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Rev Up Your Ride: Transform Your Car with the Best Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Units

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In today’s world, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, including while we’re driving. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have revolutionized the way we interact with our phones while on the road. These features allow drivers to safely and easily access their favorite apps, music, and contacts without taking their hands off the wheel. To take full advantage of these features, many car manufacturers are now offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto units as standard or optional equipment. Adding Android Auto or CarPlay to your vehicle’s audio and entertainment system is a game-changer.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best Apple CarPlay and Android Auto units on the market and show you how you can rev up your ride with these amazing devices.

Carpuride 902 Smart Dash


Incorporating a 45W Double speaker, Carpuride 902 provides a strong heavy bass, ultra-clear vocals, as well as 16-band HD EQ with 12-section customizable frequency, and you may enjoy a broad variety of music genres and sound effects.

You can effortlessly connect your phone to the car music system and sync using the original data cable. Additionally, you can mirror movies to the car stereo. You can use the suction cups to mount the stereo and then change the height and length to suit your preferences. The base is also plug-and-play and can rotate 360 degrees.


  • Dual 45W speaker
  • Screen mirroring support
  • The 360-degree rotatable base


  • Build quality is not great

Key Features: Large 9-inch display | Dual 45W Stereo Speakers | Rotatable 360-degree base | Screen mirroring | GPS enabled navigation

Ninetom Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto Dash

Ninetom Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto Dash

Ninetom Smart Dash’s new Full HD 8.8-inch touchscreen has improved sensitivity, deeper color saturation, and sharper text. There are numerous ways to mount the product, including using the product’s own sturdy suction cup wall to attach it to the dashboard or the windshield.

In addition to having built-in support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the CarPlay screen is compatible with Mirror Link, Bluetooth 5.0, Siri, GPS Maps, Music, HD1280P Video, and Phone Calls and Messages. Simply pair your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone with the car’s in-dash navigation system to enjoy hands-free access to map navigation, phone calls, and music.


  • Large Full HD display
  • Mirror Link support
  • GPS included


  • Sluggish software

Key Features: 8.8-inch IPS LCD | Mirror Link | Bluetooth 5.0 | GPS assisted navigation | 64GB TF card support

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Carpuride Black-9 Smart Dash

Carpuride Black-9 Smart Dash

Carpuride Black-9 Smart Dash screen has Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and the wireless mirror link function. An HD 9-inch IPS touchscreen enhances the device’s modern appeal. Make a phone call, and everything will appear on a big screen for you. It has a self-adhesive bracket for installation on the dashboard.

To take full advantage of the 43W speaker system’s audio output, CarPlay lets you connect your device to the system’s multiple audio inputs via Bluetooth, USB, TF Card, and Aux cable.


  • Large display
  • 43W speaker
  • Variety of connectivity


  • FM Transmitter disconnection

Key Features: 9-inch IPS LCD Display | 43W Speaker | Android Auto | Apple CarPlay | Bluetooth supported | Aux and TF Card supported | Self-adhesive mount

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Aphqua 7 Touch Screen Car Audio Receiver

Aphqua 7 touchscreen car stereo has support for a wired connection to Apple CarPlay, AirPlay, Android Auto, and Auto Link. In addition to the suction mount and self-adhesive bracket, Aphqua Smart Dash may be quickly and simply removed from your dashboard or windshield when not in use.

To install or remove the long arm, just raise or lower the switch. Your screen is always within reach, thanks to a 360-degree-adjustable arm. A built-in microphone allows you to answer phone calls and stream music from your mobile device to your car audio hands-free, using the Bluetooth connection. FM and AUX lines can be used to connect to a vehicle radio.


  • Wired Android Auto and CarPlay supported
  • 360-degree adjustable arm for easy movement
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.0 for reliable connectivity
  • Expandable storage supported


  • Random UI freezes

Key Features: 7-inch LCD display | Wired Android Auto and CarPlay | Bluetooth 5.0 support | 32GB Expandable storage enabled | 360-degree movable arm

Sanptent Wireless Car Stereo

The Sanptent car stereo is compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto through Bluetooth. Simply connect your smartphone to the system through Bluetooth to have access to features such as GPS navigation, phone contacts, music, and more while maintaining your attention on the road. This will allow you to multitask safely.

Clearer and more vibrant images can be seen on the improved 1080P Full HD touchscreen, which now features increased sensitivity. There are three ways to connect to the car stereo: Bluetooth, cable, and wireless. Calls may be made, and music played hands-free with the voice assistant on your smartphone while you drive.

Parking assistance is made available to drivers through a high-definition picture of the rearview mirror that has visible auxiliary lines. Reversing images will be automatically saved and powered off after your car has stopped reversing.


  • Bluetooth Android Auto and CarPlay connectivity
  • 1080p Full HD display for brighter visuals
  • Rearview camera support for parking safety


  • Heating issues during operation
  • Poor build quality
  • FM Transmitter slow to initialize

Key Features: 7-inch 1080p LCD display | Rearview camera support | Bluetooth 5.0 | Mirror Link | GPS chip for navigation assistance | Easy installation

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Aphqua Car Audio Receiver

There are two types of mounting brackets included with this Apple CarPlay unit: One is for the dashboard and has an adhesive backing, while the other has a powerful suction cup to adhere to the windshield.

The Apple CarPlay display has a 7-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels and is easy to read. It also enables the playback of 1080p video. Touch screen response is seamless and snappy, and the display on this device is also beautiful and vivid.

Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Mirror Link are all supported by this portable Carplay. For many connectivity possibilities, you may use the aux jack, the built-in FM transmitter, or both Bluetooth and the aux jack.


  • Adhesive and suction mount for installation is provided
  • Large IPS LCD display for brighter visuals
  • Mirror Link and Android Auto supported
  • Bluetooth and Aux connectivity


  • Okayish build quality

Key Features: 7-inch IPS LCD | Mirror Link support | Bluetooth 5.0 | Aux port | FM Transmitter | Easy suction mounting |

IYING 7inch Android Auto & Carplay Unit

Enjoy full connectivity with and management of your Android smartphone while you’re behind the wheel with IYING Smart Dash Mount Monitor. Using Android Auto, you can talk on the phone, use Google Maps to find your way around, listen to music, and even send SMS messages.

This device comes with its own speaker, but, if you want the sound to be louder, you may connect it to the speakers in your car.

A suction cup-mounted stand is included with this touchscreen display, allowing it to be wall-mounted on a smooth surface like a windshield or dashboard. Maintaining the original radio in your vehicle eliminates the requirement for console disassembly.


  • Send messages using voice commands
  • Large LCD display for a better viewing experience
  • Camera support for parking
  • Bluetooth enabled connectivity


  • Sound quality is not great

Key Features: 7-inch LCD display | Bluetooth 5.0 | Rearview camera support | Built-in speaker and microphone | Voice command supported | Easy installation

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Aphqua Portable 7-inch Display

Aphqua’s touchscreen display contains a Bluetooth 5.0 chip with a better standard that improves Bluetooth signal strength. Hands-free conversations, audio playback, and control are all possible via Bluetooth when the car radio is connected to your phone.

There are two ways to link to the iPhone. You may use Android Auto or A-Link to connect to your Android phone. Maps, phone contacts, notifications, music, and more will all be available to you through this method.

The monitor may be attached to your dashboard or windshield using a suction cup and a self-adhesive bracket, and it can be quickly removed and tucked when not in use. To install or remove the long arm, just raise or lower the switch. Your screen is always within reach, thanks to a 360-degree-adjustable arm.


  • Large 7-inch display
  • 360-degree movable arm for easy mounting
  • Bluetooth based connectivity
  • Mirror Link support


  • Weak FM Transmitter

Key Features: WiFi 5 support | 7-inch LCD display | Bluetooth 5.0 | Mirror Link | 32GB expandable storage | FM Transmitter | Automobile chipset

Carpuride 701W03 Smart Dash

Carpuride’s car audio receiver comes equipped with a suction mount and a self-adhesive bracket, allowing it to firmly attach to either the dashboard console or the windshield of your vehicle while also allowing for simple removal and storage.

1080P video playback is supported by this car stereo’s 7-inch HD IPS screen. Take advantage of the various features, such as movies, maps, and more. You can use your smartphone’s voice assistants, such as Siri or Google Assistant, to make calls and play music wirelessly, all without taking your eyes away from the road.


  • Full HD video playback support
  • Self-adhesive suction mount for easy attachment
  • Built-in microphone for voice-assisted navigation


  • Build quality is subpar
  • FM Transmitter issues

Key Features: Supports WiFi 5 | 7-inch IPS LCD display | Built-in microphone | Wireless Android Auto and CarPlay | 12-24V voltage range

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Aphqua Wireless Carplay Unit

The CAMIN camera interface on this car play device offers a rear-view camera and a reversing camera connection (reverse camera only). The waterproof backup camera that comes with the vehicle is equipped with both night vision and a 170° ultra-wide viewing angle.

Apple CarPlay features a wide screen that measures 7 inches diagonally. The screen has a resolution of 1024 x 600 and an IPS panel. It is capable of playing back 1080p video. There is no latency in the touch response, which is smooth and rapid.

Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Mirror Link are all supported by this portable carplay. You have numerous options for connecting the speakers in your automobile; you may use either the built-in FM transmitter or the aux jack.


  • Large 7-inch display for better experience
  • Rearview camera supported
  • Built-in FM Transmitter for audio broadcasting
  • Mirror Link support


  • Poor build quality

Key Features: 7-inch display | Built-in FM Transmitter | 170-degree Rearview camera support | Aux Output | Apple Carplay | Android Auto | Mirror Link for screen casting

Corehan 7-inch Smart Car Mount Monitor

The visual quality of Corehan Car Mount Monitor is crystal clear and vivid from any angle thanks to the high-resolution IPS screen that it features. You can use your phone’s basic functions, including answering calls, by connecting your phone with Bluetooth. A display for the rear-view camera is also supported by this car entertainment system.

This touch screen car stereo’s FM transmitter allows the user to create a customized FM channel, which is then received by the vehicle radio and played over the car audio system with no need for difficult installation procedures.

With Car Play and Android Auto support, you can use your phone’s apps in your car hands-free. Voice instructions may be activated with a simple press of a button.


  • Customized FM Transmitter for audio broadcasting
  • Expandable storage support
  • Rearview camera display for parking assistance
  • Support USB-C cables


  • Frequent freezes

Key Features: 32GB Expandable Storage | 7-inch IPS LCD display | USB-C support | Bluetooth 5.0 | FM Transmitter | Voice command support

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Incorporating an Apple CarPlay or Android Auto unit into your car can truly transform your driving experience. With easy access to your phone’s features, you can stay connected while still focusing on the road.

The units we’ve highlighted in this article offer a range of features and functionalities that cater to different needs and preferences. From wireless connectivity to large touchscreens, there’s an option for everyone. So why not upgrade your ride with one of these amazing devices? With your car’s best Apple CarPlay and Android Auto units, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips while on the go.


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