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20 Best Compatible Apps for Android Auto

Android Auto provides the user with a similar looking interface as that of a phone on your Car’s dashboard. The dashboard contains four function buttons for Navigation, Music, Calls and Car Information. You get the navigation info, current music being played, call or text notification right on the main screen of your Car’s dashboard while using Android Auto. There are lots of apps which doesn’t support Android Auto as of now.

We have listed some of the compatible apps which increases overall user experience and productivity while using Android Auto.

1 Best Navigation Apps for Android Auto

2 Best Music Apps for Android Auto

3 Radio and Podcast Apps for Android Auto

4 Chat Apps for Android Auto

5 News Apps for Android Auto

6 Apps Compatible with Android Auto

Using Android phones while Driving can be a bit risky, so to keep your focus off of your phone and more on Driving, Android Auto can make navigation extremely easy.  Make sure to enable Android Auto in your car and install it in your smartphone.  You have to connect your smartphone via USB to the car dashboard. As stated earlier, Android auto wants you to focus more on driving. Hence it encourages a user to use voice commands for a hands-free experience. Apart from navigation, it allows the user to play music, make phone calls and even reply to the text messages.

Android Auto is incredible, and it makes traveling more fun rather than a tedious journey. Voice Over Internet is still not supported with Android Auto, but the official sources have confirmed compatibility in the near future. Users will have access to more new features such as Video chats and other productivity and collaboration apps to make it more efficient. Android Auto is sure giving a fierce competition to Apple CarPlay, but it lacks the Voice communication over the Internet which is a kind of big deal for the users who rely on such type of communications. Make sure to try the mentioned apps and have a great journey.


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