it’s wise to get yourself an external SD adapter. You receive a Lexar SD adapter with the full package as an addon. The high endurance design also makes it the most suitable storage card to equip when you are in harsh climatic conditions.

Buy from Amazon: Lexar Endurance 256GB SD

We’ve seen a boom in the camera industry and witnessed some fine technological improvements in the last few years. There was an increase in the use of surveillance cams and drones and as technologies improved, video qualities also improved.

When it comes to choosing a new SD memory card for your camera, there are a lot of options out there. Our list includes some of the best SD cards that you can couple up with your camera. As you know, the SD cards need to offer not only large capacities but also the performance that allows them to cope with GBs of data.

They should be able to keep up with speeds that the latest generation cams provide. We believe you’ve got your pick among the ones mentioned in our list. Keep in mind to make sure you analyze your need and camera specifications before jumping into conclusions.

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