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10 Best AR App for iPhone to Experience VR.

AR Shopping Apps and Games are starting to flood into the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad users. Augmented Reality overlays the digital content over the real things allowing you to experience virtual reality experience with 3D effects. The AR app reconstructs the way we all look at our surroundings and interactions with the world. The graphics projected by the AR apps iOS on the existing environments makes the surrounding more appealingly.

We have selected the best AR Game and AR Shopping apps that will surely help you to experience Augmented Reality on Smartphone screens.

World Brush

World Brush virtual reality app lets you paint the surroundings around you with the help of World Brush. The Augmented Reality app saves the painting at the approximate GPS location where you create it. You can also report the painting along with liking and be disliking them on the best iOS AR app. Mark every painting you make as private and allow only specific people to see it.

You can send any painting to your friends or family and they can open those images in AR to simulate the surrounding. WorldBrush allows to draw on the real things and discover new augmented area through the map interface of the app. This app is good for customizing the paintings with diverse brushes, colors, and weights to bring out the best in it.

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Stack AR

The gameplay of Stack AR is simple where you have just placed every block on another. You need to keep the stack steady balanced and reach the ultimate height before falling. The blocks are colorful and move back and forth, stacking of these blocks can be done just by tapping on them.

Placing of the blocks must be exact as any displacement can cause the entire structure to fall. The simplicity of the Augmented Reality gaming app makes it attractive and appealing inviting the player to try it once. It is a great leisure gaming available as an AR app for iOS users to experience the augmented reality with gaming fun.

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Magicplan Augmented Reality app for iPhone creates magnificent floor plans of professional nature. To begin with, just take the pictures of the places and create the plan and complete in minutes. You can add any object, photo, and annotations along with tasks in a single tap. Magicplan can also train you to be the best with the training session available on the official site.

The AR iOS app is ideal for real estate agents, craftsman, adjusters, and firemen, etc. Through the app, any person can publish the interactive floor plans over the internet. You can also store your creative floor plans to the Magicplan cloud.

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IKEA Place

IKEA Place is an innovative Augmented Reality app for hundreds of people. This Ikea AR app changes the way of shopping the daily items. With this IKEA Augment Reality app, you can visualize what the furniture might look like in the living rooms. You can adjust the furniture, as you want to by previewing it before the actual purchase. Also, use the app for foreseeing the appearance of 2,000+ products listed in the e-commerce app.

All the products are displayed with an accuracy rate of 98 percent. You can get a clear view regarding the size, design, and functionality of the furniture through the AR app. The iOS AR furniture app also allows you to share the positioning of the furniture to others with social apps like WhatsApp or Instagram.

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Star Wars

Feel the force on your iOS device through the Star Wars Augmented Reality Game app. The best AR Star War app serves as the ultimate connection to a galaxy that is far, far away. Find the force by celebrating the Force Friday and unlock the characters from Star Wars. Theme the app through the available skins like Light Side, Dark Side or Droid interfaces. All the themes do come with different looks, sounds as well as animations.

Many Star Wars characters are there to unlock in the game. A player can access them with ships and unique quizzes in the AR feature. Get Star Wars weather info and five-day forecasts coming from original art and effects.

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Kings of Pool

Experience the redesigned version of classic 8-ball pool with Kings of Pool. This Augmented Reality Game is now more sophisticated and modern allowing you to enjoy more. Simple to learn and addictive gameplay make this app a must-have AR app iOS. Show off your pool stats through your profile along with custom cues, badges, and medals, etc.

You play by fighting your way to the top and earn fabulous prizes with guaranteed bragging rights. Brush up your skills with face off against the most skilled 8-ball pool players. Gloat about your victories with the global chat feature available for the players. Play like a pro and reach the high ranks by beating all.

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AR Runner

Set new records by running on real-life tracks through AR Runner. The AR app for iOS allows you to stay fit and achieve new feats in this one of a kind interactive as well as augmented reality game. You can run through the checkpoints and keep your body fit by competing against the other players.

You can play with this AR Game app indoors as well as outdoors. There are four game modes available allowing you to experience the gameplay in the best possible way. Select the preferred field sizes and shapes to use your environment as well as skills to play it.

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Fitness AR

Visualize your workout and fitness regime in an entirely new and unique way by Fitness AR. The AR iOS app is paid and gives out an actual topographic model to the users. In the image, every user can see their running, cycling and hiking routes as a 3D image.

Using the ARKit of iOS 11, the AR fitness app allows you to see your routes in diverse angles. Through the screenshot and video capture features, any athlete can share their 3D maps with friends. Any person can purchase the app for $2.99 and also download the official Strava app that is free of charge.

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AR Dragon

Want to own a pet in augmented reality? Then AR Dragon is the iOS app for you. The dragon is unique and one of a kind allowing you to train it in your way. With every passing day, the dragon does grow older and bigger. You can play catch with the dragon and see how they throw fireballs lightening up the surroundings.

Take proper care of your dragon and feed him or her on a regular basis to ensure that they do not go hungry. Customize your dragon through 20 hats and fancy skin packs present for you.

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Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is one crazy and at the same time a powerful weather AR app. The user interface of the Augmented Reality app is beautifully minimalist and shows all the needed information with ease. Carrot Weather uses the ARKit of the iOS 11 to bring the humorous forecasts into the real world. It does support the Celsius and metric measurements to give you the precise weather info.

With Carrot Weather AR app, you can see the current weather status in 4000+ lines filled with humor and quirkiness. The information is generated in the form of radar and satellite maps. It also supports the Apple Watch and is available for $4.99 in the iTunes.

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Splitter Critter

Split the world in half through your finger swipes and rearrange them to get back with your spaceship. Splitter Critter comes with the augmented reality that increases the gaming experience. The game is full of danger and hard, challenging puzzles making the gameplay more addicting. The innovative mechanics of the game allows you to outsmart yourself to think of new ways.

Soundscapes of the game are immersive and differ in each world. Play the game with headphones to feel the tone filled with emotions and relaxation. Help the critters to get back to their planet by building back their spaceship.

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Experience the Virtual Reality world with your smartphone through these AR apps available for iPhones. Augmented Reality iPhone app takes things much further than the current level Virtual Reality advancements. All these AR apps are made to ensure that you get the real excitement of Virtual Reality world on your iPhone screen through the camera lens.

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