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11 Best Split Screen Games to Play on Android

Video games are a great way to relax, spend time and enjoy with your friends. While a lot of people out there enjoy multiplayer online games, there is always more fun while playing split-screen games. We are talking about games that you and your friend can play using one single phone. Whether it’s at a party or maybe on public transport, such games are enjoyable.

Let’s take a look at the best split screen Games you can play on Android, for free.

Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey

Glow Hockey 2 is a fun game where you and your friend can play a simple yet fun version of Hockey. Now, this isn’t your regular hockey game. What you’ve got to do in Glow Hockey 2 is you need to score a point by hitting the puck into the goal area. Each player uses a finger to control the paddles by either defending their goal or attacking to score a goal.

Key Features: Colorful Graphics | 2 Player Mode | 4 Types of Paddles and Pucks to Choose | Vibration Feedback when scoring a Goal

Download: Glow Hockey 2 (Free)

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Red Hands-2 Player Games

Want to have even more fun? Red hands 2 is a fun little game with a simple goal. Each player sits at one-half of the screen. One player is the attacker while the other is the defender. The attacker can tap once while the defender has to carefully tap to escape being caught by the attacker. If the defender backs out thrice, then the attacker becomes the winner right away.

Key Features: Easy and Fun to Play | Simple Gameplay | Quick Reactions Required | Choose from Various Hands

Download: Red Hands- 2 Player Games (Free)

Cat Carnival- 2 Player Games

Do you have younger siblings or kids at home? Cat Carnival is the perfect game. The game has 10+ mini-games in one single app. These games are simple, all you need to use is your finger to control your cat. Cat Carnival has head-to-head games that you can play to challenge either the AI or any friend by just using one device. More games will be added to this collection of games.

Key Features: Multiple Games in One App | Kid Friendly | Tests Speed and Reaction Times

Download: Cat Carnival- 2 Player Games (Free)

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Tanks 3D for 2 Players

How about some war games with tanks? Tanks 3D is a multiplayer game that you can play on one device with a friend. You can choose to either fight against each other or you can team up to take down the enemy tanks. With the onscreen controls, you can easily move forward, turn left or right, and fire, all of these with a single tap. Tanks 3D also has some buildings and hiding spots that you can use to take cover from oncoming attacks from your enemies.

Key Features: Completely Offline | Straightforward Controls | Adjustable Onscreen Controls | No in-game Purchase Needed

Download: Tanks 3D for 2 Players (Free)

Double Line: 2 Player Games

Double Line is an interesting game that requires you to strategize. There are two lines moving towards each other. The goal is that the lines shouldn’t touch each other. Whosoever line touches the other line first, loses the game. Double Line has a number of levels that you can play through and with every level you pass, you earn stars and coins. There are various maps that you can play through with your friend.

Key Features: Single Device Game | Singleplayer Story Mode | Customization Options | Leaderboard Speedrun

Download: Double Line: 2 Player Games (Free)

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Flig: 2 Player Battle Games

Flig has three different game modes that you and your friend can easily play on a single device. You can choose between Air Hockey, Runner, and Maze. Each game has its own themed world- 10 of them. Flig has good graphics and realistic physics which make the gameplay even more interesting. Every time you score a goal or hit an obstacle, there’s feedback in the form of vibration. A great time killer while on public transport.

Key Features: Three Mini Games | Scoreboard | Achievements | Three Difficulty Modes per Game

Download: Flig: 2 Player Battle Games (Free)

UFB 2 Player Game Fighting

Fighting game for two players on the same Android phone? UFB 2 allows you and your friend to fight against each other using the same phone. The game is a challenging one. For starters, you only have a button that controls your punches, jumps, and moves. You have three rounds to fight and the player who wins the most rounds is the winner. You can also earn special power items that provide an added advantage to you

Key Features: Challenging | MMA Fighting | Single Button Control

Download: UFB: 2 Player Game Fighting (Free)

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Battle Screens: Multiplayer Shooter

Battle Screens is an offline shooting game that can be played with a friend using one single device. This is a shooting game that has a number of weapons for you to choose from. You get to play against your friend on the same device. Both players get a health bar and the remaining ammo. Once you exhaust all your ammo, you will only be having a pistol to deal with. Great game to play with a friend when you want to kill some time. Play in two maps- trenches and Bazaar.

Key Features: Simple Touch Controls | Completely Offline | Multiple Weapons in Game

Download: Battle Screens: Multiplayer Shooter (Free)


A side-scrolling adventure game that allows four players to play on the same device? Badland has you covered. This is an action platformer where you play as a forest dweller to find out what’s going on in the forest. However, there are a number of traps and obstacles that you will have to avoid. The game gets fun when you can push the other players into traps watching them die.

Key Features: Multiple Game Modes | Multiple Levels | Level Creator | Play with upto Four Players

Download: BADLAND (Free)

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Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is an old game where two or more players can play on a single device. In Chain Reaction, your goal is to eliminate the other orbs and take over the whole map.  The gameplay is simple. Each player can add a single orb in one block. The winner is the one who is able to convert all orbs into the same color. If you lose all your orbs, you would be losing the game. The game lets you choose the color of your orbs and also has vibration feedback when you’ve placed an orb on the block.

Key Features: Simple Gameplay | Customizable Orbs | Two to Eight Player Game

Download: Chain Reaction (Free)

Fruit Ninja

One of the most popular games out there, Fruit Ninja also has a dedicated split-screen game mode. While you would always be slicing through fruits in the multiple single-player game modes, the multiplayer mode now lets you and another friend slice fruits against each other on the same device. Nothing gets better when you and your friend are competing against each other.

Key Features:  Wide Customization Options | Multiple Game Modes and Events |  In-game Battles with Various Characters

Download: Fruit Ninja (Free)

These are the best split-screen games that you can play on Android for free. Split-screen games are fun when you might be out with a friend waiting for public transport, or maybe while taking a break from office work. The most fun game in my opinion from this list will have to be Tanks 3D, as you not only play and attack your friend, but you can also hide and take cover from oncoming attacks.

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