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10 Best Dual Dash Cams for 2023 with Front and Rear Recording

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Dash cams are turning out to be essential car gadgets right now. We’ve always been fascinated by dash cams, and you know how much we’ve talked about them. In 2023, there’s tough competition brewing in the league of dual dash cams. There are quite a lot of the best dual dash cams 2023 with front and rear cams with enhanced features up their sleeves, and it is no wonder you’d be having a tough time choosing one.

And on that note, we’ve compiled some of the best and the most affordable dual dash cams to look out for this year.

VIOFO A129 Pro Duo Dash Cam

VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam


  • 4K Front Cam Recording
  • Affordable
  • Easy Installation
  • The LCD display is excellent


  • No cloud storage
  • Parking mode needs a bit of tweaking

Key Features: 2-inch high-res LCD display | 4K UHD video quality | 130 viewing angle | Dual-band Wi-Fi | Capacitor power supply | External GPS

VIOFO A129 Pro is arguably the best dual dash cam that you can buy right now. It features a dual camera setup that records footage 24*7. The front dash camera gives you 4K UHD resolution, while the rear cam does it in HD 1080p. It even comes with Sony Exmor R Starvis Image Sensor. This assures you quality front and rear video in parking mode. The wide-angle lens in VIOFO A129 further makes it handy to capture everything on the road clearly.

This dual dashcam comes packed with a lot of smart features. It connects with your smartphones and iPhones via Bluetooth or dual-band WiFi. The wireless connectivity makes it rather easy in order transfer the footage to your preferred devices. This Wifi, Dual Dashcam works well in extreme temperatures too.

Another great thing about the best dashcam is its VIOFO app support. This allows you to play recorded footage without taking out the memory card from the dashcam. Also, you can easily preview live videos and even tweak the camera’s settings from within the app. There are other essential features like Buffered Parking Mode Surveillance, Collision Triggered Recording, and many more.

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VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam 3840 x 2160P Ultra HD 4K Front and 1080P Rear Car WiFi…
  • Ultra HD Real 4K Dual Channel Dash Cam: Adopt top quality 8MP IMX317 Sensor on front camera and IMX…

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Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dual Dash Cam

Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash cam


  • 4K visuals are crisp and clear
  • dual channel mode supports 4K 
  • Easy installation and handling 
  • Parking Mode Surveillance is spot on 


  • The screen is cramped and isn’t touch enabled.
  • No inbuilt GPS
  • No WiFi support 

Key Features: 4K Front Cam Recording | triple Channel | 155° FOV Front Cam | Sony Starvis CMOS Sensor | 2.45 inch IPS LCD Display | Rear Mode Resolution: 1080P@30fps Max | G Sensor

The Vantrue N4 has been here for some time, and it is still one of the best dual dashcams worth buying. The N4 you see here is a triple channel, 4K dual dash cam which offers up to 155° front FOV. The dash cam comes with a dual surveillance lens, one that faces the traffic up front and another at the rear. There’s also a cabin recording cam that’s useful to the Taxis and Uber drivers out there.

The front cam offers a 4K recording and that too at 155° FOV. The triple-channel feature on the other hand enables the highest optimum recording of the 3 camera units all at once. Once enabled, you can record the front at 2K, and the cabin and the rear at 1080p. What’s more, you could enable single-mode recording, ie the front cam alone by switching it on from the camera settings within the Vantrue app. 

The cabin camera, as well as the rear camera, records at max 1080p. Also, the cabin cam offers adjustable orientation. Coming to other features, the Vatrue N4 comes with 24hr parking mode as well as collision-triggered recording. But in order to get the collision-triggered footage or the 24Hr Parking Mode, you’ll need to hardwire it to the car’s battery. This dual dash cam comes with G Sensor that auto-detects a collision. What’s more, the N4 runs on the super capacitor which is helpful in extreme hot conditions than the Li-ion battery.

Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam, 4K+1080P Front and Rear, 1440P+1440P Front and Inside,…
  • 【Three Channel Front Inside Rear Dash Cam】The N4 is a triple channel dash cam which offers 155°…

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REDTIGER F7N 4K Dual Dash Cam With Built-in WiFi

REDTIGER F7N 4K Dual Dash Cam


  • Wide angle dual camera captures everything with utmost clarity
  • Inbuilt GPS and WiFi 
  • Better footage at low light 


  • Durability issues
  • Requires hardwiring for better performance

Key Features: Video Quality: 2160p (Single Cam mode) and 1920p (Dual Cam mode) | Viewing angle: 170° | WiFi Connectivity | 3.16″ IPS Display | Inbuilt GPS | Gravity sensor

The REDTIGER F7N 4K Dual Dash Cam comes with an IPS 3.16” display and has a dual camera setup that offers endless recording. This dual WiFi dash cam can record in 4K at 30 fps both at the front and the rear. Both the front and the rear cams feature the  Sony COMS Sensor and offer better footage recording even at low lights. The dashcam’s front cam encompasses a 170° viewing angle while the rear cam offers 140°.  This means that you get better and wider footages that can easily cover three-lane traffic. 

Talking about the key features, this 4K dual WiFi dash cam comes with inbuilt GPS and WiFi. The GPS lets the cam lock onto vehicles to determine the speed, altitude, direction, and navigation. It also renders real-time GPS data into the saved footage. You can equip a 256GB SD card with the device. As the dashcam comes with overwriting, there won’t be any storage issues for a long time.

Apart from that, this WiFi Dual Dash Cam includes Emergency Recording. It works when the device detects a collision. These files are saved into your SD and are kept free from overwriting. The loop recording and overwriting are beneficial if you plan to use the Parking Mode. 

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REDTIGER F7N 4K Dual Dash Cam with Free 64GB Card, Built-in WiFi GPS Front 4K/2.5K and…
  • [Ultra HD 4K+1080P Dual Dash Cam] Featuring top quality 4K front camera and 1080p rear cam, the…

Vantrue S1 4K Dual Dash Cam


  • 4K footage recording
  • Night time footages are excellent
  • Affordable upgrade for beginners


  • Bulky front module
  • Design isn’t innovative

Key Features: 4K recording at 30fps (front) | 170° Field of view | Digital image Stabilization | 1080p Rear cam recording | G sensor and GPS logger | Parking mode | Extreme Weather Mode

The Vantrue S1 is a great dual dash cam that can record in 4K. It’s a useful, durable front-mount dual dash cam with a rear counterpart. The front camera module is powerful enough to capture ongoing traffic within a span of 170°. The rear camera, on the other hand, comes with a 160° FOV.

This wireless dual dash cam is easy to install. Almost all ports are next to the central housing, making it pretty user-friendly. Also, the rear camera comes with a 20ft cable. This makes it easier for you to wrap it around and connect it to the main unit without much of a fuss.

Talking about the features, the Vantrue S1 comes with inbuilt WiFi and GPS. The GPS module inside will keep track of your speed and direction which then tags them to your recorded footage. There is also the 24-hour Parking Mode surveillance which works on Loop Mode.

Vantrue S1 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear, 1080P Dual GPS Dash Camera with 24 Hours Parking…
  • 【Single 4K Dash Cam】The Single front recording captures exceptionally clear video at a…

Pruveeo C3-4K Dual Dash Cam

Pruveeo C3 4K Dash cam


  • Good footages thanks to enhanced image stabilization
  • Compact design and easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Inbuilt GPS and WiFi


  • No Cloud storage support
  • Switching between the camera is a menace

Key Features: Front Camera:4K HD recording at 60fps | Cabin Camera: 2560x1440p@30fps | Inbuilt GPS | WiFi Connectivity | G Sensor | Parking Mode Surveillence | Infrared Night Vision

The Pruveeo C3 is one of those dash cams that comes with a unique and innovative design. This dual WiFi dashcam can basically record in 4K and captures footage with excellent clarity. The main unit has two 180° rotatable cameras and features IR Night Vision. The four IR LEDs surround the camera for better low-light video recording. Both cameras record at 4K HD quality. The Sony IMX323 sensor makes it possible to record front and cabin visuals at the same time.

The cameras, as I said earlier can record in 4K at 30fps. There is also the 60fps recording but keep in mind that the resolution drops to 1080p. What’s more, the C3 even comes with a pretty decent FOV of  150°.

There is also the inbuilt GPS and WiFi along with Voice Controls. Once connected to your smartphone via WiFi, you can control the recording and visual qualities with your voice commands. Another thing worth mentioning is that you’ll be getting a 64GB SD with the whole package. 

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WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam


  • The Cameras offer wider FOV
  • MicroSD based storage
  • inbuilt GPS and WiFi 
  • USB C interface


  • Build quality issues
  • Night time footages arent upto the mark

Key Features: Front Camera: 1920x1080P 150° FOV | Rear Camera: 1920x1080P 140° FOV | Support Up to 128GB | Infrared Night Vision | Parking Mode | GPS | Collision Triggered Recording

WOLFBOX Mirror-based dual dashcam is for those looking for minimalism and usefulness. It is a powerful 4K Dual Dash Cam that can record footage in 4K quality.  This is one of those car dash cameras with a front and back camera coupled with a 12″ LCD Screen on the mirror mount. The mirror mount gives the driver the additional benefit of vision and makes the journey much more secure.

The rear camera is waterproof and comes as a separate backup camera with night vision. Also, the rear camera records footage at 1080p at 30fps. This Full HD Dashcam is equipped with a 170o ultra-wide angle cam for the front, clubbed with a 140o rear cam to capture more street area while you drive.

This dual WiFi dash cam with WiFi is built with motion sensors, gravity sensors, and parking sensors. These are to detect and record any movements after you park the car. It also comes with inbuilt GPS and real-time collision-triggered recording. The Lopp Recording also comes with an additional storage space of 8GB. 

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WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera, 2160P Full HD Smart Rearview Mirror…
  • UPGRADED STUNNING 4K UHD – With the front cam’s resolution upgrading to 2160p from 1296p as of…

Garmin Dual Dash Cam Tandem

Garmin Dash Cam Tandem


  • Compact size and Easy to Install
  • HDR with high resolution
  • The Windscreen mount is strong 


  • Expensive

Key Features: Front Camera:1440p recording at 60fps | Cabin Camera: 720p@30fps | Inbuilt GPS | WiFi Connectivity | G Sensor | Parking Mode Surveillence | NightGlo Technology | USB C Port

The Garmin Dash Cam Tandem is one of the best dash cams from Garmin yet. And it is quite premium, to be frank. The best thing about this dual dash cam is the fact that it is extremely compact. The front-facing camera that records the traffic ahead records footage in 1440p. Also, with a FOV of 180°, the front camera does fairly well in capturing almost everything ahead of you. On the other hand, the cabin camera records footage in 720p. What’s more, this dual dash cam with WiFi comes with NightGlo Technology. It lets you get the best-in-class nighttime footage 24*7.

The Garmin Dash Cam Tandem comes with inbuilt WiFi and GPS. There is also the Voice Control option that lets you control the camera with voice commands. Apart from that there are the features like the Parking Mode, Motion Triggered recording, Loop Recording, Overwriting, and many more. Also, there is an additional USB port that works as a smartphone charging port.

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Garmin Dash Cam Tandem Dual-Lens Dash Cam with Two 180-degree Lenses
  • Pocket-size dash camera features two 180-degree field of view lenses that record in tandem to…

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Rove R3 Triple Channel Dash Cam

Rove R3 Triple Channel Dash Cam


  • All in one package for on-the-go surveillance
  • Good build quality
  • Installation is quick
  • The LCD display is spot on


  • Is a bit bulky
  • Expensive

Key Features: 2K Front Cam Recording | triple Channel | 155° FOV Front Cam |Sony Starvis CMOS Sensor | 3″ IPS LCD Display | GPS and WiFi | 128GB storage input | G Sensor | Collision Triggered Recording

The Rove R3 sums up what we all call a round dash cam. It is one of the best surveillance cams that suits Cab drivers or those who love to go for long drives. The Rove R3 is a triple-channel dash cam that offers a front cam resolution of 2K. The rear, as well as the cabin cams, on the other hand, record footage in 1080p.  The thing I liked about the Rove R3 is its touch-enabled 3” HD IPS display. Thanks to the HD display, you can easily access the setting, stream live footage, and much more. 

The best thing about the R3 is that there isn’t much of a clarity loss once you record visuals all at once. What’s more, this motion sensor dash cam comes with smart features like WiFi, app-based settings, and inbuilt GPS. This WiFi Dual Dash Cam can work on both 5GHz WiFi and connects with your smartphones with the help of the Rove App. 

The Rove R3 relies completely on its supercapacitor. It is quite efficient and better than the dashcams which run on the Li-ion battery. Moreover, if you wish to get 24 hr parking mode, then you’ll have to hard wire the cam to your Car’s battery.

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ROVE R3 Dash Cam Front and Rear with Cabin, 3” IPS Touch Screen, 3 Channel Dash Cam…
  • 【Experience The Difference with ROVE】ROVE R3 is a 3 channel touch screen dash camera for cars….

Kingslim D4 4K Dual Dash Cam

Kingslim D4 Dual Dash cam


  • Wide viewing angles
  • Wi-Fi, GPS, and G-sensor accelerometer
  • IPS touchscreen
  • Sony sensor (IMX335) and four infrared LED lights for nighttime driving


  • Doesn’t include a USB cable
  • The adhesive mount is difficult to adjust

Key Features: Video Quality: 4K (front) and full-HD (rear) | 3″ LCD Touch Screen | Viewing angle: 170° (front) and 130° (rear) | Inbuilt GPS | G-Sensor | WiFi | Memory: Supports up to 128GB

The Kingslim D4 has quite a lot of smart features up its sleeves. It’s also one of the best affordable 4K Dual Dash Cam that you can get online. This dual dash cam with WiFi features a two-camera setup in which the front camera records in 4K while the rear camera is 1080p.

There’s the option to scale down the resolution of the front cam to 2.5K if you wish to get the same fps videos from both units. This 4K dual dash cam flaunts a 3” IPS display. The display is pretty decent and offers good footage playback clarity. The WiFi connectivity lets you connect it to your Android smartphones and iPhones.

Apart from the great video recording abilities, there are other features like the G-sensors, inbuilt GPS, Parking Mode surveillance, Loop recording, and many more. Also, the IR Night Vision does pretty well in extreme low-light conditions. 

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Kingslim D4 4K Dual Dash Cam with Built-in WiFi GPS, Front 4K/2.5K Rear 1080P Dual Dash…
  • 4K+1080P FRONT AND REAR RECORDING – Kingslim D4 4K dual dash cam can simultaneously record videos in…

WolfBox D07 4K Dash Cam with WiFi

WolfBox D07 4K Dash Cam with WiFi


  • Excellent 4K footages
  • Night Mode does offer good visuals
  • Durable and has a good build quality


  • App needs updation
  • No free cloud storage

Key Features: Video Quality: 4K (front) and full-HD (rear) | 3″ LCD Touch Screen | Viewing angle: 170° (front) and 140° (rear) | Inbuilt GPS | G-Sensor | WiFi | Dual Parking Mode

The WolfBox D07 is basically a dual surveillance Cam that includes a front cam that’s on the main unit and a separate rear cam that’s wired. This is one of the best dual dash cams that provides crisp and clear 4K visuals along with a 170° FOV. The 4K visuals are exclusive to the front camera as the rear camera is capped at 1080p. This 4K dual dash cam offers excellent Night Time footage and is even equipped with a WDR lens that ensures better clarity at night or in low-light situations.

Talking about the smart features, the WoldBox D07 comes equipped with dual-band WiFi and GPS. It connects with your smartphone via the WolfBox app available on the Android and iOS platforms. The built-in WiFi lets you live stream footage, save it or share it among your friends through the app.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the dash cam unit comes with a type C USB port. It lets you charge your smartphones while you’re on the go. Apart from that, there are all the essential features that one looks for in a dashcam. You get the Dual Parking Mode, Loop Recording, Collision Triggered Recording, Emergency Mode, and many more.

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WOLFBOX Dash Cam Front and Rear, D07 4K Dash Camera for Cars with WiFi GPS, 4K/2.5K +…
  • Real 4K UHD+1080P Dual Dash Cam – The WOLFBOX D07 front camera provides top 4K(3840*2160P) image…

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Nexar Pro Dual Dash Cam

Nexar Pro Dual Dash Cam


  • Compact and stealthy design suitable for the cab drivers 
  • Easy installation and wiring 
  • Free cloud storage access 


  • Not compatible with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto
  • No screen interface

Key Features: Video Quality:1080p (Front Cam) and 720p (Cabin Cam) | Viewing angle: 135° | Inbuilt GPS | Gravity sensor | Wi-Fi | Cloud Storage Access | Parking Mode

The Nexar Pro is quite stealthy in design. It is so compact that none of your passengers would ever notice it in any way. This dash cam features a dual camera setup and can record footage in HD 1080p. The front camera records in HD 1080p and encompasses a FOV of 135°. The interior camera, on the other hand, records at 720p. This is one of the best dual dash cams that offer superior Night Vision recording. The 10 inbuilt IR sensors give you crystal clear visuals in extremely low light conditions.

The Nexar Pro dual dash cam comes with inbuilt GPS and WiFi. It lets you stay connected with your smartphones via the Nexar app. You can live stream footage, edit, and even share them within the blink of an eye. These short videos are saved into Nexar’s unlimited cloud storage. Within the app, you can adjust the sensitivity of the G sensors and Motion sensors. Apart from the key features like Loop Recording and Overwriting, this dual dash cam features inbuilt storage of up to 32GB, and yes there is cloud storage available. 

Nexar Pro Dual Dash Cam – 1 Year Nexar App Subscription Included – Unlimited Cloud…
  • Dual View: Our HD dashcam front and inside system is perfect for all kinds of drivers even pros who…

70mai A800S 4K Dual Dash Cam

70mai A800S 4K Dual Dash Cam


  • Night Mode footages are detailed and of good clarity
  • Easy installation
  • Compact design


  • Expensive
  • ADAS system isn’t reliable

Key Features: Front Camera:4K HD recording at 60fps | Rear Camera:1080p @30fps | Inbuilt GPS | WiFi Connectivity | G Sensor | Parking Mode Surveillance | ADAS System

70Mai A800S records footage in 4K and has a dual camera setup. It features a Sony IMX415 lens at the front and can record high-quality footage even during low light. The main housing consists of the front camera and a 3” LCD display. The display isn’t touch-enabled. The rear cam, on the other hand, records in 1080p. This dual dash cam offers a max FOV of 170°, enough to cover 4-lane traffic. What’s more, with the 3D DNR technology and an F1.8 lens, you get the best-in-class Night Time footage with minimal image distortion.

Talking about the smart features, the A800S comes with inbuilt WiFi and GPS. With the GPS, you get the accurate location, speed, and time stamped onto your footage. Also, you can access all the live previews as well as save them to your phones via the app.

The A800S comes packed with features like Parking Mode and Emergency Recording. You’ve got to hardwire the dashcam unit with the main battery if you wish to get 24hr surveillance. Another great feature is the Advanced Driver Assistance System. It isn’t as accurate as you’d think but does a pretty decent job of alerting you of lane deviation and stuff. There is also Voice Control so that you can control everything through voice commands.

70mai True 4K Dash Cam A800S with Sony IMX415, Front and Rear, Built in GPS, Super Night…
  • 【Excellent 4K Ultra HD Dual Camera】70mai flagship camera 4K A800S with 70mai 1080P RC06 rear…

These best dash cams offer peace of mind and guarantee a pleasant drive wherever you are. These devices are essential as they help you stay safe from insurance fraud and save all those crucial evidence in case of a collision or an accident. The ones listed here are pretty much the best and offer the best in class performance. Most of the ones in our list can record in 4K, and some even come with a triple camera setup. Now it is up to you to choose the right one that meets all your needs.

Take a look at what we’ve now, and make sure to ditch your old and outdated dash cams soon.


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