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7 Best Smart Desk AI Robots for Adults and Kids

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AI Robots are popular, they can play with you, and express feelings and feedback based on previous experience. These personal robots can be ideal companions while you work at the office or relax at your home. These can entertain your kids, answer your questions and express their feelings. It will wait patiently for you to provide orders and then carry them out without question. It’s also great for keeping kids engaged and learning in fun, engaging ways.

We did some research and found a few of those smart AI robots that can fit on your desktop and entertain you and your kids.

Miko 3 AI-Powered Smart Robot for Kids

Miko 3: AI-Powered Smart Robot for Kids | STEM Learning & Educational Robot | Interactive…
  • [RIDICULOUSLY SMART] This robot supercharges kid potential with its advanced brain, supportive…

Mike 3 is at the AI-Powered Adult Robot. With its sophisticated mind, friendly attitude, and extensive STEM material, this robot unleashes the full potential of children and adults. It can dance, talk to you, laugh, and press the feeling. According to Mike, Miko users’ children have a 55% higher participation rate in the platform’s educational activities. Mothers find it appealing, and it has the KidSafe COPPA+ seal of approval.

Miko Smart Robot

This robot is geared up and ready to go with a wide-angle HD camera and sophisticated sensors. There are dual MEMS microphones to pick up sound. The IPS LCD displays full colors, and speakers let Miko talk. This AI Robot encourages physical activity and transforms playtime into a full-blown dance party with its AI-infused spins on classic games like Freeze Dance. With the help of their robot companion, children can achieve learning objectives and improve their skills to receive rewards. With smart features, this AI-based desktop robot can entertain you or your kids 24/7.


  • AI-Powered Robot
  • STEM Material for Learning
  • KidSafe COPPA+ seal
  • Dual MEMS mic for clarity
  • Full color LCD for viewing expressions


  • Does not support Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Limited uses outside education sector

Key Features: AI-Powered Robot | STEM material for coding education | Full-color LCD | Dual Microphones for listening | KidSafe COPPA+ approved | AI-assisted interactive gaming

Amazon Astro Household Robot for Home Monitoring

Amazon Astro, Household robot for home monitoring, with Alexa, Includes 30-day trial of…
  • Keep home closer – Meet Astro, the household robot for home monitoring, with Alexa.

Amazon Astro employs cutting-edge geolocation and mapping technologies to locate itself wherever it is needed in your home. You can send Astro on a remote inspection of a room, person, or object. Receive notifications whenever Astro picks up on an unknown person or unusual noise while you’re away. You may provide peace of mind and assistance to your aging loved ones from afar with an Alexa Together membership. Get notified of your activities, create shopping lists, and set reminders all in one convenient place.

Amazon Astro Alexa Robot

Astro will find you and provide you amusement, or it will track you down and bring you important calls, messages, timers, alarms, or reminders. You may disable Astro’s microphones, cameras, and motion sensors with a button, and you can designate off-limits areas with the Astro app. This robot can be used at home to monitor rooms, check security, and have fun with your family.


  • Mapping Technology for navigating the house
  • Supports Remote Inspection of Elderly and Pets
  • Alexa-enabled smart features
  • Privacy-conscious settings to disable camera and microphones


  • Needs Amazon account
  • Mainly for Adults
  • Expensive to buy

Key Features: AI-Mapping for Navigation | Remote Inspection Features | Alexa Together for Elderly Assistance | Privacy Feature to Disable Sensors and Camera | Control Smart Home devices

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot Wonder Pack

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot Wonder Pack – Coding Educational Bundle for Kids 6+ – Free…
  • ULTIMATE ROBOT VALUE PACK: Wonder Pack comes with a Dash robot, a Launcher with balls, a Sketch Kit,…

This Desktop Robot Wonder Pack 2022 includes a Dash robot, ball launcher, sketch kit, gripper assembly kit, two connecting pieces, and charging cables. Problem-solving and logic are taught through Blockly-based coding in in-app coding challenges. You can even program a Virtual Dash robot with the Blockly iOS or web app.

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

This Robot pack included a full year of access to Class Connect. You’ll find everything from tutorial videos and story-based coding challenges to 60 Math activities, 72 challenge cards, and countless code puzzles. You can teach Dash to sing, dance, avoid obstacles, respond to voice instructions, and execute other tasks by programming it in the app.


  • Uses Blockly for programming
  • Can teach coding with coding challenges
  • Class Connect with tutorial videos and activities
  • Supports voice commands


  • Not advanced as the other options
  • Only supports educational content

Key Features: Blockly Coding Language support | Class Connect for Education | Supports USB-C charging | Blockly App for iOS and Android

Vector 2.0 AI Robot Companion Smart Robot

Vector Robot by Anki, A Home Robot Who Hangs Out & Helps Out For facial recognition, With…
  • Robot Companion – Powered by AI and advanced robotics, he’s alive with personality and engaged by…

Vector is a personality-filled AI robot that responds to its surroundings through sight, sound, and touch. The voice-activated features of Vector include its ability to take images, answer queries, time meals, display the day’s forecast, and more, thanks to the inclusion of Amazon’s Alexa. This Smart Desktop robot, with its cloud connectivity via WiFi, is constantly gaining new knowledge and capabilities.

Vector 2.0 by Anki

The new battery can be swapped out quickly and efficiently with the newly redesigned battery compartment. The Vector can now have a runtime of up to 30 percent longer. The new 5MP camera in this AI Robot will significantly improve its facial recognition capabilities, allowing him to identify people, animals, and emotions.


  • 5MP Camera with IR sensor
  • New and improved battery life
  • Supports Alexa integration
  • Learns your personality with time


  • Needs a subscription to work
  • Does not work without internet

Key Features: AI-based Evolving Knowledge | Voice Command support | Alexa integration | 5MP Camera | Interaction sensors | Can move around

Anki Cozmo Robot with 3 Cubes

Cozmo Desktop Robot is a real-life robot, just like the ones you’ve seen in the movies, and he’s ready to be your faithful companion. You can Play games with this desktop robot or switch to Explorer mode to observe the world through his eyes. This Robot for Adults is an excellent instructional robot for children and adults with its intuitive interface and emphasis on encouraging creative problem-solving when coding.

Anki Cozmo Robot

This toy robot is simpler to operate and far more robust and stable. In addition to the preloaded games and intelligence, you can use the included visual programming language to introduce students to STEM concepts. You can teach Cozmo to do anything, from playing hot potato with his Cubes to doing a victory dance. Using the Cozmo app’s drag-and-drop code blocks, you can create new combinations of blocks, and Cozmo will then perform your ideas.


  • STEM Material for Learning
  • Programmable functions
  • Learns over time
  • No need for internet


  • Does not support Voice Assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Limited uses outside education sector

Key Features: Explorer Mode | STEM coding supported | Mobile app for iOS and Android required | Can play with his cube | Automatic charging

Moorebot Scout AI-Powered Mobile Robot for Monitoring

Today’s Deal: $13.00 Off
Moorebot Scout – Tiny Versatile Mobile Camera Robot for Home Monitoring and Fun, Indoor
  • Versatile robot camera – Scout helps you monitor your home from afar with no blind spots. The…

Moorebot Scout AI Robot lets you keep an eye on things from a distance with no blind spots and two-way audio. The surveillance video robot patrols a predetermined route, returning to its charger automatically after each shift. Use your smartphone to command the all-wheel drive’s steering, and the robot will monitor you.

Moorebot Scout Robot

In addition to being a professional robotics platform with ROS, Scout is also open-source. With the help of 3D printing, users may design and fabricate customized navigational aids. This home robot guardian is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Siri for hands-free voice commands. Cloud-based mobile alerts are sent to you when sensors trigger an automatic patrol. A fully encrypted peer-to-peer protocol ensures confidentiality. This robot monitors solely along a set course.


  • Two way audio for conversations
  • Automatic return to charging
  • Open source programmable
  • Cloud-based notification system


  • Requires always-on internet connection
  • Not suitable for children
  • Only supports pre-programmed commands

Key Features: Two-way audio | All-wheel drive | Open source platform | Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant | Encrypted P2P communication | Automatic Charging

Eilik Desktop Companion Robot with Emotional Intelligence

Today’s Deal: $9.01 Off
Eilik – Cute Robot Pets for Kids and Adults, Your Perfect Interactive Companion at Home or…
  • ROBOT PETS – Eilik is the perfect companion for both kids and adults who love pets, with abundant…

Eilik Desktop Robot engages in various introspective behaviors dependent on his normal, happy, furious, and sad emotional states. Pet Eilik on the head, tummy, and back to experience emotions. The more you engage with him, the more his personality will change. It charges via USB-C and has haptic feedback motors, cameras, and an LCD to show different things.

Eilik Desk Robot

Two Eiliks will immediately identify one another, and they can play together and form friendships (or fight). Eilik is packed with fun and engaging activities you can play right straightaway. A dedicated team of professionals created the facial expressions, body language, narrative arcs, and choreography of Eilik. Each Eilik has infinite potential thanks to regular software updates (which are available for both Windows and Mac OS).


  • Highly interactive robot
  • Very expressive and supports emotions
  • Has fun activities to engage kids and adults
  • Interaction sensors and camera


  • Does not support Voice Assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Cannot move around

Key Features: Shows Emotions | Interaction Sensors | USB-C charging | Haptic Feedback | Personality changes over time | Regular software updates

ClicBot Coding Robot Kits STEM Educational Toy

Experiment with your ideas and watch them come to life with over a thousand different possible configurations. Create Desktop robots that can move on their own two feet, on wheels, or even in a snakelike fashion. Choose a path for ClicBot to follow, or build your own robot with the ClicBot app using a simple drag-and-drop coding interface inspired by Google’s Blockly.

ClicBot Programming Robot

It charges via the USB-C port and has a bunch of accessories – 1x skeleton, 4x joints, 1x holder, 2x wheels, sticker pad, and locker. Use your imagination as you investigate the most cutting-edge STEM education and edutainment options. ClicBot, a lovely companion for developing children, combines learning with fun to revolutionize coding education for both young and old.


  • STEM Material for Learning
  • USB-C charging supported
  • Blockly programming language
  • Customize to your liking


  • Does not support Voice Assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Limited uses outside education sector
  • No personality and works as programmed

Key Features: STEM material for coding education | Supports Blockly Coding Language | USB-C charging | Highly customizable | For kids and adults

All these desktop robots are great for home use, and they perform different functions and have different characteristics. Based on the smart learning capacity of robots, some fo these are smart Robots powered by AI. These AI robots can learn things and interact based on them. No matter, whether AI-powered or not, these Robots are suitable for Adults and a companion for Kids.


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