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21 Best Roku Free Channels List – News, Sports, Movies, Kids

Roku Streaming device is offering tons of Roku free channels that can convert your TV to smart TV. These Roku channels include paid channels, Roku private channels, and Roku free channels. Whether it’s free or paid channels, Roku gives the user a Full 1080p HD experience and casting support to stream your personal media to the TV. The Streaming devices are supporting hundreds of paid and free TV Channels. Roku streaming stick is your best alternative for your to Cable TV, which supports news channels, free movie channels, sports channels, etc.

Please have these free Roku channels on Roku devices that cover almost every genre available on the streaming channel list.

CBS News

With the CBS News app, the user can easily stream news about 24/7. The Roku news app allows viewing on-demand videos from other CBS programs like CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning, 60 Minutes and etc. Anybody can see live anchored coverage starting from 9:00 AM to midnight. The special reports of CBS News are broadcasted all day. This free Roku app gives the users the control to watch the segments in which they are interested in seamlessly. All the content of the app is shareable via social media accounts by devices compatible.

Genre: News | Features: Live News, On-demand Video | Add Channel: CBS News

Sky News

Sky News provides live broadcasts for the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Canada region. The news organization is UK-based and offers the best coverage with proper analysis to users all around the world. With cached feeds, the user is able to get the news highlights that suit their schedules. Not costing a dime, the channel provides live reports on a continuous basis to all the viewers. There is also a catch-up service unlike other Roku free channels giving you access to all the key stories happened during the day.

Genre: News | Features: Live Broadcasts on UK, US & Canada | Add Channel: Sky News


If you are a movie buff and watch tv free movie channels, then check the Crackle Roku app. Giving your uncut and full-length movies, the app gives a lot more at absolutely no cost. Crackle offers about 209 movies, 45 television series and 27 original series to give the people a bundled package of entertainment.

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The quality content at no price is definitely a check out for many. Offerings of the app change at a frequent rate ensuring the availability of some memorable ones all the time. It is worth to take a look at this free Roku movie app, that allows you to engage for hours without any trouble.

Genre: Movie | Features: Free Full-Length Movies, Television Series | Add Channel: Crackle

The Roku Channel

Roku rolled out its own free movie channel for Roku TV streaming users. This free movie channel from Roku offers hundreds of popular movies at no cost. Just like other Roku channels, this does not need any subscriptions or fees or accounts required. You can get big-screen classics, Hollywood hits all for free. As of now, you can find some good quality movies like  Ali, The Karate KidLegally Blonde, etc.

Genre: Movie | Features: Rok’s own free movie Channel | Add Channel: The Roku Channel


The Popcornflix Channel is a fierce competitor of Crackle coming with ads for TV Roku. Popcornflix comes with a smaller library similar to other free Roku free channels. There is no recent stuff available in the app, which is a letdown for people searching for Roku free channels. Despite that, there is some good stuff present on this free Roku channel to keep you entertained all the time. You can easily see the TV shows of the early 90s along with Mario cartoons etc. The features of the free streaming service present on your player will always help you to find something.

Genre: Movie | Features: Cartoons, Old movies | Add Channel: Popcorn Flix

PBS Kids

PBS Kids channels give the users a great combination of clips and episodes of full length for more than 25 channels. For accessing the shows, it is important to choose a local affiliate PBS station from the provided list. The app has a long history of giving their viewers a highly rich and featured content for kids. Any person can easily access shows and series like Sesame Street, Curious George, The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That etc for free at no cost.

Genre: Kids | Features: Kids program, documentaries, PBS Station | Add Channel: PBS Kids


BabyFirst is the perfect kids’ channel for your young kid in the house. The content of the app is great for the upbringing of a kid who is not a year old. It tells the kid about little things like numbers and language without anybody’s help. Unlike other kids Roku free channels, it generally focuses on the concepts that are important for the baby like music, animals, and colors etc. Serving as a little help for the solo parent, it gives the extra education while they can finish small household works.

Genre: Kids | Features: Good program for infants, music, colors, and animals | Add Channel: BabyFirst


Pandora is free online radio service available for Roku users. This Roku free music channel helps them to turn their television into a jukebox whenever they want to. Among all the Roku free channels for music, Pandora channel is the best free version to use. It gives you a personalized music experience that evolves on a continuous basis with your taste. You can easily create stations for your favorite songs, artists or genres. The free version is robust enough to make it a worthy music service to use.

Genre: Music | Features: online radio, music, songs | Add Channel: Pandora

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iHeartRadio is unique in every way allowing the person to listen to more than just traditional radio stations. You can easily get access to the world of music and radio in the same place along with other contents. Sometimes, you might be annoyed with the commercials, but it is radio so you have to bear it. Create your customized stations in order to hear the tunes from your preferred place. Listen to local radio stations, music, news, podcasts as well on it easily.

Genre: Music | Features: Access to the world of music, radio stations, custom stations | Add Channel: iHeartRadio

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is a trusted and widely known sports media brand working from 1954. This free Roku Sports channel allows you to load up the latest sports video and news whenever you want on demand. You can easily select the videos and each one will be played simultaneously in a row. Every Roku user can access it as a worthy substitute for the old cable sports new channel. The sports channel gives original stories to the people on football, golf, soccer, tennis, cricket and much more.

Genre: Sports | Features: updated sports video, original stories of on football, golf, soccer, tennis, cricket, etc. | Add Channel: Sports Illustrated

CBS Sports

Coming from CBS network, CBS Sports contains tons of sports content through Video on Demand and Live Video streams. There is no need to make an account to access the services and begin watching your favorite sports content with ease. Any person can watch any sport-related video or get the news without paying a penny with this free Roku channel. Move ahead from the traditional sports channel by choosing CBS Sports among other Roku free channels.

Genre: Sports | Features: Sports video on demand, live sports streams | Add Channel: CBS Sports

America’s Funniest Home Videos

Through this Roku channel, you can easily lighten up your mood. Offering a vast collection of user-submitted videos, AFV is a great channel to alleviate your mood. With a rich of 25 years of weekly episodes, the user can easily see videos with no hilarious one-liners from the AFV host. The clips are divided into diverse categories in the channel in order to give the user ease to access them all. The entire list of videos is played one by one along with commercials coming between a few videos. You can add it without any second thought in your list of Roku free channels.

Genre: Comedy | Features: Funny videos, User-submitted videos and User clips | Add Channel: AFV

Dish Nation

Dish Nation is a collective TV show coming from FOX serving the viewers with humorous and funny commentary on the current pop culture. This free Roku channel does cover all the gossips and trending news stories on celebrities around the world with a pinch of humor. Spotlight stories along with full episodes of the show are available for free on the Roku. The channel allows you to laugh out loud without paying any amount and without ease. Stories from both the East and West coast are present on the channel for the viewers.

Genre: Comedy | Features: funny videos, gossips, and trending news | Add Channel: Dish Nation

NetFit Free

Almost every person is passionate about living in a healthy way. For ensuring the fitness and health of your body, it is important to exercise and burn the excess fat. You can easily train yourself with NetFit Free health Roku channel. On the channel, there are diverse schedules present to help you to work out according to your preference. By following the plans present on the channel, a person can best of their abilities to achieve the maximum results in less trouble.

Genre: Fitness | Features: health training videos and programs | Add Channel: NetFit Free

Geethanjali – Learn Yoga

Yoga is a proven activity that can easily give a person inner and outer wellbeing. Any person can perform Yoga almost anywhere without any trouble. Most people like to do yoga at their home and with Geethanjali – Learn Yoga they can do exactly that with ease. This free Roku channel gives you a thorough tutorial on yoga from the videos. You can easily become a beginner to advanced improving your health in the process. Diverse mudras and how to do them is taught through the offered videos on the channel.

Genre: Fitness | Features: Yoga classes, training videos | Add Channel: Geethanjali – Learn Yoga


Are you a foodie, then Saveur Roku app is the best choice for you. This Roku channel is more like a culinary magazine that teaches you about diverse food cuisines. Many videos in this free Roku channel give a detailed look at making the dishes. The channel does contain very basic content that ranges to advance level covering almost every topic. You can easily know where each dish has originated giving your taste buds the flavors and world-class experience. Know a lot more than just cooking by adding it to your Roku free channels list.

Genre: Food | Features: culinary videos | complete video for new dishes | Add Channel: Saveur

Serious Eats

Serious Eats is a popular Food channel available on the Roku store for Roku users. It is more like a blog that is solely for foodies. The food channel is awarded James Beard Foundation awards for Best Food Blog and Best Video Webcast. There is a large collection of recipes, dishes, and articles featuring diverse cuisines in this free Roku food channel. Make classic cocktails and serve your guests in a better way through the tutorial videos present on it. Learn some trailblazing techniques to know more than just mixing the ingredients for the dish.

Genre: Food | Features: good for foodies, best for food video webcast | Add Channel: Serious Eats

Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV is a lifestyle channel coming with a commitment to providing global entertainment to its existing viewer base. The channel brings you the live streaming footage of high-adrenaline athletes performing their finest. See your loved athlete compete in their sports and get an inner look at their lives like never before. Thrill your mind with the high-octane sports competition available on the channel. The content of the channel is present on HD quality to give you the best experience.

Genre: Lifestyle | Features: global entertainment, high-octane sports competition | Add Channel: Red Bull TV

Fox Digest

Fox Digest comes on Roku media player with a good collection of short stories with celebrity news. The channel promises to entertain, inform and inspire its users through their offered content. You can easily get the local news from the diverse parts from across the country. All the content available for the users is of HD quality to give the experience that is best in every way.

Genre: Lifestyle | Features: short stories, local news | Add Channel: Fox Digest


Know about the latest happening in the consumer tech through CNET. This Roku tech channel is a one-stop to get the tech news, reviews and how-to articles related to products. You can also get to know the tips and tricks of several products to get the best efficiency out of them. The experts of CNET provide you everything that you need to know regarding technology. Enrich and enhance your life with the content offered on the channel. Get the best in tech right at your couch through CNET on Roku.

Genre: Science & Tech | Features: tech news, product reviews | Add Channel: CNET

Popular Science

Popular Science also known as PopSci is delivering and covering the contents related to science as well as technology from 1872. The channel offers viewers videos related to how to land an airplane with your iPad etc. There is also coverage of popular events like CES and giving people some DIY tips to build out their creativity. From NASA to the university labs, the channel has almost everything for you to know. It explains and informs you about the latest growth in the world of science.

Genre: Science & Tech | Features: contents related to science, videos from NASA to the university labs | Add Channel: Popular Science

With an internet connection and Roku devices, you can cut down the cost of cable TV with these free Roku channels. For those who want to watch premium programs, Roku is offering paid channel service with a monthly subscription fee. Avoiding the trouble of searching the channel store, here is the Roku free channels list to assist you.

By seeing the list, you can easily decide which Roku free channels are unique and suit you. A lot of free Roku channels are there, but a few have the uniqueness and quality content that sets them apart. This Roku free channels list covers most of the genres, with a diverse form of content. This free Roku channels let you choose the best Roku channels based on your taste and most of all, these are free Roku channels.

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