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7 Best Steam Alternatives for Hardcore Gamers

Valve’s Steam is without any doubt the kingpin of the digital game distribution market. For a while, it is on the top of the mountain resultant of the repeated sales, free gaming options, and a rich gaming library. Due to its monopoly over the gaming distribution, not many gaming platforms are able to cope up with the changes and make their mark in the market.

Regardless of features offered by Steam, there are many Steam alternatives that come with a good set of features despite the overbearing competition from Valve’s offering.


Good Old Games or popularly called as GOG is a good alternative to Steam. A part of the CD Projekt group, the mind behind the widely known game series The Witcher, it offers some good old games which are not seen much on other services.

All the games are 100% DRM-free and you can surely find some best Indie games at price tags that end up with good savings. The regular discount deals allow people to add more games to their cart without much trouble. Despite having a not so grand collection, this Steam alternative is extremely competitive with their old games.

Website Link GOG.com

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Buy, sell and trade keys for games describe perfectly the way in which G2A is structured. Gamers can easily purchase the Steam keys giving them direct access to selected games over the site. This Steam alternative is an intriguing option for people looking to broaden their reach to new genres.

The gaming titles offerings of G2A are great when you are looking to dig deep into your gaming perspectives. For payment, you can easily link your PayPal account to the site. The Goldmine program of G2A gives the players all around the world to make money from the things they love. Leading to some great payoffs, the referral system gives you great results if your number of referrals is high.

Website Link G2A

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming comes with an unparalleled set of rewards and deal sweeteners for loyal customers. More of a console-streaming platform, it offers a vast number of indie gaming titles to the users. You can easily purchase the digital keys for other Steam alternatives platforms over the site. It also compliments the Steam game titles as well but undercuts it in many ways through their pricing.

Enjoy over 4,500 titles from more than 200 publishing associates on Green Man Gaming. The services of the site promote the gameplay and progression to get tons of brownie points in the end. It is complied with diverse DRM anti-piracy schemes of many big publishers and does not offer a dedicated download client for games.

Website Link Green Man Gaming

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Covering almost every gaming platform, Kinguin is a quite different Steam alternative. The user can easily perform exchange, purchase, and sell any gaming title without any trouble. The “Buyer protection’ plan allows the buyer or other individuals to trade their game to get their money back under a limited 30-day period. You can also use the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin over the site for payments.

However, new users will find the user interface of Kinguin quite complicated. With regular usage and practice, the trickiness of the site becomes a breeze to navigate around from one section to another. Any particular discount lasts from a day to months allowing the people to buy whenever they want to.

Website Link Kinguin

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Humble Bundle

The incredibly rich indie game title bundles present over the site offers great deals. Every gamer can choose their own game selections or select the ones that are made by the people managing the site. The Steam alternative covers famous titles as well as diverse indie games from new developers trying to make their name.

Humble Bundle is connected with Twitch for viewing the feeds of other gamers. It also allows people to find undiscovered titles or purchase the ones that are highlighted in the feeds. They also offer special and separate promotional deals during the E3 to the people. If you are a fan of graphic novels and books, then you can easily find them in bundles tailored as per the users.

Website Link Humble Bundle


Witness a slew of straight game keys as well as direct downloads for diverse DRM-free game titles at GamersGate. There is a full catalog of games that are accessible on your Windows and Mac systems. The blue coins work as a digital credit for every purchase and come with some extra bonuses.

Blue coins are usable in the form of real money for purchase over the Steam alternative. Every player can earn the site’s blue coins through regular activity and participation in the Tutor’s area of the site. Tutor area helps players around the globe to overcome the challenging levels as well as games.

Website Link GamersGate


Direct2Drive is a great online digital game purchase platform and a viable Steam alternative. It offers exclusive deals to the gamers of the world over their extensive games library ranging from Action to Strategy titles. The Steam alternative sells most of the titles as a direct download through their web interface. Most of the major gaming titles are present for people with DRM activation.

There is no loyalty program present on the site; instead, it offers discounts on individual games and large sets through promotions. The main core of the site is to pay for the available games and download them instantly.

Website Link Direct2Drive

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Itch.io is a great steam alternative that is free from any immediate fees and offers no barriers to developers. There are no big games present over the site, but most of the offerings are exciting and created on an independent basis for gamers. One can easily find some rare and real gems present for gamers that are nowhere to found on competitor’s service.

Most of the gaming titles are indies and the library of sites contains the offerings of independent developers. Find the games coming straight from game jams as well as diverse game tools, assets and much more. Built for the developers in mind, the services constantly evolve with new features to make game selling fast and easy.

Website Link Itch.io


Owned by Electronic Arts (EA), Origin is in the market for a long time and boasts classy titles popular among the masses. Within a gap of a few weeks, the steam alternative gives out a game for free to the users showcased over their ‘On the House’ tab.

Most of the games that are present over this catalog are the ones that were in the market about two-three years ago. Try new titles for free and get a refund on the purchases if you are not satisfied with the gaming experience. The site also functions as EA’s community and chat platform. Trust this alternative to Steam for the availability of publisher’s biggest titles.

Website Link Origin

With a simple internet search, you can easily know the vast number of alternative services that come with quality traits to be worth a try. No person can completely rely on one service, because of the problems that will occur when it is under maintenance. A large number of people can suffer whenever Steam goes down due to the confinements they will face to play their favorite game titles.

By having separate options in store, you can easily overcome the complications faced over disruption in Steam’s services. On trying out a new service, you can easily take advantage of its unique offering, deals and gaming community to enjoy playing as you used to on Valve’s Steam. We have listed some alternatives to Steam in order to overcome the troubles of searching and evaluating every available digital gaming distribution site.

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