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10 Best Capacitor Dashcams for Extreme Hot or Cold Weather

Are you looking for dashcams that can work in hot weather? Most of the dash cameras are coming with a lithium-ion battery. The dash cameras with batteries can’t perform at high temperatures. Supercapacitors and lithium batteries are the new trend in Dashcams. Supercapacitors, perfect air vents, and compact design improve the lifespan of extreme weather dashcams. These capacitor dashcams are built to survive extreme weather conditions from -20F to 160F. These are ideal hot weather areas like Arizona, Florida, and Texas, or extremely cold areas like Canada.

Listed below are some of the heat/cold resistant dashcams that can withstand extreme weather without affecting their health.

Street Guardian GC V3 Dashcam

Like all dashcams, Street Guardian provides excellent video quality, loop recording, and expandable memory space. But, this cold weather dash cam needs some upgrades to withstand the varying temperature. This is where Street Guardian capacitor dashcams show off their power. The main highlight of this heat resistant dash cam is its metal cased lens.

1.Street Guardian GC V3 Dashcam

These metal case gives extended life to your camera lens and won’t disturb the video quality. This cold weather dashcam case is designed for more airflow and fast heat dissipation. Providing it outside the case helps in reducing the extra heating to the dash camera. Street Guardian has a supercapacitor to protect the dashcam from extremely hot or cold weather.

This heat resistant dashcam has 120 degrees, seven-element lens to provide video recording at 1080p in crystal clear quality. Although IR LEDs are not present, a Sony IMX322 sensor can record videos at low lights. A 32 GB class 10 memory card is packed with the device, and we can extend memory up to 256 GB. With 3M Tape, you can fix the camera anywhere inside the car. The G-sensor on the dash cam records emergency videos when an intruding activity occurs to your vehicle is also available in Street Guardian.

Key Features: 1080p recording at 60fps | NOVATEK NT96663 Processor | Bluetooth and WiFi | Voice notification | G sensor and GPS logger | Extreme Weather Mode

DashCam Working Temperature: -4F to 158F | PowerSupply: Super Capacitor | Buy on Amazon Street Guardian

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Vantrue T2 Dashcam

Vantrue T2 performs well in accordance with your car, efficiently and smartly. The built-in super capacitor saves the dash camera from extreme climates and prevents it from exploding. The life-span of this capacitor dash camera is higher than lithium-ion battery dashcams.

The GPS module got excluded from the case to avoid overheating inside the case. GPS modules produce more heat and cause damage to the internal parts of the camera. Even though the GPS module is not included with the dashcam, it is compatible with the camera. So, an external GPS can easily connect to the dash camera.

2. Vantrue T2

Vantrue T2 records video at 1080p at 30fps, thanks to 6 element lens and NOVATEK NT96655 processor. A wide 160 degrees angle is available for broader recording. Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor plus the HDR technology makes it possible to record videos in low light without the help of IR LEDs. HDR technology balances the exposures to provide finer details in low light videos.

The memory extends up to 256 GB, and the company recommends using a 32 GB class 10 MicroSD. 24Hours Wave Guard Parking mode adds more security to your car. This heat resistant dash camera emits microwaves whenever your car gets parked in a parking spot. These microwaves pick up any motion around your car and start recording. This method is more efficient than current motion-sensing technologies. G-sensor protects emergency videos from becoming corrupt or overwriting.

DashCam Working Temperature: -4F to 158F | PowerSupply: Super Capacitor | Buy on Amazon Vantrue | Discount Code for 15%

Thinkware F800 PRO Dual Dashcam

Thinkware produced a dual dashcam for high temperatures that can withstand both hot and cold climates. What they did was to remove one camera from the main body. They sold the mini camera separately. Thinkware’s primary camera sits on the windshield, watching the road while mini cam can settle anywhere (usually set for rear view). Most of the people use it to record rearview. Removing one camera from the body reduces the processor’s work. This will result in healthy, long life processors with efficient working.

The mini camera gets connected via Wi-Fi, and the same Wi-Fi gets connected to your phone app. F800 Pro uses a supercapacitor for temperature cut-off. So, whenever the camera goes above high temperature, the camera automatically turns off.

3. Thinkware F800 PRO Dual Dash cam

F800 Pro has Ambrella A12A55 chipset for simultaneous recording of both cameras. Sony Starvis IMX291 helps 1080p camera to record in low light conditions. The Advanced Driver Assistance system alerts the coming red lights and speed cams.

Both cameras have 140 degrees wide angles with a six element lens for high-quality recording. Although the company recommends 32GB microSD, it can expand up to 128GB. F800 Pro has built-in WiFi reader and GPS module for better connectivity. The heat resistant design with capacitor power supply makes F800 as one of the best dashcams for hot weather.

DashCam Working Temperature: -4F to 158F | PowerSupply: Super Capacitor | Buy on Amazon Thinkware

DDPai Mini2 Dashcam

DDPai’s Mini 2 is a compact version of dash cameras. Compare to the traditional dash camera, Mini2 has no LCD screen, physical buttons, and Lithium batteries. Instead of Lithium batteries, Mini 2 uses a super-capacitor, which gives a longer lifespan. By removing these parts, Mini 2 can reduce the internal heating and thus increase the lifespan. The dashcam can survive up to 185F and work in the cold up to -13F.

Supercapacitors can also withstand both higher and lower temperatures. Mini 2 is a dashcam designed for high temperature, that can connect via WiFi to your smartphones. All you got to do is to download the DDPai app and connect it to the camera for better control of your dash camera. A simple snapshot button is also available with the device so you can snapshot whenever you need, instantly. Since the button is not on the device, you don’t have to reach the camera to take a snapshot.

4. DDPai Mini2

Although most of the components got removed, DDPai has maintained the quality of the camera. Mini 2 can record 2K videos at 25fps and 1080p videos at 30fps. 6 element lens with one lens for IR and CMOS image sensor record videos even at low lights. 140-degree medium wide-angle rotatable lens for recording both road and cabin visuals.

The app-controlled User interface provides easy control than the LCD screen. G-sensor completes the full protection promised by Mini 2. The parking mode time-lapse recording uses 1fps saving for longer videos. The snapshot button can take a snapshot and record a 10 seconds video for more clarity. This Mini2 is one of the best dashcam built for hot weather.

DashCam Working Temperature: -13F to 185F | PowerSupply: Super Capacitor | Buy on Amazon DDPai

Rexing V1P Pro

The V1P Pro from Rexing reinvented the dual cam recording. They separated their dual dash cam setup and made them into two camera units. This way, you can place the main camera in front and the secondary camera in the rear. If you want to record the cabin, you can place the secondary camera in the cabin. The Rexing V1P can go up to -20F, an ideal dashcam for extremely cold weather.

This provides the freedom to place the cameras anywhere you want. And also, removing a lens from a camera reduces the job for the processor. This prevents the internal heating and destruction of the chipset. The Rexing heat resistant dashcam has an inbuilt supercapacitor. V1P Pro is built for coping-up with extreme high and low temperatures. Both front and rear cams can connect together via Wi-Fi and controlled by a mobile app.

7. Rexing V1P Pro

The V1P Pro can record Full HD videos at 30fps. Both cams have a wide-angle degree of 170 degrees for wide recording. There is the inbuilt GPS helps record videos with speed, time, and location. Air vents are present on both cameras and can withstand very high temperatures. The G-Sensor helps V1P Pro to start recording when sudden movements occur in the car. These recorded videos cannot be overwritten while loop recording and are protected from being corrupt.

Key Features: 1080p recording at 60fps | 170 degree FOV | Sony IMX Image Sensor | Bluetooth and WiFi | Alexa and Google Assistant Support | G sensor and GPS logger | Dual Camera Setup

DashCam Working Temperature: -20F to 176F | PowerSupply: Super Capacitor | Buy on Amazon Rexing

Rexing V1P Pro Dual 1080p Full HD Front and Rear 170° Wide Angle Wi-Fi Car Dash Cam with...
  • FULL HD DUAL CHANNEL RECORDING: Front and rear cameras each record 1080p video @ 30fps. WIDE DYNAMIC...

BlackSys CH-200 Dual Dashcam

CH-200 is a flagship product of BlackSys. Created with two separate cameras that can work as a dual dashcam, its one od the best cold weather dash cam that you can get online. Even though the mini cam is called the rear cam, it can sit inside the car, viewing the cabin for Uber, Lyft, and Taxi drivers. BlackSys introduced a super-capacitor into the chipset and removed the GPS module. This is to prevent the internal heating of the camera. The GPS module is sold with the package which can connect easily to the dashcam.

5. BlackSys CH-200 Dual Dashcam

The CH-200 comes with full HD 1080p front and rear recording cameras. They can record videos at 30fps and record low light videos, too. Sony EXMOR sensor helps the camera to record low light videos. True Pre-buffer Parking recording that can see 5 seconds before the car detects any motion. A 16GB class 10 MicroSD comes with the package. The internal memory space extends up to 256GB. CH-200 takes power from the cigarette lighter and has a six months extended warranty.

Key Features: 1080p recording at 30fps | 170 degree FOV | Sony IMX Image Sensor | Bluetooth and WiFi | G sensor and GPS logger | Dual Camera Setup | Expandable Memory

DashCam Working Temperature: -4F to 158F | PowerSupply: Super Capacitor | Buy on Amazon BlackSys

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Black Box B40-C Dashcam

A matte-finished Black Box B40-C to secure your car. With cooling vents and supercapacitors, you can fix it and forget about it even in extremely hot weather. No matter whether it’s cold or hot, the black box can withstand any climate change. With an external GPS module, the internal heating gets reduced to zero percentage.

Even when the temperature inside the car rises, it doesn’t affect the dash camera. The supercapacitors replace the lithium batteries in the Black Box. Lithium batteries tend to explode at high temperatures. This problem is solved using supercapacitors.

6. Black Box B40-C

About video recording, Backbox capacitor dashcam can record 1080p videos at 30fps and 720p videos at 60fps. Aptina AR0330 6 element lens for high-quality video recording even in low light conditions. The lens is of 170 degrees wide for a better angle of roads in front of you.

Novatek NT96650 chipset used for lower power consumption and HD video compression. The compact design of the casing helps the camera to fit in any section of the car without temperature, and space is a problem. The spontaneous G-sensor starts recording videos as soon as any unnatural event occurs to the car.

DashCam Working Temperature: -4F to 160F | PowerSupply: Super Capacitor | Buy on Amazon Black Box

Black Box B40-C Capacitor GPS Stealth Dash Cam - Covert Versatile Mini A118 Full HD 1080P...
  • Authentic Black Box B40-C Capacitor + GPS Stealth Premium Dash Cam: Using Exclusive Novatek NT96650...

AUKEY Dashcam

Aukey entered the competition with their stealth dash cams. These dashcams fit perfectly behind the rearview mirrors and record the road. The case is matte finished and with a lot of vents. The strong 3M pads keep the camera in position and stay there even in hot weather.

The perfect placed vents provide air circulation to the circuits inside. This prevents internal heating issues, which in turn increases the circuit’s life. GPS module is not present inside or with the package. You have to buy it separately and connect it. Aukey heat resistant Dashcam uses the latest supercapacitors for better performance and longer lifespan.

8. AUKEY Dashcam

Aukey can record 1080p videos at 30fps and 720p videos at 60fps. 6 element lens is present for high-quality video recording even in low light conditions. The 170 degrees wide angle will capture good quality videos of roads in front of you. Novatek NT96650 chipset consumes less power for working and records high-quality videos with ease. The G-sensor starts recording videos as soon as sudden vibrations or motion occurs in the car.

DashCam Working Temperature: -4F to 158F | PowerSupply: Super Capacitor | Buy on Amazon Aukey


Dual dash cams that can withstand high temperatures are rare. They need temperature withstanding batteries, better vents, internal parts that emit less heat. EachPai X100 heat resistant dashcam is the perfect solution for an all-weather dual dashcam. X100 has supercapacitors instead of lithium batteries.

These supercapacitors stop internal heating and provide a better life to the camera. They removed the GPS logger from the case and made it available externally. You have to plug the GPS module to get location-based videos. This way, heating inside the casing gets reduced by a lot. Excluding lithium batteries will also help in reducing internal heating.


X100, hot weather-resistant dashcam has a 3 inch IPS screen for clear visuals of recorded videos right after recording. Both cameras record at 1080 FHD at 30fps. 6 element lens with 4 IR LEDs for each camera helps X100 to record highly detailed videos even in low light areas. Sony IMX323 sensors govern the low light recordings.

Both lenses have a wide-angle of 150 degrees and can rotate 180 degrees. The GPS logger can record videos with speed, location, and time, for further uses. An active G-sensor is also available to record unusual activities that happen to a parked car.

DashCam Working Temperature: -4F to 158F | PowerSupply: Super Capacitor | Buy on Amazon EachPai

Dual Dash Cam 3.0’’ LCD Full HD1920x1080P Front and Rear Sony Sensor Car Camera GPS...
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Z-Edge F1 Dashcam

The Z-Edge F1 is a model with an inbuilt GPS that doesn’t affect the camera during its working. The GPS module inside the casing produces less heat compared to other GPS modules. This heat resistant dashcam comes with supercapacitors rather than Li ion batteries. Even with two cameras to record cabin and road, F1 produces less heat and can withstand very high temperatures.

10. Z-Edge F1

The Sony IMX323 sensor and 4 IR LEDs help the cabin camera to record high-quality videos in low lights. The cabin camera record videos in HD 1080p at 30fps. The front camera record videos at 2560x1440p at 30 fps. A 150 degree wide angle FOV is available for both cameras. The front camera has a WDR sensor for color contrast.

Key Features: 1440p Recording Front Cam | 1080p Recording at 30fps | Sony IMX323 sensor |150 degree wide angle FOV | Bluetooth | Parking Mode | G sensor and GPS logger | Extreme Weather Mode

DashCam Working Temperature: -4F to 150F | PowerSupply: Super Capacitor | Buy on Amazon Z-Edge

Uber Dual Dash Cam, Z-Edge F1 2.7" LCD Front and Inside Car Camera, Infrared Night Vision...
  • TOP RIDESHARE DASH CAM FOR UBER AND LYFT DRIVERS: The dash cam inside and outside ensures...

Removing dashcams while parking under the sun is in the past now. Thanks to supercapacitors, air vents, and compact construction of heat resistant dashcams, we can leave it at any temperature. These technologies added more life to the dash cams and more security to the cars. The above list contains single, dual dashcams for hot climates. Choose the perfect one for your car and keep it secure, all the time.

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  1. Lukas makes a few good cameras that can withstand heat. I owned one for 7 years in Phoenix, AZ before it finally died. Cabin temperatures could exceed 150F regularly since our summers could average 110F. Their new cameras are just as good if not better, since they’ve had time to improve. Amazon carries a few.


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