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10 Best YouTube Alternatives for Android

YouTube is a huge video-sharing website, which is the second-largest search engine in the world. The popular video-sharing platform has more monthly visits than Bing and Yahoo! combined together. There is not a single day that we don’t use YouTube, either for entertainment or useful information. YouTube is one of the most downloaded apps in both the Google Play Store and the App Store. The YouTube app has many useful features. You can play videos as many as you want. But it also lacks many more features. Users cannot download videos from YouTube due to Google’s policies. Users cannot play videos in the background. And many more videos are restricted due to age, content or region.

Do you want to get rid of these problems of YouTube and want to experience the features of YouTube to the fullest, then you might want to choose the YouTube alternatives. Since Android is the world’s largest mobile platform, the developers have made many apps that can make-up all these drawbacks of YouTube.  Here are our top picks for YouTube alternatives.

Editor’s Note: The APK files are not from Google PlayStore, and from third party websites. We would not recommend installing the Apps on Android from websites other than Google PlayStore. Please use these apps at your own risk.


NewPipe is one of the best alternatives you’ll get for YouTube. This YouTube alternative is a freeware opensource lightweight app. The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t require any Google Play Services to function correctly. NewPipe collects the URL source from YouTube and displays it in the form of the app. This Android-based YouTube alternative is the best choice for YouTube users who don’t have powerful phones but still want to enjoy the benefits of YouTube.

NewPipe offers great browsing and search features for the users. This YouTube alternative offers support for high-resolution videos. That is, users can watch and download the videos in 720p, 1080p, 2K or 4K resolution. If users just needed the audio-only, NewPipe has a solution for that too. This app has the option to convert the video to various audio formats and users can download it. Users can play video as a pop-up box for multi-tasking. This YouTube alternative has also an option for background play.

Download NewPipe APK: Aptoide

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OG YouTube

This app is almost identical to YouTube in the user interface but has more added features than YouTube. OG YouTube lets you browse the platform, listen to music and watch videos like all other alternatives. The only difference in the user interface of OG YouTube from that of the original YouTube app is that the bells icon is hidden under the hood. So, the users will not have confusion on how to use this YouTube alternative. Shortly, OG YouTube is a mod version of the YouTube app for Android users.

The main feature which separates OG YouTube from other YouTube alternatives is that this app is completely ad-free. Users can enjoy videos and music without disturbance. Users can sync their Google account with this app. This YouTube alternative helps users download multiple videos at a time. The OG YouTube has a dark mode, so you can use this app at night without causing much strain to your eyes. This app can run parallel with the default YouTube app on Android.

Download OG YouTube APK: UpToDown

YouTube GO

The official YouTube app requires high-speed data connectivity to play videos without buffering. YouTube GO is the lightweight version of the YouTube App, made by Google itself. The app size of YouTube GO is just under 25 MB. This YouTube alternative app is designed for users who are having slow internet connectivity and low data balance. YouTube GO lets users download, watch and share videos while controlling their data spend.

One of the greatest advantages of this YouTube alternative is that it lets users choose how many MBs to use for every video they watch. Users can download videos and watch them again even with slow or no collection using YouTube GO. Users can also share videos to friends and family over Bluetooth or hotspot so that they don’t have to download the videos separately. That is, the video transfer through this YouTube alternative doesn’t consume your data. Not only data but also the battery consumption by YouTube GO is very low. The user interface of the app is not confusing. In short, YouTube GO is a lite version of the original YouTube app which has all the core features of YouTube.

The only feature which YouTube GO doesn’t have from that of the original app is that users can’t create playlists.

Download YouTube GO: Play Store


FlyTube is another lightweight alternative for YouTube. Even though this app doesn’t provide many options, its still one of the best options as a YouTube alternative. FlyTube lets you watch videos directly from YouTube while preserving data. The app size of this YouTube alternative is just below 5MB. So, the app is best suitable for users who have a low-end phone model. FlyTube does not require Google’s Play Services to function smoothly.

The best feature of FlyTube is that it allows users to play videos in movable windows so that the users can multitask while watching videos. The windows can be resized according to the likes of the user. The window also has a small play/pause button, seek button, next button and other useful toggles and controls for quick access. Users can also play videos at the background with this YouTube alternative. FlyTube doesn’t disturb users viewing experience with ads. Users can also sign in with their Google account and sync playlists and other data.

This YouTube alternative drains the phone’s battery quite fast. This app is the best choice for users having a phone with greater battery backup.

Download FlyTube APK: Aptoide

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Users not only use YouTube for playing videos but also for listening to music. This app is one of the best choices for those users who often use YouTube for listening to music. Video playing is a secondary option for this YouTube alternative. Users can even load lyrics while the video is playing in the background. iTube is best suitable for users who are having slower internet connectivity. This YouTube alternative only requires only a minimum amount of data for the functioning.

iTube does not consume much of the phone’s battery. This YouTube alternative is the best option for users who are having a limited bandwidth plan. This app does not show adverts on before or during the playing of videos. iTube works without internet connectivity. You can manage and edit playlists using this YouTube alternative. Users can also search for history and playlists using this app. The user interface of this YouTube alternative is so easy to understand so that it does not make confusion to users while using the app.

Even though the app doesn’t have ads before or during the playing of videos, it has its own in-app advertisements, which are a little bit annoying. Users cannot comment on a video using this YouTube alternative. Also, the sharing capabilities of this app are not that great.

Download iTube APK: Aptoide


TubeMate is by far the most popular YouTube alternative. Users can watch, share and download YouTube videos in SD, HD, and mp3 using TubeMate. The user interface of this app is very easy and appealing. TubeMate loads the mobile version of YouTube, so the data consumption is very low.

Users can download videos and songs in a wide range of qualities using this YouTube alternative. The users can convert videos to mp3 and download it using this app. Users can even download from HTML5 support video services using this YouTube alternative. This YouTube alternative supports lots of other sites other than YouTube, so it can easily be a two-in-one app for most of the users. TubeMate also supports downloading multiple files at a time.

Users have to keep the app updated to the latest version. Otherwise many features will stop working as Google makes changes to YouTube’s services frequently.

Download TubeMate APK: Aptoide


VidMate is one of the best alternatives for YouTube in the market. This app is not just an alternative for YouTube, but also for various other video and audio streaming sites. When you open VidMate, you can see a bunch load of apps on the home screen of the app. The user interface of this app is also easier to use.

Users can download YouTube videos easily using this alternative of YouTube. Not only from YouTube but also users can download videos from the other best-known sites such as Vimeo, Instagram, Tumblr, Metacafe, Soundcloud and ton of other sites. Users can also convert videos to mp3 using this YouTube alternative. Multiple files downloading is also possible with VidMate. This app has an inbuilt browser so that users don’t have to leave the app to search the videos. Even though VidMate is one of the best-known apps for video streaming and downloading, the number of ads is very less compared to other apps of the same platform. Users can also play music from various sites and YouTube through this app. This YouTube alternative also supports background play.

This YouTube alternative sends you many notifications even if the app isn’t running on the background. This can be a little bit annoying for some of the users. VidMate is not available on the Google Play Store.

Download VidMate APK: Aptoide


Are you the type of person who watches videos continuously for hours? Then this app is made for you. This YouTube alternative lets you watch videos without buffering. So, if you don’t want to wait, then go for this app. Users can also watch videos from Facebook or Twitter timelines too using this app.

The standalone feature of this YouTube alternative is the handy feature called ‘Turbo’. There is a green button in the user interface which when you press automatically buffers the videos for you. So, users can watch videos without interruptions. There’s no wastage of time and no more waiting. Users can watch high-quality videos without buffering for a long period of time using this alternative of YouTube. This app has also a feature called ‘Social Feed’, in which users can watch videos from their social media directly on the app.

Since this app provides you a seamless video watching experience, it does consume quite a large amount of your mobile data. So, it is recommended to use this YouTube alternative if you have wi-fi connectivity. Also, TurboTube doesn’t block ads.

Download TurboTube APK: ApkPure


At least once in a while watching videos from YouTube, you all would have wished if YouTube has some features like downloading videos, watch videos without age restriction and all. Well, YouTube ++ is actually a patched version of the YouTube app with some additional cool features. This YouTube alternative is one of the best apps in the market.

Users can watch and download videos using this app. This YouTube alternative also provides a feature that enables users to convert and download videos into mp3. Users can play videos at the background using YouTube++. This YouTube alternative does not have annoying ads so that users can play videos or audios without interruptions. There are no age restrictions on this YouTube alternative. Users can watch and listen to whatever they want. YouTube++ supports a wide range of resolutions. This app also supports captions of videos. Additional features like playback speed control are provided in the YouTube alternative to help the users.

Download YouTube++ APK: MokoWeb

YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is a modded version of the YouTube app. It adds many features to the official YouTube app. This app supports both rooted and non-rooted devices. This YouTube alternative has all the features of YouTube with some extra add on features.

Users can play videos in the background using this app. This YouTube alternative completely blocks video ads. Users can customize themes on YouTube Vanced. White and Black themes are available for this YouTube alternative. This app lets users enable or disable card suggestions on videos. This app also lets you set video quality while watching videos. There is also an option to download videos and audios directly to device storage.

Download YouTube Vanced APK: xdadevelopers

If you are tired of the official YouTube app, select any one of the above alternatives. Since Android is the world’s largest mobile platform, there are plenty of options to choose for. The app developers have developed many apps according to the likes and suggestions of users. Many of the apps provided above have almost identical features.

The selection of the best alternative completely depends on your needs and use. All the YouTube alternatives provided above are selected based on the popularity and reviews among the users. Select the best alternative according to your preferences and enjoy the most out of it.

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