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12 Best Minesweeper Games to Play on Android Phone and Tablet

Minesweeper is a classic game that a large number of Windows XP users will be familiar with. The game might look simple but, it requires logic to win. You see, you need to uncover the mines without blowing yourself up. Every tile you uncover will display the number of mines within the particular area. Now that you can’t play the good old Minesweeper game on Windows XP for obvious reasons, that shouldn’t make you forget about the classic game altogether. 

Today, we will be looking at the best Minesweeper games that you can easily play on your Android device.

Minesweeper- The Clean One

Minesweeper - The Clean One

While you’d think of Minesweeper as a classic game that has a retro game feel, Minesweeper – The Clean One takes a modern to the classic game. The gameplay isn’t changed but, the actual look and feel of the game have been revamped as per modern standards. This modern look is now more minimalistic and makes it enticing for new players to try the game out. The game now has various theme colors that you can set in the game.

Apart from just the modern look, it now also has autosave features. This means you can continue playing from where you left off. Whether you last played the game a few hours back or a good number of weeks, you will be able to continue from where you left off. Plus there are 5 difficulty levels for you to choose from. This level of difficulty selector makes the game more interesting to play.

Key Features: Offline Mode | 5 Difficulty levels | Autosave Feature | modern and Minimalisitc Interface | Top Times | Cool Animations

Download from PlayStore: Minesweeper- The Clean One (Freemium)

Minesweeper for Android

Want to go back to the Windows XP days? Minesweeper for Android lets you exactly do that. Of course, it still has the classic Minesweeper gameplay mode but, it has cool features under the hood. For starters, you can set up the number of mines you want plus also be able to increase or decrease the total number of mines. The game also has leaderboard support. These leaderboards have weekly as well as all-time high scores.

To endure that you don’t tap on a mine accidentally, you can also choose to zoom into the Minesweeper map so that you can prevent tapping the mines The game has 4 difficulty levels as well as a custom game mode that you can tweak according to your likeness. The game requires that you beat it with the fastest times which allows you to take up a spot in the game’s leaderboard

Key Features:5 Difficulty levels | Mine Adjustments | Highscore Leaderboards | Tablet Support | Zoom Capabilities

Download from PlayStore: Minesweeper for Android (Freemium)

Minesweeper GO – classic game

Minesweeper GO is the classic Minesweeper game for Android devices. While it sticks to the original gameplay style, the game itself has unique features built into it. The game boasts of having a highly precise timer and provides you with a smooth scrolling experience. Plus you can make use of the zoom feature that allows you to carefully tap on the right tile. Minesweeper GO also has three difficulty modes as well as a guess-free mode.

The guess-free mode allows you to create boards that can be easily solved by using simple logic. The game also provides you with smart hints in case you seem to be stuck. There’s the magic wand of luck and the ability to create custom minefields. And, if you want, you can also choose to play the online tournament that lets you play either with your friends or other players across the globe.

Key Features: Smart Hints | View High Scores| Dark Mode Themes | Detailed Stas | Tablet Support

Download from PlayStore: Minesweeper GO – classic game (Freemium)

Minesweeper: Logic Puzzle Game

As you can expect, you get to play the good old Minesweeper game. But, apart from just playing the game, you get to play in the bomb-defusing game mode. This is a game mode that lets you test your brain as well as your logic. You need to detect and defuse mines. Using your strategies in the game is quite important. You have to be the best bomb guesser and clear all levels in the game.

To keep you coming back to play the Minesweeper game, you are given daily challenges as well as rewards that you can keep to yourself. You can also collect and earn a large number of trophies. The game has three difficulty modes- beginner, medium, and hard. Minesweeper: Logic Puzzle game also has athe option to view the statistics of how you’ve been playing the game. This is an interactive game that will keep you entertained for a good number of hours.

Key Features: Statistics | Three Difficulty Modes | Strategy Game | Daily Rewards | Multiple Challenges

Download from PlayStore: Minesweeper: Logic Puzzle Game (Freemium)

Minesweeper Classic

As the name says, Minesweeper Classic is the proper classic Minesweeper game with the original colors from the popular PC version of the game. While it sticks to the core gameplay, you can also compete with other people’s high scores to stay on top of the leaderboard.  The more you win, the more achievements you will be able to unlock. The game has four kinds of difficulty levels with each level having its maximum number of mines. 

The noob level has a max of 8 mines, a beginner with 15, an Intermediate with 40 mines, and an expert level with 99 mines. You can also choose to create your own minefield by adjusting its height, width, and the number of mines you want to have in it to create a tough challenge. There are different touch sensitivities where a short touch will reveal the bomb and a long touch will let you mark the titles or add flags to them.

Key Features:4 Difficulty Levels | Custom Minesweeper Map Creator | Leaderboards | Compete with Freinds | Unlock Achievements

Download from PlayStore: Minesweeper Classic (Free)

MiniSweeper- Ad-Free Minesweeper

Looking for a Mienswepeer game that is light on your mobile device, doesn’t drain up all of your battery, is free to play, and has no ads whatsoever? This is the game you need to download and install on your mobile devices. It doesn’t have any unwanted frills. Just a basic simple-to-play Minesweeper game with a bunch of themes and additional settings.

Minesweeper allows you to resize the board according to your choice. This can be a fun challenge to see how good you can be on a  smaller board as compared to a regular or large-sized Minseweeper board. The game also has an autosave feature where you can always jump right into the game whenever you deice to leave the game for any reason whatsoever.

Key Features: Ad-Free | Completely Free | No In-App Purchases | Dark and Light Themes | Resizeable Boards | AutoSave

Download from PlayStore:MiniSweeper- Ad-Free Minesweeper (Free)

Minesweeper 3D

All Minesweeper games are usually 2D flat-faced ones. But, what if you wanted to play Minesweeper in a more fun and challenging way? Minesweeper in 3D graphics. The Minesweeper map is laid out on a 3D object. There are a total of 21 different boards to pick and play on ranging through 3 levels of difficulty. The difficulty levels are beginner, intermediate, and expert.

Minesweeper 3D also has a large number of achievements that can be unlocked via Google Play games. A total of 43 achievements can be earned as and when you progress through the game. A few players might have some issues with reading numbers that might either be flipped out, reversed, or made visible sideways. Overall, a fun interesting take on Minesweeper.

Key Features: Ad Fre | No In-App Purchases | Completely Free | 12 Types of Boards | 43 Achivements to Unlock | 3 Difficulties

Download from PlayStore: Minesweeper 3D (Free)


Here’s your chance to play the classic Minesweeper game with a revamped and modern user interface that matches well to the present year. While it has a clean minimalistic interface, the features of this Minesweeper game are quite good. For starters, you can choose from four different types of board configurations available in different types of sizes. You can choose to create your custom-sized Minesweeper board.

Minesweeper also has a statistics page that displays the best time you have taken for each and every configuration playable in the game. When you play any of the games in minesweeper,  a guardian angel is assigned to you so that the first tile you tap on is always a safe tile. Every board that is generated in the game can be solved. This is however an option choice and if you want you can turn this setting off to make the game difficult and challenging.

Key Features: Minimalist Look | Guardian Ange;l | Statistics Display | Logically Solvable Boards | Custom Board Sizes 

Download from PlayStore: Minesweeper (Free)

Antimine: No Guess Minesweeper

Want a Minesweeper game that’s not difficult to solve but at the same time enjoyable enough to keep playing?  Download the Antimine Minesweeper game. You don’t have to worry or panic to see whether you might have tapped on a mine or not. There are four different difficulty modes to choose from. Each level gets harder than the previous level. In terms of customization, you will be able to change the colors, animations, and even the haptic feedback elements of the game.

In the case of colors and themes, you do have the regular light, dark, and AMOLED themes. In addition to that, there are 20 other themes that you can choose to apply to your Minesweeper game. There are statistics that allow you to see how you’ve done in the previous Minesweeper games. Tiles that have been isolated will automatically be flagged by the game assistant.

Key Features:Auto Save | Game Assistant | 20+ Themes | Online and Offline Mode | Sastitics Viewer | Achievements | Leaderboard Support

Download from PlayStore: Antimine: No Guess Minesweeper (Freemium)


Globeseeepr is a fun take on the basic Minesweeper. While it got the original Minesweeper game, Globesweeper allows you to tap on various tiles on a whole proper globe. This globe has a large number of globe skins that you can choose from. Apart from that, the tiles are also shaped hexagonal, square, and triangles.

Globesweeper has 5 different globe sizes to choose from and 4 difficulty settings to play through. Overall, there are 14 types of planet themes that you can unlock as and when you progress through the different levels of the Globesweeper game. Bloesweeper runs similarly to Minesweeper 3D,

Key Features: Unique 3D Model | 14 Themes | 5 Globe Sizes | 4 Difficulty Levels | Multiple Tile Shapes | Upto 20,480 Tile Pieces

Download from PlayStore: Globesweeper (Freemium)

Minesweeper: Collector

As you can guess from the title, this is a Minesweeper collection game. For each level you complete, you earn different items, chests, and even pets. A whole lot of unlockables to unlock. Sure, you have the traditional minesweeper  This is a unique take on Minesweeper as it has a total of 22 episodes for your to complete. There are 150 collection items and 1350 levels to complete. You can choose between hexagonal and square pieces for your Minesweeper board.

The game has three difficulty levels to choose from- just like a lot of the Minesweeper games on this list. The game also lets you earn a number of coins which you can use to unlock and buy various types of items With the one-hand gameplay mode, you won’t have to worry about straining your arms. Easily access the online mode to compete with other people and beat their high scores on the leaderboards.

Key Features: Auto-Save | 24 Achievements | 1350 Levels | 3 Difficulty Modes | 22 Episodes | Multiple Colelctible Items | Dedicated Online Mode

Download from PlayStore: Minesweeper: Collector (Freemium)

Dr. Minesweeper

From the makers of the popular driving game– Dr. Driving, Dr. Minesweeper is a very simple and plain minesweeper game. Just like the Minesweeper game you might have played on PC back then, Dr. Miensweeper is the same, but just for Android devices.

The graphics still have the old gray-styled tiles whereas the numbers follow the same color scheme as the PC version of Minesweeper. Simple, no-frills, and free-to-play Minesweeper game.

Key Features: Simple | Classic Styled Graphics |Original Minecraft Gameplay

Download from PlayStore: Dr. Mineweeper (Freemium)

These are the best Minesweeper games that you can download and install on Android devices. If you are confused about picking out the best Minesweeper games from this list, Minesweeper- The Clean One, MiniSweeper, and Dr. Minesweeper about Minesweeper games that you can install and enjoy the game on your Android device.

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