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10 Best Air Fryers for Less Fat Healthy Cooking

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Air deep-fryers are extremely useful, to fry food without soaking them in oil. It’s true that an air fryer can’t replicate the original taste of traditionally fried food. Still, it delivers great taste and crispiness without all that oil. This is the most essential quality of the best air fryer. Air deep-fryers circulate hot air inside the food and cook food much faster. If you want the best air fryer, there are plenty of great options to choose from. Indulge in that favorite crunchy snack in a healthy way.

You should find a power air fryer that meets your needs and is intuitive. Check out the models we have compiled together in this article for you.

Cosori Air Fryer

Cosori Air Fryer comes with a simple digital one-touch screen menu. The menu features 11 presets including Desserts, Bread, Root Vegetables, Vegetables, French fries, Frozen Foods, Bacon, Shrimp, Seafood, Poultry, and Steak. You can get up to a hundred original recipes from the community. Overheat protection and an automatic shut off system to prevent overcooking are available.

Cooking time is much faster than the traditional method and food is tastier and crispier. Cosori Power Fryer comes with 1700W power, ETL/UL listed, and FDA Compliant. It has a button guard and a cool-touch handle to prevent detachment by accident.

Cosori Air Fryer

The Air Fryer also comes with a Preheat & Shake Remind, Non-stick basket, and LED Digital Touchscreen. This power fryer equipped with improved ergonomic angled display offers better viewing without having to bend over. Compared to the usual round design basket, its square basket is larger and can hold more food.

Its removable basket is also BPA-free, PFOA-free, and dishwasher-safe. The air fryer has a 5.8-Quart XL size tray that can serve food for up to three to five people. You can get the deliciously crunchy taste you desire with 85% lesser fat than traditional frying.

You can also find its original six-piece accessory set available for sale. The set includes a Silicone Mat, multi-purpose rack with five skewers, metal holder, pizza pan, cake pan, and an egg bites mold with a lid.

Key Features: 5.8 Qtr Capacity | 1700W | 11 Preset Cooking modes | Simple Touch Screen | Nonstick Basket | Buy from Amazon: COSORI Air Fryer

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Okaysou Dance 430

Okaysou comes with 8 cooking functions that set with pre-cooking time and temperature.  This Air Fryer has the touch screen buttons, easy to control and the LED to display status. The power saving mode will shut off the unit after 3 minutes of inactivity.

Okaysou Dance 430 Air Fryer

The device will pause the device automatically if the cooking basket removed. The cooking container is non-stick and easy to clean (dish-washer safe). The Dance 430 model is compact with a capacity of 4.3qt, still good to serve 2-4 people.

The AirFryer is sleek, just above 1ft, and comparatively silent to operate in the kitchen. If you have kitchen with small in size, this compact device is idea for your kitchen. The heating technology and the shape of the device ensures 360º hot air circulation to heat the food evenly. There are additional controls to customize the timer and cooking temperature. In addition to that, you can reheat the food with a convenient one touch button.

Key Features: 4.3 Qtr Capacity | 1500W | 8 Preset Cooking modes | Digital Full Touch Panel | Nonstick Basket | Quick Reheat Button | Buy from Amazon: Okaysou Dance 430

Bagotte Air Fryer

This Bagotte electric air fryer comes with 40 recipes for oil-free healthy roasting. There are recipes for small pizzas, muffins, cake, meatballs, dinner rolls, bacon, burgers, steak, chicken, pork, fish sticks, shrimp, fries/chips etc. It has an Anti-peeling Non-Stick Coating and a programmable Digital Full Touch Panel. This 3.7 QT 1500W Power Air Fryer Oven helps you make roasts that are soft inside and crispy outside.

Bagotte Air Fryer XL 5QT

Bagotte power fryer uses rapid hot air principle to bake food faster. This principle circulates hot air in all directions for baking. This Air fryer is also smoke and oil-free and is FDA-certified. The power air fryer oven doesn’t need oil to bake, fry, and grill. Also, it produces no smoke and low noise and the food has 80% lesser fat. This beautifully shaped air fryer has a unique bevel cylinder design and high-end luxury. It has an easy-to-clean and dishwasher-safe basket and anti-peeling non-stick coating.

Bagotte fryer also has food-grade ABS plastic and hidden wire at the bottom. Moreover, there is a convenient memory and an auto-off function. There are 6 presets for easy cooking and you can cook for a whole 3-member family. It has a temperature range from 180° Fahrenheit to 380° Fahrenheit.

Key Features: 3.7 Qtr Capacity | 1500W | 6 Preset Cooking modes | Digital Full Touch Panel | Nonstick Basket | Buy from Amazon: Bagotte Air Fryer XL 5QT

Ninja Air Fryer AF101

The Ninja brand is well known for its mixers and grinders. Ninja Air Fryer comes with four Qtr capacity. Create chip-like, flat dehydrated food dishes with this Air Fryer. Its combination of low temperature and low fan speed facilitates thorough dehydration. Moreover, Ninja fryer is tested against deep-fried hand-cut French fries. You can air fry using up to seventy-five percent lesser fat than traditional frying.

Ninja Air Fryer AF101

Its temperature ranging from 105 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit allows you to remove moisture from food gently. Ninja’s crisper plate and 4-quart ceramic-coated nonstick basket (AF101) can fit 2lbs of French fries. You can also increase the dehydrating capacity. Preheat the unit for three minutes prior to adding ingredients for the best results.

This black/gray air fryer has a 1550-Watt Programmable Base. Ninja power fryer also has a multi-layer rack and its basket is easy to clean.

Key Features: 4 Qtr Capacity | 1550W | Ceramic Coated Nonstick Basket | 105°F–400°F Temperature Range | Buy from Amazon: Ninja Air Fryer AF101

GoWISE Digital Air Fryer

With GoWise Air Fryer, you can fry, grill, roast and bake with less or no oil. There are also about fifty recipes available in your Air Fryer Book. The design is beautiful, sleek, and modern and it has an advanced touch screen menu. The menu features 8 cooking presets including chicken, pizza, cake, shrimp, steak, pork, fish, and fries/chips. The temperature of this Air Fryer ranges from 180 Fahrenheit to 400 Fahrenheit in 10-degree increments.

GoWISE Digital Air Fryer

There is also a cooking timer for up to 30 minutes. The Air Fryer features a new Start/Stop button to change temperature and time in the middle of cooking. Its handy built-in alarm function reminds you to shake the ingredients in 5, 10, and 15-minute increments. GoWise power fryer also has a non-stick pan which is PFOA-free and FDA-certified.

You can prevent accidental detachment with its button guard and cool-touch handle. The detachable frying basket helps you shake and flip contents in the middle of the cooking program. This 1700-Watt, 8-in-1 5.8-QT Digital Air Fryer is priced at $67.98.

Key Features: 5.8 Qtr Capacity | 1700W | 8 Preset Cooking modes | Nonstick Basket | 180°F–400°F Temperature Range | Buy from Amazon: GoWISE Digital Air Fryer

OMORC Air Fryer

OMORC Air Fryer can be used to air fry, bake, roast, and keep food items warm. This 6 Quart Air Fryer comes with a useful cookbook. There are also an LED Touchscreen, instant Time/Temperature Control, and 8-15 presets. You can cook excellent fries, fish, steak, chicken, cake, shrimp and much more.

OMORC Air Fryer

The removable parts are dishwasher-safe and free you from washing dishes. This healthy Power Fryer uses telson-free material and 100% safe coating. Don’t worry about overheating, thanks to its effective Auto Shut-Off protection. Highly-efficient and industry-leading hot air technology ensures that you cook like a Pro. Its fry basket and pot are non-stick and easy-to-clean.

There are a button guard and cool-touch handle to prevent detachment by mistake. There is also a rotatable multifunctional knob to adjust temperature and timer and choose presets. Taste your favorite crunchy snacks with up to 85% lesser fat than those cooked traditionally. The Air Fryer is BPA FREE, ETL/UL Listed and FDA-APPROVED and has a 2-year warranty.

Key Features: 6 Qtr Capacity | 1800W | 8-15 Preset Cooking modes | LED Touchscreen | Nonstick Basket | Buy from Amazon: OMORC Air Fryer

Yedi Total Package Air Fryer

Yedi Total Package Air Fryer has been ranked as the best overall Air Fryer by Business Insider. This power fryer equipped with about a hundred recipes to choose from. Yedi AirFryer is also big enough to help you feed your entire family. Manually select the temperature and your desired cooking time on the LED Digital Touch Screen. Also, get to choose from among the various built-in smart preset programs.

Yedi Total Package Air Fryer

The Air Fryer comes with an additional Deluxe Accessory Cooking Kit. The kit has a heat-resistant rubber mat, cupcake silicone pan, multi-purpose rack with three stainless steel skewers, and divider for the cooking basket. It also has an 8-inch cake carrel and an 8-inch pizza pan and 50 perforated parchment steaming papers. There is a Recipe Book included with about a hundred delicious recipes.

Moreover, new recipes are uploaded weekly in the Yedi Houseware Appliances website and the Yedi Houseware mobile app for Android and iOS. You will also consume 85% lesser fat on average. You can prevent overcooking by its automatic shut off feature. Its removable nonstick coated basket is BPA-free, PFOA-free, FDA certified, and dishwasher-free.

You can also prevent accidental detachment by its button guard and cool-touch handle. This 5.8-quart air fryer with 1700W comes with a 2-year warranty. It comes with a super useful cooking time table and is FDA Compliant/ETL Listed. Cooking time is faster than the traditional way and with crispier and tastier results.

Key Features: 5.8 Qtr Capacity | 1700W | LED Touchscreen | Nonstick Basket | Buy from Amazon: Yedi Total Package Air Fryer

Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven

This highly beneficial 1800-Watts air fryer can perform 7 different functions. With Cuisinart Air Fryer, you can air fry, roast, broil, bake, convection bake, warm, broil and convection broil.

Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer

You can air fry 3lbs chicken wings, toast 6 bread slices, bake a pizza of 12 inches or roast a chicken of 4 pounds. The Cuisinart Air Fryer comes with an adjustable thermostat with Auto Shutoff, 60-Minute Timer, and Toast Shade Selector Timer. This power fryer also includes a baking pan and an oven rack and air fryer rack/basket.

Key Features: 1800W | Nonstick Basket | Buy from Amazon: Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Secura Electric Hot Air Fryer

This 3.4 Qt and 3.2-Liter Electric Hot Air Fryer use the “Hot Air Cooking” method. You also get additional accessories, BBQ Rack, Recipes, and Skewers. This hot air fryer combines hot air with high-speed air circulation. You can prepare a variety of healthy and tasty food dishes quickly and easily.Secura Electric Hot Air Fryer

This Air Fryer’s large basket (of 7.5″ diameter and 4.25″ height) is useful to cook food for the entire family. There is a 60-minute cooking timer with an auto-shutoff feature after the cooking is over. The secure power fryer also has Variable temperature control – 180° to 400°F and Heating and Power indicator lights. This air fryer comes with a 2-year Manufacturer’s warranty and can only be used with North American Electrical Standards.

Key Features: 3.4 Qtr Capacity | 1500W | 8 Preset Cooking modes | Nonstick Basket | 180°F–400°F Temperature Range | Buy from Amazon: Secura Electric Hot Air Fryer

ENKLOV Air Fryer

This 5.5QT XL Air Fryer with a 12-in-1 Digital Display Control can cook for up to 3-5 people. This power fryer has a Fast 1350W Electric Power Air Cooker and an Oil-free Hot Air fryer Oven. This is designed in California and uses exclusive patented COLD-HOT Air Convection technology.

ENKLOV Air Fryer

With 2 unique ventilation openings, it can instantly heat in 360° direction. Enklov brings in cool air and pushes oil fumes out, so food has 85% lesser oil.  Its heat shield protection mechanism protects its power motor from getting burned out. It also avoids the heating pipe from getting damaged by steam.

The fryer will automatically shut off when the cooking is done. Its detachable non-stick frying basket is dishwasher-safe. Also, its slim footprint fits on your countertop perfectly and saves space. Ensure a healthy lifestyle for your family with ENKLOV’s recipe cookbook. Easily air fry, reheat, toast, grill, saute, bake, roast, and dehydrate with this all-in-one fryer.

Key Features: 5.5 Qtr Capacity | 1350W | Nonstick Basket | Auto Shutoff | Nonstick Basket | Buy from Amazon: ENKLOV Air Fryer

Use a power air fryer to eat your favorite food items that otherwise are loaded with oil. Air deep-fryers cook by circulating hot air at high speed around the food. The circulated air is heated till up to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Air Fryers are able to produce a crispy layer by using minimal or no oil. With air deep fryers, you can satiate your taste buds as much as you want. It is finally possible to maintain your health without compromising on taste.


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