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12 Best Dash Cameras with Wireless Android Auto and CarPlay Stereo

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Dashcams provide security while driving, while wireless stereo screens make driving fun and easier. You must have been looking for a single solution for dash cam and car stereo with CarPlay and Android Auto but almost bought different car accessories for each purpose. There are some high-quality dash cams with Android Auto and CarPlay stereo inbuilt.

These are some of the best Android Auto and CarPlay-enabled Dash Cam units for your car. Make sure you check and compare the pros and cons of each before making the purchase decision.

Niloghap Wireless Touchscreen Car Receiver

Niloghap Wireless Carplay Receiver

The Niloghap wireless touchscreen car audio can wirelessly connect to CarPlay and Android Auto. By pairing your phone, you’ll have access to maps, calls, music, and more without taking your attention off the road. The enhanced 1080P FHD touchscreen gives you a wide view. It also has a HD front-facing dash camera.

You can use the self-adhesive bracket to mount the dash camera with wireless Android Auto and CarPlay. The adjustable arm for the screen ensures your road view is not blocked. Power the stereo with a dashcam using your car’s 12V charger. This device has a built-in speaker and microphone and can be connected to a car’s audio system via the FM and AUX lines.


  • Adjustable FHD touchscreen
  • 1080p front dash camera
  • Built-in speaker included


  • Buggy connectivity
  • Laggy firmware

Key Features: Full HD 1080p display | Front Dashcam with 1080p recording | Wireless Android Auto and CarPlay | Bluetooth 5.0 support | FM transmitter and AUX connectivity | Easy attachment and mount

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Hikity Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Receiver

Hikity Wireless Android Auto Carplay Receiver

The Hikity Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto stereo lets you use your apps without touching your phone. You can even command the player with your voice using an assistant like Siri or Google Assistant.

You will get a front and rear dash camera on with this portable 7-inch dashboard stereo. The recorded footages are saved in the 32GB of storage space. The Hikity CarPlay display has a suction lock that to mount it on your dashboard or windshield. It also has built-in navigation features and operates on voltage ranging 9-36V.


  • Dual dash camera
  • Internal storage space
  • Large 7-inch display


  • Accidental deletion of footage
  • Bluetooth disconnection issues

Key Features: 7-inch 1080p display | Dual Camera Parking Assistance | 32GB internal storage | Increased voltage range | Voice command support

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Spedal CarPlay Dashcam

Spedal Android Auto Carplay Dual Dashcam

The Spedal Car Stereo has 32GB internal memory and a 7-inch touchscreen display with 1080p resolution. The Dash unit is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay so that you can use either Google Assistant or Apple CarPlay’s Siri hands-free while on the road. With the Dual Camera, you can check on your vehicle from behind the wheel or in the parking lot.

You can connect the unit to the Car Audio system using Aux and FM Transmitter or use the small built-in speaker to play audio. The Spedal CarPlay Dashcam comes with a suction cup mount and portable sticker bracket to ensure safe and easy mounting on the car. The operating voltage is between 12V to 48V, and the power can be taken from a cigarette lighter jack in your car. The device is also IP67 waterproof and has excellent build quality.


  • Voice command supported
  • Water-resistant
  • Dual camera supported


  • Poor audio quality
  • Laggy firmware

Key Features: IP67 certified Water resistant | Dual Camera Parking Assistance | 12V to 48V voltage support | 7-inch 1080p display | 32GB internal storage

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Camecho Car Dashboard Camera

Camecho Android Auto CarPlay Dashcam

The front camera on the Camecho dual dash cam has a resolution of 1080P, and the back camera is weatherproof. The front camera on the dashcam with Wide Dynamic Range records license plates and road signs in sharp detail even in low light, guaranteeing you high-quality video. You won’t miss a thing with the front (170 degrees) and back (160 degrees) cameras.

When the storage space for a Loop Recording runs out, the oldest file is overwritten with the most recent one. The accompanying bracket and stickers make the installation easier. There is a built-in speaker on this dash unit but you can also connect it to your car’s speakers.


  • G-sensor for crash detection
  • Built-in speaker
  • Dual camera


  • Frequently disconnects
  • Poor build quality
  • The suction cup is not sticky

Key Features: G-Sensor for Impact Detection | 1080p 7-inch display | Dual camera setup | Built-in speakers | Wide Dynamic Range enabled | FM Radio Compatible

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Niloghap CarPlay Android Auto Receiver

Niloghap CarPlay Audio Receiver

The Niloghap Car video receiver has a high-definition front camera, which captures clearer video and has a broader field of view than standard rear-facing cameras. The 7-inch 4K screen allows for crystal-clear viewing of every on-screen activity. In addition to its ultra-wide 170-degree field of view and waterproof construction, the HD back camera also features night vision.

The CarPlay can be attached to your dashboard or windshield with the help of the suction mount and self-adhesive bracket, and it can be removed and stored away just as quickly. The screen can be swiveled around at a full 360 degrees so that no obstruction is in the way.


  • 4K LCD displa
  • Dual cameras for parking assistance
  • Easy mounting and adjustment


  • FM transmitter is buggy
  • Signal interference issues

Key Features: Dual Cameras for Parking | 4K Touchscreen display | Bluetooth 5.0 | Voice command support | Suction Cup Mountable

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Hikity Wireless CarPlay Portable Stereo

Hikity Wireless CarPlay Portable Stereo

Hikity’s compact CarPlay monitor has a waterproof night-vision camera in the back and a front-facing camera. Loop recording is supported by them. The Hikity Portable Stereo Dash base allows for 360-degree rotation and may be secured to a dashboard or windshield using the included suction cup.

The 7-inch Full HD Touchscreen display includes a speaker, but you can also connect it to your car’s audio system for amplified music. Connecting the FM Transmitter to the car radio is simple; both devices must use the same frequency and share the same channel for the transmission to work.


  • Night vision supported camera
  • Built-in storage for video recordings


  • Too many signal issues
  • Laggy firmware

Key Features: 7-inch FHD Touch Display | 32GB internal memory | IP67 rated Camera with Night Vision | Android Auto and CarPlay supported | FM transmitter

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Spedal All-in-One Navicam

Spedal All-in-One Navicam CarPlay Android Auto

The Spedal NaviCam is the first wirelessly connected multi-media smart dashcam that supports Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto. An all-in-one solution that serves as a dashboard camera, GPS system, and multimedia car stereo is the safest and most convenient option for drivers.

It contains two dash cameras in the front and the cabin, both of which record in 1080P. The camera’s front lens captures the scene immediately in front of the car. The internal camera’s lens can be swiveled to capture either the front or rear of the car.

The camera’s built-in G-sensor will instantly lock the footage in the event of a sudden shock or collision, allowing you to safely store potentially useful evidence. With the FM transmitter in your phone, you can stream your music over your car’s speakers and get the full stereo effect.


  • Dual Dash camera
  • Built-in footage storage
  • GPS Navigation
  • G-Sensor for movement detection


  • No software updates

Key Features: 5-inch Touchscreen Display | 32GB internal storage | G-Sensor Impact Detection | GPS Navigation | Dual Dashcams | FM transmitter

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Hersance Portable Car Stereo

Hersance Portable Car Stereo CarPlay

This lightweight Hersance Portable Car Stereo features a built-in front camera and a waterproof, night-vision camera for the back. It can automatically record and save the video to a 32GB TF card in a loop. As soon as the storage capacity of the card is reached, the oldest video gets overwritten with the newest one.

By using the same channel as the original FM radio, frequency-to-frequency wireless transmission ensures high-quality audio transmission. The 7-inch display can handle 4K resolution and features a built-in speaker for voice command. You may mount your car audio on the dashboard with the included brackets without removing the center console in any of your cars.


  • 4K display
  • IP67 water resistance certified


  • Frequent lags

Key Features: 7-inch 4K display | Bluetooth 5.0 | 12-24V voltage range | Built-in 32GB storage | IP67 rated rear camera | FM transmitter

Spedal Car Stereo with CarPlay and Android Auto

Spedal CarPlay Android Auto Receiver Dashcam

The Spedal Car Stereo has an HDR feature on the 1080P 140° front and rear cameras with an F1.8 aperture. The 7-inch HD IPS screen makes reading road signs and navigating more natural. You can use your phone’s navigation, messaging, calling, and music apps without touching your phone using Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto.

The range of a 38-foot backup camera cable is suitable for cars, RVs, SUVs, pickup trucks, and similar vehicles. You won’t even have to take apart the console of your car because the brackets allow you to attach your car audio directly to the dashboard.

In addition to the internal speaker, an external audio input (AUX OUT) and an FM radio transmitter are included in this device. If you’d like a more robust audio output, though, you can utilize the AUX OUT to sync with your car system more quickly and reliably.


  • HDR footage support
  • Large touchscreen display
  • Compatible with trucks


  • Poor audio quality of internal speaker

Key Features: HDR recording | 7-inch IPS LCD | Built-in speaker | FM Transmitter | Wide angle camera | Heavy vehicle support | Voice command enabled

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Carpuride Car Audio Receiver

Carpuride CarPlay Audio Receiver

The Carpuride 7-inch Car Audio Receiver stereo system works with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This CarPlay radio features a suction lock that allows you to mount it firmly to your dashboard or windshield with the included strong suction cup; you can then change the base’s height and length to suit your preferences.

This aftermarket vehicle radio with built-in GPS operates on a wider range of voltage. The Carpuride stereo features a single built-in speaker and three different output options (local speaker, AUX, and FM).


  • Built-in speaker for convenience
  • GPS Navigation and Maps support
  • Large touchscreen display


  • Bad customer service
  • Too many wires
  • Mounts do not match the product weight

Key Features: Full HD 7-inch Display | Built-in speaker | GPS Module | Bluetooth 5.0 | 12-24V voltage range | AUX OUT and FM transmitter

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Niloghap Wireless CarPlay Receiver

Niloghap Wireless CarPlay Receiver

The Niloghap Wireless CarPlay Receiver outputs images though the 7-inch 1080P FHD touchscreen with increased sensitivity. This CarPlay stereo with dashcam includes a small built-in speaker and supports FM and an AUX line for connecting car audio.

You can see every detail clearly during playback thanks to the front camera on the wireless portable touchscreen car receiver. The CarPlay can be attached to your dashboard or windshield with the help of the suction mount and self-adhesive bracket. The long arm can be attached or detached with a simple up/down toggle. The screen can be swiveled around in 360-degrees.


  • HD front camera for better footage
  • Screen swivel


  • Constant freezes

Key Features: 7-inch 1080p display | Bluetooth 5.0 | FM Transmitter | HD Camera | 360-degree swivel support | Voice command with built-in Microphone

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Carpuride 7-inch Car Audio Receiver

Carpuride 7inch Car Audio Receiver

Carpuride stereo has a wide-angle, high-definition rearview camera that comes with a waterproof, night-vision lens. You can attach this CarPlay radio to your dashboard or windshield with the suction lock’s strong suction cup, adjust the base’s height and length to suit your needs, and start listening right away.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto eliminate the need for a wired connection between your phone and the car’s stereo. It has a built-in speaker for listening to content but also features an Aux port and an FM transmitter to connect to your car radio.


  • Built-in speaker system
  • FM transmitter for broadcasting
  • Wide-angle camera


  • Difficult to setup
  • Bad customer service

Key Features: 7-inch touchscreen | Wide angle camera | Bluetooth 5.0 | Built-in speaker | FM Transmitter | Android Auto and CarPlay support

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Keep in mind that your vehicle will not become smart or high-tech just because it has Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. In-car infotainment systems that are compatible with Google and Apple products are typically found only in the highest trim levels of vehicles. But with these Smart Receivers, you can add functionality to your car.


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