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7 Best iPhone Weather Widgets for iOS Notification Area

Does anybody use their iPhone for checking weather through iPhone widgets? Let’s be honest; keeping track of the current weather is not a cool activity to do for many people.

Nevertheless, weather widgets can be made handy when it is present in the iOS notification center. A fewer number of individuals have the pleasure or the luxury of living in a geographical location that has a stable climate.

Some of us like to give a glance at the weather and get the status to plan the day coming. Many people know that Apple killed their very own weather widget in iOS 7. However, after iOS, iPhone and iPad users can check the weather whenever they want to by adding weather widgets in the notification center.

There are a bunch of iOS weather widgets for the notification area that are available for your benefit giving you the weather report in an instance. Here is a list of iPhone Weather widgets that we selected based on the sleek and excellent design and accuracy.

Weather Live

A cautiously designed app that allows the user to get real-time weather condition with accompanying background images. You can use Weather Live for getting the personalized weather status of the selected location. With the highly customizable display, you can select your layout providing the exact details of the things you want to know in Weather Live.


A daily report of the weather will be there in the notification center available whenever needed. It is a treat for people who want to design as well as customize their weather information with ease to make it more appealing.

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Weather Bug

An easy to use weather app, it comes with 18 various weather maps to give the precise weather condition of the current time. Weather Bug gives the most accurate current, and hourly weather forecasts to visualize the present conditions.

You can more details about the weather that is around on you with the detailed information that is more than just accurate. The app also details how the weather will influence your sports and daily works by giving lifestyle forecasts. Stay informed of all of the sudden changes with instant notifications to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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An all-around weather app gives you many features that are not present in other weather tools. Accuweather has all the credentials to be on your iOS device. The interface of the app is minimal and has information crammed on the top to be accessed instantly.

Accuweather comes with MinuteCast feature. It gives a hyperlocal forecast every 2 minutes that is briefed for the coming 2 hours. The tool provides precise information for your GPS location or street address that comes with rainfall starting time. There is also an animated radar view that consists of Overlay of satellite images and Google Maps.

Yahoo Weather

Profoundly known as the prettiest weather out there, Yahoo Weather was given the best design award from Apple in 2013. A person will find this app as addictive and appealing. The iPhone widget is there in the iOS notification center, which provides a close-up weather report of the current location.

For the purpose of using the widget with its full features, the user needs to keep their Location Services all the time. The weather report is not given to the preferred location but of the place where the user is currently present.

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Weather Underground    

Weather Underground has an extensive database and generates information from about 200,000 personal weather stations. The developers of the app claim it to be the world’s most accurate hyper-local weather forecasts and a must have as an iOS weather widget.

iOS users can connect the app with their Apple Watch and get instant updates on the iOS notification center to know the status of the weather. It is a bit different from the regular weather apps as it is crowd-sourced and has the characteristics making it worth a go. The interactive play bar of the app is diversely unique.

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Dark Sky

Not every weather app can give the exact time when the rain will start pouring in the place where you are present. Dark Sky is one of the apps that is all about hyperlocal forecasts. This iPhone widget works better than the expectations made. Instead of giving you a map, it offers the entire globe to swipe and acknowledge the spots where the weather is intense. You can also know how much you have to secure yourself before the day turns hot or cold. Dark Sky is open for weather reporting for getting and giving more accurate information about the location.

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Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather when first came to iOS many people thought of it as a talking weather forecast robot. With its wisdom words and some 30 secret locations, it is a great weather app to use. This iPhone weather app also gives you predictions of the Moon, telling how adequate the day will be for your space trip. There is no rainfall radar in the app and has a great odd sense of humor to entertain the user.

The listed ones are one of the best iOS weather widgets for your iPhone and iPad. These apps are worth trying and that will help to plan ahead or stay away from a bad weather day.

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