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10 Best Watch Faces For Android Wear for 2019

From smartphones to smartwatches, everything in this tech world is getting smarter. But, whenever you lift and place your smartwatch on your wrist, the first thing you notice is the watch face. This article will list out the best watch faces for Android Wear. There are many apps on the Play Store that lets you change the watch faces. These third-party apps are highly customizable based on your preference.

You can opt for watch faces of luxury watches, clean and minimal look, and many others. Let us look at them one by one;

Our Picks

  • Best Rolex Watch Face App: Facer Watch Faces brings you more than 15,000 free and premium watch faces to choose from including your Rolex watch faces.
  • Luxury Watch Face App: Black Metal HD Watch Face for modern, minimal and with realistic reflection faces.
  • Mobvoi Watch Face App: There are plenty of Mobvoi watch faces with PriceTime, Elegant, Gim, Magicshadow faces.
  • Simple Watch Face App: Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant for Android Wear OS for clean and interactive watch faces.
  • Realistic Watch Faces: Weareal. Realistic Watch Faces has a great collection of classic watch faces both in analog and digital models.

1. Black Metal HD Watch Face

Black HD watch face is a great replacement for in-built watch faces. It provides tons of watch face. The faces are the modern, minimal and realistic reflection. Moreover, you can get more details like battery levels, weather conditions, step counter.

You also get customization features like color, digital/analog watch, live wallpaper, date format picker, and more. The watch faces looks authentic due to the realistic reflection feature. It also interactive functions for the features of the watch face.

Download from Play Store: Black Metal HD Watch Face

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2. Radii Watch Face for Android Wear OS

The Radii Watch Face for Android Wear OS is based on our solar system. It depicts the motion of our solar system and the planets. Moreover, the hour, minutes and seconds hand shows the imitation of our planets and stars.

In the center, you can see the time (depicting the Sun) and on the right is the minutes (depicting the Moon). Besides, there is a red line going along the edges of the watch indicating the battery percentage. It has 8 themes and customizable color options as well.

Download from Play Store: Radii Watch Face for Android Wear OS

3. Mustache Watch Face

A watch face that is more manly is the Mustache Watch Face. It is suitable for men who love their mustache. This watch face is elegant and has customizable color options. Moreover, there is a combination of themes. The watch face has a clean look and provides the activity and the battery indicator on the interface.

Besides, there are many free features available with this watch face. You get a light/dark theme, translucent notification, big digits in ambient mode, changeable badges, etc. Overall it is a nice clean watch face for your Android wear OS.

Download from Play Store: Mustache Watch Face

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4. Facer Watch Faces

Face watch faces is probably the best among this list. There are more than 15,000 free and premium watch faces to choose from. You get watch faces of leading brands and artists. Moreover, you can customize your watch face in any way you want. The leading brands like Tetris™, Star Trek, Garfield, Ghostbusters, American Dad and more.

Moreover, to get the luxury watch faces like Rolex, Rado, etc you can just upload your own watch face. Besides, you can also create and publish your own creation.

Download from Play Store: Facer Watch Faces

5. Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant for Android Wear OS

You will find one of the best watch faces collection in Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant for Android Wear OS app. It has over 30,000 watch faces to choose from. You just have to buy the app for $1.99 and you will unlock all the watch faces for your Android Wear. You get the maximum customization possible.

All the watch faces are neat, clean and interactive. You can also hide any icon on the watch face. Moreover, you can also create and share your own watch face. Other features include custom texts, fonts, color changer, and more.

Download from Play Store: Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant for Android Wear OS

6. Watch Face – Pujie Black for Wear OS

Another customizable watch face app is the Watch Face Pujie Black for Android wear. It has a huge library of watch faces to choose from. Moreover, it provides your customizations to the minute details. You can also create your own watch faces. It features over 800+ fonts, 20 watch face presets, square and round faces, etc.

Besides this, you can integrate this app with the tasker application. It shows multiple time zones, health tracker, animation, and more. Pujie Black is also battery saving and you can share your creation with others.

Download from Play Store: Watch Face – Pujie Black for Wear OS

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7. Bits Watch Face

The most elegant and simple watch face is the Bits Watch Face app. You can customize and adjust the information within a circle. This watch face app provides you to change the color, font, text, more. The UI is clean and every information you like is shown in a circle.

It has its limitations. You cannot add more than seven circles on the watch face. But it is a genuine limitation as smart watches have a limited screen space. Moreover, you can get a minimal and clean look with this watch face.

Download from Play Store: Bits Watch Face

8. Willow – Photo Watch Face

The Willow – Photo Watch face app provides you with an option to choose any image for your watch face background. There are tons of images available on the internet. You can choose any one of it or one of your own to make it a watch face. This app supports PNG, JPG, and GIF with animation.

Moreover, you can insert text in the watch face. The format for supported fonts is OTF and TTF. Besides, you also get a gallery to download wallpapers. Overall, it is a nice personalized Watch Face app for Android Wear OS.

Download from Play Store: Willow – Photo Watch Face

9. Weareal. Realistic Watch Faces

Probably one of the finest and realistic watch faces is the Weareal – Realistic Watch Faces. This Android Wear OS watch face app has a great collection of classic watch faces. They are both in analog and digital models. Moreover, you also get a metallic and reflective glow simulation.

Besides, it is battery friendly, realistic watch faces support square/round watch types and more. The watch faces are divided into models. They are rider, digimaster, acute, airpower, Golder, and Wonderland.

Download from Play Store: Weareal. Realistic Watch Faces 

10. Pear Watch Face

If you love your smartwatch to have a minimal yet elegant watch face the Pear Watch Face is the app. It has a collection of modern and minimal watch faces that makes your Android Wear stand out. You can choose from a range of collections like the chronograph, modular, modern, sport, etc.

Moreover, it supports all kinds of Android wear face style; square, round, etc. A nice simple and clean look for your Watch Face.

Download from Play Store: Pear Watch Face

Best Watch Faces for Android Wear

Sporting a nice watch face on your smartwatch is a nice idea as it gives a refreshing feel and looks to your device. Moreover, from this list of best watch faces for Android Wear OS, you can get pretty stunning watch faces for your smartwatch. Besides, every watch face app in this is free apart from one or two apps. Though you might see some in-app purchases. But, overall these are a pretty handy and good collection of Watch Faces to have for your smartwatch.

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