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12 Best Roku Free Movie Channels 2018

There are tons of movies channels available for Roku device. Even though those are free movie channels for Roku, most of them may not provide good quality of videos that you expect. With these free movie channels for Roku, you can watch old public domain movies, foreign films like Korean and Japanese movies and old westerns. This Roku movie list excludes paid channels like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Plus those need either a one-time fee or monthly paid subscription.

Movie lovers and free movie lovers here is the list of Best Roku Free Movie Channels for Good Quality Movies to watch on your Big Screen TV.

Youtube Roku Channel

YouTube is your way on the biggest screen in the house, from a playlist of music videos to your favorite comedy channels. These Roku movie channels list includes Youtube that offers a lot of good TV shows, full-length movies, etc., and also watch full series of episodes for free on Youtube. You can send videos from iPhone or Android to your TV when they’re sharing a WiFi connection. Find a video on your YouTube app, click the TV icon that appears, and it instantly plays on your TV.

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The Roku Channel

Roku rolled out its own free movie channel today (Oct 11, 2017). This free movie channel from Roku offers hundreds of popular movies at no cost. Just like other Roku channels, this does not need any subscriptions or fees or accounts required. You can get big screen classics, Hollywood hits all for free. As of now, you can find some good quality movies like  Ali, The Karate KidLegally Blonde, etc.

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Crackle Roku Channel

Crackle is the place to experience full-length Hollywood movies, TV series and original programming in your favorite genres: action, anime, comedy, crime, horror, music, thriller and sci-fi. Crackle’s content is always delivered uncut and unedited, the way it meant to be viewed. And it’s always free.

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VUDU Roku Channel

VUDU, one of the best Roku movie app, delivers a cinema-like experience at home with the hottest new releases and the largest HD library. There are no subscription fees or late fees, simply pay for what you watch. Choose to rent or own from thousands of titles available in vibrant 1080p with rich Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

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Comet TV Roku Channel

Comet is a new addition to the Roku movie channels, Comet, now available to Roku. COMET is a free television channel dedicated to sci-fi entertainment. This Roku channel is offering popular favorites, movies, cult classics, shows like DragonFlyTv, GetWild, etc. and other movies,  every day.

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Tubi TV Roku Channel

Tubi TV, the free Internet TV network, that’s working on and delivering unlock Hollywood so entertainment is free, without the burden of credit cards. Tubi TV has the largest collection of premium and unique movies and TV shows. For free, forever. Now you can enjoy this Tubi TV on you Roku device for free.

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PBS Roku Channel

PBS has partnered with Roku to give you free and easy access to your favorite PBS shows like Frontline, Masterpiece, and NOVA along with a convenient way to discover new PBS experiences like cooking with Martha Stewart and Web Original Content from PBS Digital Studios. Choose from thousands of videos in multiple genres including history, news, science, technology & the arts. You’ll add hours and hours of high-quality entertainment to your Roku with the PBS catalog.

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OVGuide Roku Channel

With OVGuide, you can watch over 10,000 FREE movies and TV shows starring your favorite actors. Enjoy films and TV from over 15 different genres, including comedy, horror, action and more. Content is updated daily and always free! Free Movies and TV and no Subscription required.

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Popcornflix Roku Channel

Popcornflix has full-length movies that will make you laugh, make you cry, scare the heck out of you, or inspire you to hug the person you love. This movie channel fro Roku has compelling documentaries, foreign films, unique original web series, and a place that showcases the brightest filmmakers of tomorrow.

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Pluto TV Roku Channel

Watch free TV on your Roku, enjoy news, sports, movies, TV shows, viral videos, cartoons and so much more, hand-picked by people who love entertainment. With Pluto TV, stay informed with trusted sources like NBC News & MSNBC, Sky News, Newsy, The Young Turks and NewsMax.

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Crunchyroll Roku Channel

Crunchyroll, Roku movie app is the official destination for the largest lineup of current and classic Animation. You can watch hit shows like Naruto Shippuden and Sailor Moon on all your favorite devices.

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SnagFilms Roku Channel

SnagFilms is offering free full-length films. In addition to these, SnagFilms provides popular music documentaries and fascinating personalities to deep, dark political conspiracies and compelling human drama.

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Midnight Pulp Roku Channel

Midnight Pulp is the perfect late-night companion for your horror, cult, fantasy and exploitation film fixation.

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Roku channels are supporting to stream from cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.net, etc. This Cloud streaming is a cool idea to share a media folder to your friends and family members to Stream Roku from Cloud Services like Dropbox, Google Drive etc. There are free Roku Channels to Stream any Media to a big screen TV that you can try from smartphone and tablet.

Best Free Movie Channels for Roku

Most of the free movie channels for Roku are offering free content, but that doesn’t mean it is good. These channels are not limited to Roku device; there are other devices like Chromecast, Apple TV, etc. Please refer this article to know how to convert TV to Smart TV under $99 budget. There are few good free movie channels that you can install on your device. You can depend on these channels to watch quality movies on your big screen.

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  1. We are excited to announce that our new Roku channel ‘Brooklyn On Demand’ has launched! BKOD features and ever-growing slate of FREE and Premium award-winning indie films, original series, classic cuts and more… and each one has a Brooklyn connection. Comedies, dramas, documentaries, sci-fi, horror, shorts and features. Produced and curated by The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival. brooklynondemand.com

  2. VUDU has just released a library of free movies in their service called “Movies On Us”. They are not brand new titles and are advertising supported, but they were popular movies at one time.

  3. We need Universal Studios, Columbia Studios, MGM and the like. Also Turner Classic Movies. Filmstruck is a joke. Besides 70% of all of the content on the free channels are all the same. I know times are tight, but can’t your channels at least have exclusive content of the shitty movies out there?

  4. I tried watching a 28 minute documentary on the Roku channel. But with all the ads it took over 50 minutes to watch. Plus the advertisements kick in in the middle of sentences.

    Free movies ar not free if they are packed with advertisements.

    I deleted the Roku channel off my Roku device. 🙂

  5. I grew up with two channels. And they were fuzzy. When we got cable there were twelve stations and they all came in all the time even though half of them were in French. I am blown away that in 2020 we have hundreds of channels available for free. The future is amazing!


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