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8 Best Car Bluetooth Speakers for Your Old Cars

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Do you have an old car without Bluetooth connectivity? Well, you can convert your car to a Bluetooth phone speaker system without any additional wiring. They come with handsfree calling, and a hell lotta features to buff up your old car. So what’s the wait, hop on, and skim through our list of the best Bluetooth speakers for your old cars. Moving on to the Bluetooth speakers is the right initial step into transforming your old ride into something modern.

Avantree CK11 Handsfree Bluetooth Speaker

The Avantree CK11 is the best Bluetooth speaker for your old vehicles and comes at a decent price tag. It features a 2W speaker that’s loud and clear. There are all the necessary navigation buttons on the top including the volume knob and mute button. The CK11 has Google Assistant inbuilt to help in answering calls, navigation, and much more.

Avantree Bluetooth speaker features noise reduction and volume controls that make on the go communications much more clear. This car Bluetooth speaker offers up to 22 hours of battery life. The battery charges in under 3 hours and that’s pretty cool. Being small and compact makes it user friendly and safe with children. There is also the motion sensor that allows you to turn your device to ‘auto power on’ whenever you get into your car.


  •  Easy to pair
  • Speaker is loud and clear
  • Buttons are quite big for a quick response
  • Great battery life
  • The motion sensor is extremely accurate


  • Occasional break in voice during calls
  • Needs to be fixed carefully

Key Features: Bluetooth 5.0 | 2W speaker | Clear calls | Voice control | Auto power on/off | Motion sensor | Long battery life | Siri and Google Assistant support | 650mAh internal battery | up to 22 hours of battery life

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VeoPulse B-Pro Car Speaker

The VeoPulse B-Pro is a compact Bluetooth car speaker that comes with a good speaker set. It doesn’t consume a lot of power and has an inbuilt auto-shutdown feature. It can work well with almost all smartphones without any connectivity issues. With this car Bluetooth speaker, you can stay connected to your media and can answer calls.

You can equip the device onto your car’s sun visor and it can connect automatically with your smartphones. There is the voice prompt feature to make things a bit more convenient and safe during your drive. The inbuilt motion sensor triggers Auto On when you open the driver’s door. It can detect when you leave the car and shuts off on its own.


  • Compact size so it’s not obtrusive.
  • Connects with devices easily
  • The visor clip is large enough to fit extra wide sun visors
  • Easy to use


  • Limited battery life
  • A bit expensive

Key Features: Bluetooth 5.0| Voice commands | Inbuilt motion sensor | Automatic switching off and on | Multipoint connection |  Integrated filters | 24 hours battery life | Google Assistant and Siri Integration

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Motorola Sonic Rider

The Motorola Sonic Rider is something that’s quite minimal when it comes to design. It is a useful car Bluetooth speaker that can connect multiple devices. It can in fact connect with up to 6 devices and works well if you are the one who travels a lot with your family. The Sonic Rider flaunts a 2W speaker that’s crystal clear and loud.

Motorola Sonic Rider comes with the noise-canceling technology that gives an immersive music experience. There is also a decent internal battery that can give 60 hours of playback time. This Bluetooth car speaker has a voice command feature. But yet, it lacks smart assistant integration. You can answer calls through the voice commands but cannot make an outgoing call even if you’re connected.


  • Good build quality and is very durable
  • Voice quality during calls is excellent
  • The microphone picks us very little to no background noise for the price.
  • Battery life is phenomenal 


  • Not so good during music playback
  • No backlit keys to aid during the night drives

Key Features: Bluetooth 5.0 |  2-watt speaker | Compact and light | Can connect up to 6 devices | Up to 45 hours | Echo cancellation | Multipoint connection | Voice command

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Yunjing Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kit

The Yujing Bluetooth Kit is a durable and compact device for your old vehicles. It is a combination of convenience that meets security. This car Bluetooth speaker comes with a 2W speaker that connects with up to two smartphones. It can let you answer calls, play music, and much more without getting distracted.

With the inbuilt speakers and noise reduction feature, all your calls will be clear and dynamic. There is the motion sensor that switches the device on at every time you get into your vehicle. With the whole package, you get a smartphone charger to charge your phones while you drive. This Bluetooth car speakerphone offers up to 20 hours of talk time and 60 days of standby time.


  • Call feature and call volume is good
  • Standby battery life is excellent
  • Suits well as a Bluetooth calling aid


  • Voice recognition not up to the mark
  • Speaker isn’t as loud enough as the rest of the ones

Key Features: Bluetooth 4. 1 | 2W speaker and inbuilt mics | multipoint connection | Motion sensor |  memory function | A2DP Technology |  600 mAh internal battery | About 20 hours of hands-free talk time

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Jabra Freeway Car Speaker

The Jabra Freeway might be a bit expensive but yet, it is an excellent performer when it comes to the best Bluetooth car speakers. It features 3 enhanced speakers and has noise cancellation technology. There is the voice prompt feature and can make you place calls and play music handsfree. It also gives you the details of the caller between the music playback too.

The Jabra Freeway features an FM transmitter. It works well with all smartphones and you won’t experience any audio lags at all. Moreover, the Jabra Freeway has buttons that are easy to use while driving. Apart from the enhanced audios, it is a pretty decent internal battery. You get 14 hours of talk-time and up to 960 hours with its internal battery. 


  • Easy to setup
  • Crisp and loud audio
  • Simple Bluetooth pairing process
  • Good build quality and great looks
  • Impressive battery backup
  • Voice feedback for battery level, incoming/outgoing calls, and info


  • Clicking sound from the operating buttons
  • A bit of jarring at 100% sound level
  • Voice commands are a disaster

Key Features: Bluetooth | 3(7W) inbuilt speakers | FM Transmitter |Noise reduction | Playback control | voice commands | A2DP streaming for music playback | Up to 14 hours of talk time

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Motorola Roadster 2

The Motorola Roadster 2 helps you drive smarter from the moment you enter your car with its automatic switch on feature. it comes with a pretty cool speaker and offers enhanced audios. It comes with the Bluetooth 5. 0 and can connect with all your smartphones and other Bluetooth enabled devices. The 2W speaker lets you take calls and control the FM playback while you’re driving.

Roadster comes with a dual microphone and has noise cancelation and echo controls. To get incoming text messages, you can download the My Motospace App so that it reads and lets your reply through a voice prompt. This Bluetooth car speaker comes with voice prompt and smartphone Assistant integration. The device features an inbuilt battery that offers 20 hours of talk time and up to 30 days standby.


  • Reasonable price and good build quality
  • FM transmitter is worth praising
  • Integrated smartphone Assistants works well
  • Keys are big and sturdy


  • Speakers produce hasty sounds at high volumes
  • Music playback through online portals could face a bit of lag

Key Features: Bluetooth 5.0 | 2 W inbuilt Speaker | FM transmitter | Noise Cancellation and Echo Control | Inbuilt motion sensor | Auto shutdown |  20 hrs of Talk Time |  A2DP Profile | GPS navigation

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Aigoss Bluetooth Car Kit

The Aigoss Bluetooth Car Kit comes with a reasonable price tag and has a good speaker set. It is designed for a safe and secure drive and facilitates handsfree calling on the go. It comes packed with quite a lot of features. There is the handsfree call, music, GPS, Auto Power Off, and much more. These features give you a safer and secure time while you roam around the city.

The user-friendly, compact design makes it safe and convenient. With this car Bluetooth speaker, you can stay connected up to 2 smartphones at the same time. It in fact supports both the Google Assitant as well as the Apple Siri. The GPS feature combined with instructions makes it easy and safe through the roads. It can turn off on its own when an active Bluetooth connection is not available. There are low battery and battery status indications. You can clip it onto the sun visor in your car or anywhere you prefer.


  • The speaker is loud and clear
  • Mic and the noise cancelation features do a pretty decent job during calling
  • You can play music through the SD card 
  • Installation and Bluetooth connectivity is awesome


  • Occasional connection loss during multi connections
  • A bit expensive

Key Features: Bluetooth 4.2 | voice command | Dual(3W) speaker | SD card slot | GPS navigation | Auto Power Off | can connect up to 2 devices | Noise cancelation and echo control | Google Assitant and Siri integration

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Jabra Drive Car Bluetooth

The Jabra Drive is small and is a good choice to opt for your car that lacks Bluetooth connectivity. It features a pretty good 2W speaker and has the noise cancellation technology. It comes with Bluetooth 4. 2 and can connect a couple of smartphones at the same time. Set-up is very simple and after you clip it to your sun visor, it connects as you get in your vehicle.

This Bluetooth car speaker comes with 20 hours of battery backup. It can play music throughout your journey without the need to recharge. There is also the Google Assistant and Siri to make outgoing calls and other tasks for you. It can work well during navigation through wireless connectivity. There are easy to use buttons that help in quick navigation if you’re phone is kept for charging.


  • Easy to set up
  • Can have two Bluetooth devices connected
  • Connects visor and stays intact
  • Buttons are sturdy and easy to push


  • Connection loss during simultaneous connections
  • Mics not up to the mark
  • cannot hear voices clearing during calls

Key Features: Bluetooth 4.2 | 2W speaker | FM transmitter | Noise cancellation technology | GPS Navigation through connected devices | Can connect up to 2 devices | 20 hours of battery backup | Google Assitant and Siri integration

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  • Crystal clear sound with echo and noise cancellation (DSP)

Motorola Roadster Pro

 The Motorola Roadster Pro is one of the best Bluetooth audio devices for your old vehicles. It’s a simple clip-on Bluetooth speakerphone that fits right into your sun visor. It comes with a pretty good speaker set combined with 4 inbuilt mics. This unit has excellent voice clarity from advanced noise-canceling technology. With this, you can answer your calls without any distractions anymore.

The Roadster Pro turns on and off using a motion sensor to save battery life. The inbuilt battery can last up to 42 days and offers up to 13 hours of talk time. There is also the speech recognition that makes all your navigation easy. With Bluetooth 5. 0you can connect with two smartphones on the go.


  • Speaker volume is sufficiently loud and clear
  • Pairing is quick and the voice guidance is helpful
  • Illuminated keys, very helpful at night
  • Displays battery level on your connected phone


  • FM transmission issues
  • Very tiny LEDs on the side of the unit
  • Too much static noise during FM transmission

Key Features: Bluetooth 5.0 | 3W internal speaker | 4 inbuilt mics | Motion sensor | Auto-shutdown feature | noise-canceling technology | Echo control | crystal clear playback | 13 hours of talk time

Yeah, choosing one among the ones on our list is tough. But considering the amount of your travel and analyzing each of your needs it is a no-fuss finding the best one for your car. All of the speakers or in fact, speakerphones come with the latest Bluetooth version and are durable to the core. All that matters is the price variations that you pay for certain features such as the FM transmission etc.

Factors Consider to Buy: Car Bluetooth Speakers

Phone Call Clarity.

This is the must-have feature, depends on the mic sensitivity and speaker clarity.

Car Bluetooth Speakers’ Batter Life.

The device comes with an internal battery. You can check for longer the battery life if your budget allows you to spend money.

Auto On-Off feature.

This will help the device to preserve the battery. The device sensor turn on when you get in the car and turn off when you leave the car to save battery life.

Multiple phone support.

Few of these devices support to connect more than one phone at a time. This will help to switch phones calls between your phones with one touch.

Power rating of the speaker.

The speaker power rated in Watts, and the more watts the better for music lovers. You don’t need to worry about speaker power if your main priority is to make calls.

Google Assistant / Siri / Alexa Connectivity.

It is nice to have direct option to use smart assistant with your Bluetooth Speaker.


  1. Thanks for sharing some of the best Bluetooth speakers for cars. Can you please explain about some of the factors that should be considered before purchasing them? I usually travel on long roads so without music it feels so boring. This is why I am looking for some of the best car speakers to pick one. I’ll appreciate your efforts.

  2. What a great article to share. A great contribution especially for someone looking forward to buying a car subwoofer, amplifier and enclosure. If anybody wants to install a new one, this is the most effective share, that will be very helpful for the best choice. Thanks a lot for the post.

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing your incredible ideas. It is an appreciated and pretty tip for all those music lovers. What a Fatal post for those who want to upgrade an existing subwoofer with a new one.

  4. I also faced this problem that the calls are connecting via Bluetooth in my car with my new iPhone 11 Pro Max but music was not playing. I was able to play music with my old iPhone 6. The difference I noticed that my old iphone had some audio files in it so I added few audio files to my new phone and now I am able to play music via Bluetooth with my new iPhone as well. I hope this helps others too…

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