Guest Article Guidelines

Thank you for reaching MashTips and your interest to contribute to us. We always welcome high-quality articles with unique content. Please spend a few minutes on this page to read these FAQ & Article Guidelines. This is to ensure that your articles are meeting our requirements and ready to publish on MashTips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I publish a guest post?
-We will publish your article on our site. This is a good opportunity to expose your talent and quality of writing to our readers and followers.

Can I get a do-follow backlink to my site?
-We allow genuine contribution and give a referral link to your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn profile page. For any reason, we won’t give any link to your website or products for guest articles. Google has a well-written policy about link buying and selling. We are not promoting any link buying strategy to comply with Google’s Link Schemes.

Do you setup Author Box with Profile Picture for me?
-No, we can’t setup Author Box for each guest writers. However, we can mention your name and a short description at the end of the article with a link to your social media profile.

Can I promote my product or app through guest posts?
-No, Guest posts are supposed to prove your writing talent and skills, not to promote any products. We do have a separate platform for promoting the products. Please click here for Sponsored Articles Request Link to promote any products or Apps.

Who will be the owner once I publish the article on Technical Tips?
-We respect your talent and time to prepare. However, we are looking for the article from you, not copied from somewhere. We hate plagiarism. You may face legal/financial penalties once we found your submitted article is copied from other sources. In addition to this, your article/s will immediately remove from our site without any notice. Please be aware that, by submitting an article to Technical Tips (, you give us copyright ownership of the article, to comply with DMCA policies.

Do you have any article guideline to follow?
-Yes, We do. Please see the guideline for preparing the article to publish on Technical Tips.

Whom can I contact for further questions?
-Well, you may have questions. Please reach our contact page if you have any question or write directly to [email protected]

Well, I have/completed guest article with the above guidelines. What should I do next?
-Good job. We are excited to see your skills. Please send us the article in MS Word format and Images in a separate Zip file and send to [email protected]

When can I hear back once I submitted a guest article?
-Typically, we will respond within 48 hours. Sometimes, this may extend up to one week.