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7 Best Apps to Create GIFs on iPhone

Did you ever try to create GIFs on iPhone? GIFs are the language of the digital age. GIFs make the chats more lively and better. You can find unlimited GIFs all over social media. As the GIFs are becoming unavoidable in today’s chats, the number of GIF creator apps is also increasing. We have searched the best iPhone GIF apps with cool features.

Here is our selection of best apps to create GIFS for iPhone,  to take your conversations to the next level with your own custom creations.


GIPHY Cam is an insanely fun GIF-making app for the iPhone. This app lets you create animated GIFs as easily as any other in the market. Either you record amazing GIFs with GIPHY Cam or import anything from your camera roll. You can even add filters and special effects to your GIFs with the help of this incredible GIF creator.

You can create the craziest GIF selfies using this GIF maker. Record a GIF, add filters or special effects to it if you feeling creative, Text to your friends or share your GIFs on social media or save it to your camera roll, BOOM! Plus, GIPHY Cam is the highest rated GIF maker app on the app store.

Download from AppStore: GIPHY Cam

GIF Maker by Momento

Are you looking for a feature-rich app to make GIFs? Then this app was made for you.  This GIF maker intelligently finds the best moments from your camera roll and creates GIFs by applying correct animations to it. This GIF creator has a smart detection algorithm, which is a standalone feature of this app. Not only that but also you can supercharge your GIFs with a wide range of editing features.

This GIF maker lets you add text, frames, music, and filters to your GIFs. You can control the speed and direction of your GIFs. Not only that, you can even trim and zoom your GIFs too using this GIF iOS app. You can create GIFs in your way and share directly to social media using this GIF maker. What else do you need?

Download from AppStore: GIF Maker by Momento


Lively is a GIF making app which let you create GIF from live photos. This is a user-friendly GIF creator which gives you full control of your GIFs. Lively has a wide range of editing features. This GIF iPhone app lets you control the speed of your GIFs, play backward, auto reverse and trim your GIFs. Lively also has 3D touch support, which doesn’t work well with other apps in the market. Do you think your GIF size too big?

Lively has a solution for this too. This GIF app lets you reduce the size of GIFs. Last but not least, you can pick a single frame from the video part to save. All the good things come with a price. You’ll need a single in-app purchase to use this GIF maker without a watermark.

Download from AppStore: Lively

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PicsArt GIF and Sticker Maker

This free of cost platform will provide you with everything you need in one place to create awesome GIFs. You can customize your GIF by adding effects, stickers, and text to it using this GIF maker. The uniqueness of this GIF creator is that this app lets you add special animated masks to your GIF.

The best part is that this GIF maker lets you share your creations directly with social media, without even leaving the app. If you want to share your creativity not just with your friends but with the world, this app lets you do it. You can directly share your GIF to your PicsArt gallery where it can be seen by the community of millions of creatives.

Download from AppStore: PicsArt GIF and Sticker Maker


Do you wish to steal the show in your group chat?  GIFLab is the easiest way to create and share GIFs on the iOS platform. This user-friendly but powerful GIF app lets you create GIFs within seconds. This GIF maker not only saves you time but also save space on your iPhone. The size of this app is just under 8 MB.

You can turn your own videos into GIFs using this GIF creator. You can also apply filters and text to your GIFs with the help of GIFLab. The GIF quality and speed can be controlled by you in this GIF maker. Though, GIFLab is not free. You’ll need a single in-app purchase to create GIFs using GIFLab.

Download from AppStore: GIFLab


GIFStory is a fun and easy way to create GIFs up to 4 seconds in length. You can convert photos, videos and live photos from your iPhone’s camera roll directly into spectacular GIFs using this GIF creator. This GIF iOS app comes with 14 beautiful in-app filters to customize your GIF. If you need more filters, you can download it easily from the app itself.

You can visit your gallery to relive the best moments. Once your customization task is completed, you can then generate the output in GIF format. This GIF maker lets you share your GIFs effortlessly to various social media sites. If you wish to experiment with GIFs, this app is the best option. This GIF iPhone app also needs a single in-app purchase to start creating GIFs.

Download from AppStore: GIFStory


GIFO lets you create an animated GIF collage, which no other apps of this segment are capable of. You can create slow-mo GIFs or speed up your GIFs using this GIF maker app. Apply filters, texts, and frames to your GIFs easily with this GIF app. You can create memes and reaction GIFs effortlessly using this GIF maker.

This user-friendly GIF app lets you save your creativity as a GIF or video file to your camera roll. Do you want to share your GIFs directly to social media without saving to your iPhone? It is possible too! Just copy your GIF and paste it where you need it. Simple as that.

Download from AppStore: GIFO

Get GIFs on iPhone

GIFs make the chat lively and better. There are not so many chats nowadays where the GIFs aren’t used. Since the people who use iOS devices are comparatively less than Android users, the number of good GIF-making apps are also less in the app store. The apps listed above are the best rated on the app store. Almost every app has the same features. So, the selection of app completely depending upon your preferences. Choose the best app for you from the list and be creative!

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