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How to Scroll Up and Down Without Touching the iPhone Screen

When you are scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed or reading an ebook, scrolling becomes an uneasy task. You don’t want to swipe your finger up or down to scroll every time. Well, your iPhone has a secret option that lets you swipe up or down by touching the back of your iPhone.

In this article, let us look at the ways to scroll up or down on the iPhone by tapping the back of our iPhone.

Scroll Up or Down by Tapping Back of iPhone

Your iPhone not only detects a touch on the display, but you can also do things by touching or tapping the back of the iPhone. We are using the same “BackTap” method here to scroll up or down on any page without touching your iPhone screen. To enable it,

  1. Launch Settings from your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap Accessibility settings.
  3. Go to Touch > BackTap.
  4. Select Double Tap or Triple Tap to trigger the scrolling action.
  5. Scroll down and choose Scroll Up or Scroll Down options under SCROLL GESTURES.

For instance, you can select Scroll Down with the Double Tap action. For Triple Tap, you can choose Scroll Up as well. After selecting the gesture actions, go back to save the settings.

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Now you are all set. Simply tap the back of your iPhone twice or thrice to scroll up or down from any screen. Whether you are on a webpage, Facebook app, or reading an ebook, the back tap gestures will help you scroll up or down easily.

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