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7 Best Mobile Hotspot Apps for Android

The WiFi hotspot apps are lifesavers when you stuck without the internet. With the hotspot app on your Android phone, you can share the data with your other devices such as laptops. Sometimes, your devices may not have 3G or do not have the option to use the internet unless it is connected to Wi-Fi. Many people make use of either the mobile hotspot since every single Android device comes with an in-mobile hotspot feature these days or Wi-Fi tethering. However, for some reason, the stock hotspot feature may not be good enough for some people.

Thankfully it is an Android, and it has plenty of mobile hotspot apps. Given are the best mobile Wi-Fi hotspot apps currently available at the play store.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

This WiFi Hotspot app is very simple and fast to use. This mobile Wi-Fi hotspot app credits itself on the mobile computing experience of the user. This Android Hotspot app uses the inbuilt hotspot of the mobile phone. The users need to configure this mobile hotspot app before running it. This Android Hotspot app offers protection to users from others who feed the user’s data by securing the network. Users can also change the name of their phone’s Wi-Fi network (SSID).

The configuring of this mobile hotspot app is very simple. Go to settings and turn on tethering and portable hotspot. Make sure the portable Wi-Fi hotspot is checked. Then touch configure Wi-Fi hotspot, a configure Wi-Fi hotspot dialogue opens. You can set the name and security options to secure the hotspot connection. When you are ready to use it, just touch the portable Wi-Fi hotspot icon on.

Download from Play Store: Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

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This is one of the best mobile Wi-fi hotspot application in the market. PdaNet+ now comes with a feature called Wi-Fi Direct Hotspot, which works on all phones with Android version 4.1 or later. This mobile hotspot app allows you to connect any devices you want to your phone using Wi-Fi.

This mobile hotspot app has ‘USB Mode’, lets users connect Windows or Mac. This Hotspot feature works on all Android devices. In addition, there is another option called ‘Wi-Fi Share’ in this hotspot app. This option lets users turn Windows into a WiFi hotspot so that users can share the PdaNet Internet with other users.

Download from Play Store: PdaNet+

Wi-Fi Hotspot Portable

This mobile hotspot app is one of the best Mobile Hotspot Android apps in the market. The usage of this hotspot app is very simple. This app allows user’s devices to receive Wi-Fi GPGS/3G/4G and 5G. This hotspot app also has light storage that enables it to broadcast and share Wi-Fi fast.

Users can share the Wi-Fi hotspot with many people without the password like an open WiFi. This mobile hotspot app also lets users share the hotspot with friends, family, business partners, and an arbitrary number of WLAN compatible devices. Users only need to press a button to turn on the portable hotspot WiFi.

Download from Play Store: Wi-Fi Hotspot Portable


This Android mobile hotspot app is one of the best free hotspot apps available at the market. FoxFi helps users to connect to various devices such as laptops and tablets quickly. The connection is quite stable in this mobile hotspot app. There are options called USB mode and Bluetooth mode. This helps users to connect devices that are not compatible with this application.

This app is easy and convenient to use and install. But users need to pay for using this app after the free trial period.

Download from Play Store: FoxFi

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Xfinity WiFi Hotspots

This app is available exclusively for Xfinity internet customers. This mobile hotspot app provides security to the users while using Xfinity hotspots around town. This hotspot app mainly focuses on the privacy and security of the users. This Wi-Fi hotspot app supports all the devices which use android version 4.4 and up. And the users require Xfinity internet services to use this app.

This mobile hotspot app automatically connects to Xfinity WiFi networks when it is available. This app also intelligently turns on the WiFi when the user reaches the Xfinity saved networks. This Android WiFi app lets users locate nearby Xfinity WiFi hotspots. This mobile hotspot app provides the maps to find nearby hotspots with walking and driving directions.

The users can also save their favorite hotspot areas in this Android hotspot app. Xfinity also provides a hotspot for business categories. There is an option that helps users to find hotspots even when the phone is not connected to the internet. This mobile hotspot app also supports Google street view, if Google Maps are installed.

Download from Play Store: Xfinity Wi-Fi Hotspots

Easy Tether Lite

This mobile hotspot app lets users tether independent of the carrier. Easy Tether shares internet connection from the user’s smartphone to a laptop, tablet or router. This WiFi tethering app supports USB tethering and Bluetooth tethering. No root access or special tethering plan is needed for this app to work properly. This USB tethering app implements its own tethering mechanism completely from scratch.

This Android tethering app supports USB tethering for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD computers, tablets running on Android 4.0.3+ and OpenWrt or LEDE based routers. This app also supports Bluetooth tethering for Windows, Linux, BSD computers and tablets running on Android 4.0.3+. For full features to work, users need to pay a one-time amount of $9.99. The full application allows access to secure sites such as Facebook, Gmail, online banking, etc. This tethering app also supports PS4, Xbox and Wii tethering by means of internet connection sharing feature on Windows or Mac.

Download from Play Store: Easy Tether Lite

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Free Wi-Fi Connection Anywhere & Portable Hotspot

This mobile hotspot application turns the user’s phone into a Wi-Fi connector manager to connect to the internet.  This app lets users connect to millions of WiFi networks around the globe. This Android hotspot app show users less crowded WiFi channels around them for the wireless router. This WiFi app also monitors the signal strength, channel graph and channel interference of all the available Wi-Fi networks.

This Free WiFi app automatically joins the available networks. Users can also search for the Wi-Fi connection in this hotspot app. The WiFi signals are sorted by the signal strength and name so that the users can find the networks easily and fast. Users can also save data usage using this mobile hotspot app.  There is also an option called SpeedTest Plus with this Android WiFi app. Users can check the speed of their connection using this hotspot app. This option can test speed for Wi-Fi, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, DSL, and ADSL. Users can also compare the download and upload speeds of their networks. This Free WiFi app can also tether hotspot from the user’s phone at higher speeds.

Download from Play Store: Free Wi-Fi Connection Anywhere & Portable Hotspot

People cannot live without the internet these days. There are many devices that help people with their various needs such as entertainment and work. People carry all these devices with them while traveling and every device requires internet. Everyone will have their phones with them always and it is the easiest hotspot device a person can carry with them. Given are some of the best apps for hotspot tethering. The selection of the apps is purely based on the interests and likes of the users. So select the suitable one. Happy tethering.

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