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10 Best Driver Updater for Windows 10 & 11 to Fix Devices Not Working Issues

Driver updater tools are one of the most important aspects to keep your Windows PC running in its best condition. They not only ensure that both hardware and software installed in your system offer their top performance, but also make sure that you don’t face any difficulty in installing new applications in your system.

In this guide, we are here with the best driver updater for Windows 10 and 11 PCs.

Best Driver Updater for Windows

Here are some of the best driver updaters for Windows 10 & 11 to resolve all the driver-related problems of your PC. 

Driver Easy

Driver Easy is the first name on our list that helps in finding and managing drivers. The application has both free and premium subscriptions. The free version, itself, is enough to search for outdated, and missing drivers on your computer.

The workflow is also very easy to understand, just click on “Scan” to start the scanning process. And once the scanning process is complete, Driver Easy will suggest all the necessary updates. You will have to manually download each update one by one.

In case you want to update all drivers automatically, then you should go for the Pro version. The pro version of Driver Easy has lots of upgrades. Moreover, the Pro version also offers a better download speed and auto-system backups. 


  • One-click update.
  • Availability of offline scanning.
  • Schedule driver updating
  • Auto backup


  • Limited feature in the trial version
  • Manual downloading in the trial version

Key Features: Compatible with all Windows versions | Restore older versions | One-click fix feature

Get: Driver Easy (Freemium)

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Bit Driver Updater

Bit Driver Updater is another go-to option to prevent Windows freezing that mostly occurs because of outdated drivers. Similar to Driver Easy, it also has two different subscription plans, free and premium. The best part about the free version is that it covers almost all the features of the premium version.

Once the software has finished scanning your system, it will display all the necessary information about the new driver version of the installed outdated drivers. And if you think that the particular driver is important for your computer, you can download it with just one click. 

Bit Driver Updater backs up all the older versions of the driver before updating them. It is the most important selling point of Bit Driver Updater, as it ensures that you can easily switch back to the previous version of a driver, whenever you want.


  • Recommend essential drivers
  • Backup and restore facility
  • One-click driver update feature


  • Comes with bundled software
  • Not compatible with Windows Vista and XP

Key Features: Schedule automatic scan | Automatic download and backup | Boost Windows performance.

Get: Bit Driver Updater (Freemium)

Driver Pack

Driver Pack is the best free driver updater for Windows PC. Yes, you read it right, it is a free driver update software for your PC. But as a result of being free, you will have to tolerate tons of ads that come into this application. It works similar to other names in this list – scan and update drivers. 

The major reason people prefer it over other names is its simple interface and easy downloading feature. In fact, it is the best option if you are new to updating drivers. Furthermore, the application provides you with a tutorial and a brief walkthrough so that you can get used to its features. Last but not the least, it also recommends drivers that can boost your system performance. 


  • Best for newbies
  • Search driver for every kind of hardware device
  • Clean up service


  • Lots of ads

Key Features: Compatible with all Windows versions | Huge system drivers database | Downloads from the trusted sources

Get: Driver Pack (Free)

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Driver Booster

The next name on our list of best driver updaters for Windows 10 & 11 is Driver Booster. It is a well-known application that not only updates drivers but also acts as utility software for the PC. It also has two different plans to choose from – free and premium.

The free version of Driver Booster is more popular than its premium version. And why wouldn’t it be, as the free version offers the most important feature of any free driver update software, i.e. update and install all the drivers in just one click? 

Similar to other names, the pro version of Driver Booster offers better downloading speed than the free version. And, it also has a comparatively large driver library than the free version. The pro version also has the feature of fixing game components and hardware. Furthermore, the offline driver update feature allows you to update your network drivers. 


  • Huge driver database
  • One-click update and install driver
  • Offline driver installation


  • Trial version fails to detect all outdated drivers
  • Use a lot of PC resources

Key Features: Fast downloading | offline driver installation support | Fix gaming and hardware issues 

Get: Driver Booster (Freemium)

AVG Driver Updater

If you have been using a Windows PC for a long time then you must have heard the name AVG. It is mainly famous for its anti-virus program, but its free driver update software works equally well. With this application, you are just two steps away from getting the latest drivers.

Click on the scan button, compare the current driver with the latest version, and lastly, click on update to download and install the latest drivers. The application shows all the necessary information about the new driver version. So, after going through the information, if you think you don’t need to update a particular driver, you can simply uncheck it from the list. 

AVG Driver Updater sends a “reminder” to the signed-in account, whenever a new update is available for your PC. Furthermore, you can even create a backup of the older versions before downloading the latest update. 


  • Send a new update notification.
  • Create a backup of older versions
  • Set schedule for downloading


  • No additional utility features
  • Paid version works on only one PC

Key Features: Fix crashing and freezing issue | Updated database | Auto scan feature

Get: AVG Driver Updater (Freemium)

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Ashampoo Driver Updater

Ashampoo Driver Updater is another best driver updater for Windows 10 & 11. Through this application, you can resolve most of the Windows issues that include BSOD errors, unexpected shutdown, and regular freezing. It boosts your system by updating all the outdated drivers. 

Ashampoo Driver Updater is best known for its versatile collection of graphics drivers. Doesn’t matter which graphics driver you have installed on your system, this application will have its update. Furthermore, it also supports automatic scanning. Thus, you don’t have to manually search for updates for each driver installed on your system. 


  • Create and restore backup
  • Single license for three devices
  • Boost system performance


  • Not compatible with Windows Vista, XP, and 8.1
  • Limited features in the trial version

Key Features: Easy to setup | 5 lakhs+ official drivers | Multilingual support

Get: Ashampoo Driver Updater (Freemium)

Auslogics Driver Updater

The next option that you can consider for updating outdated drivers is Auslogics Driver Updater. It is one of the most powerful tools that features drivers for your speakers, camera, printer, and other hardware devices. It will improve your system stability, and eventually, increase its performance. 

Auslogics Driver Updater has a user-friendly interface and it’s very straightforward to scan and download the latest driver updates. It also has two plan options – free, and premium. The free version allows updating drivers but you will have to manually do it one by one. Whereas, the premium version offers automatic download, but downloading speed, create and restore the backup, and schedule downloads. 


  • Best for low-end PCs
  • Automatically creates backup
  • Up to date database


  • Takes more time to scan
  • Supports only 8 languages
  • Low downloading speed

Key Features: Create restore points automatically | Consume low resources | Schedule driver downloads

Get: Auslogics Driver Updater (Freemium)

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Driver Genius

Developed by Driver-Soft, Driver Genius is one of the best driver update software for Windows 10. It’s very easy to get used to this application, all thanks to its user-friendly interface. It comes along with numerous powerful features that make sure that your system delivers the best performance.

It is also very straightforward to update any driver in this application. Just click on scan, let the application check for all the outdated drivers in your system, and once the scanning process is complete, click on the update button to download the latest update for your drivers. 

The 1 million huge databases of Driver Genius make sure that it features all the latest driver updates of your system. Lastly, it has WHQL verification, thus you can completely trust its results and its download sources. 


  • Additional utility options
  • Monitors hardware temperature
  • Compatible with all Windows version


  • Doesn’t support offline upgrading
  • Sometimes shows false updates

Key Features: Huge database | System booster | WHQL verified

Get: Driver Genius (Freemium)

Smart Driver Care

Smart Driver Care is an ultimate driver update solution for downloading the latest updates for all outdated drivers. It has a huge database of drivers that can solve most of the windows problems including BSOD, outdated drivers, and regular crashes. The application also enhances the system’s performance. 

Smart Driver Care is compatible with all the Windows versions and features the option of automatic upgrading. Furthermore, it creates backups of all the drivers, so that you can go back to the older version anytime you want. 


  • Auto-scan feature
  • Create and restore backup
  • Compatible with all Windows versions


  • Does not support offline upgrading

Key Features: User-friendly interface | Download drivers from trustworthy sources | Schedule updates

Get: Smart Driver Care (Freemium)

Driver Talent

To conclude our list of best driver updaters for Windows 10 & 11, we have Driver Talent. Similar to other names in the list, it is the one place to update outdated drivers. But the selling point about this application is that it not only updates drivers but also fixes the corrupt ones. It shows all the necessary information regarding the new update so that you can decide whether you want to update the driver or not. 

Driver Talent is also used for checking whether peripheral devices are working properly or not. Furthermore, this application is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS. 


  • Backs up older versions
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic downloads


  • Does not support multiple downloads.
  • Can’t schedule scans
  • Limited features in the trial version

Key Features: Lightweight | Compatible with most of the Windows versions | Keeps an eye on peripheral devices

Get: Driver Talent (Freemium)

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These were the best driver updater for Windows 10 & 11 that will help in resolving most of the day-to-day life Windows issues. From all the above-mentioned best driver updaters, let us know which one you are going to use for updating drivers. Moreover, don’t forget to share your feedback and suggestions regarding this post in the comment section. 

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  1. The application has a simple and user-friendly interface, broken into several tabs, which include the overview tools, update, and overview. It is easy to scan or refresh your scan right in the overview tab. Driver Talent Pro also has an uninstaller that can eliminate drivers that aren’t right. There’s no option for installing the beta driver but the majority of people shouldn’t install beta drivers. Also, all drivers available are WHQL which means that Microsoft is the one who certifies them. The drivers can be filtered according to status (stable or up-to-date). The date is the version, size, and date of the most current driver.

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