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VIOFO A129Pro: 4K Dual Dash Cam with GPS & Parking Mode Support

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We are here with one great dashcam called Viofo A129Pro that offers unique features for the best price. Let’s point out a few excellent features of this 4K dashcam before moving to more details. The dashcam offers dual-band WiFi connection, 4K front camera resolution, up to 256GB SD card support and optional parking mode support. With Vioof A129Pro, you can have both front and rear recording with the dual camera support. Fair enough for a professional dashcam? Let’s dig further for more details.

Here is the detailed review of and let’s learn more about the various features offered by this Viofo A129Pro 4K dashcam.

What’s in the Box?

Almost all dashcams come with the wiring cable and stickers with the dashcam unit. These can be quite useful especially when you wire the dashcam. Let’s have what you get with Viofo A129Pro dashcam. It comes with the front cam and back cam within the box. There is a mini USB cable to communicate the cam with PC. You can use the same cable to power the unit from the USB outlet.

Viofo A129Pro DUO Dual Channel Dash Camera Inside Box

The rear camera cable and car charger cable are long enough to wire the camera inside your car. There are additional clips and 3M stickers to fix the camera and wiring cable inside the car. The Trim Removal tools are helpful to route and hide the dashcam cable.

Viofo A129Pro Dashcam Specification

Viofo is a 4K dash cam that comes with the Sony Starvis image sensor. You can expect a high-quality video from the front dash cam unit. The 2-inch display is perfect for previewing the video and also controlling the menu buttons.Viofo A129Pro DUO Dual Dash Camera Spec

This 4K dash cam offers WiFi connectivity in dual-band. You can connect this camera with 2.4GHz or 5GHz band direct to your iPhone or Android. The camera uses a micro SD card with a loop recording to save the footage. Viofo A129Pro supports up to a 256GB micro SD card without any issues.

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Viofo A129Pro Design & Build Quality

You get a very common design scheme with the Viofo A129Pro dashcam. While it looks quite similar to various other dashcams out there, it certainly performs better. You get a camera on the front and a display on the back of the primary camera unit. And it also has control buttons right under the display.VIOFO A129PRO Dual Dash Cam Design

These buttons can be used along with the screen to easily control this dashcam. You can also find a charging port for powering this dashcam. A great thing about this dashcam is that it is built pretty well and the buttons are sturdy. The dashcam comes with 3M stickers to mount on the car and work better than air suction cup mounting at high temperature.

Front Camera Camera Quality

The main unit with the front camera of this 4K Dash Cam offers 4K video footage. This is more than enough for a dash cam to get the number plate details. Viofo with Sony Exmor R 8MP Sensor can offer the best quality video for your dashcam.

Viofo A129Pro 4K Front Day
Viofo A129Pro Front Camera Day Time Shot (Resized Image)

The front camera built for F1.8 Aperture with 130° Viewing Angle, more than enough to cover 3-4 lanes when you drive. You can save the video footage in Ultra HD up to 3840x2160P 30FPS. The daylight videos are excellent in quality and you can get minute details with wide-angle. You can buy the CPL (Circular Polarizing Lens) as an optional add on for Viofo A129Pro. The CPL filter can block the reflections for a better quality video output.

Viofo A129Pro 4K Front Night
Viofo A129Pro Front Camera Night Time Shot (Resized Image)

The Sony image sensors offer a better quality video even in dark. The camera performance in low light conditions is also quite good. The quality of night footage is far better compared to the regular night time video here.

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Rear Camera Camera Quality

The rear camera unit of this dashcam supports a resolution of 1080p with F1.6 Aperture. The back camera has a 140-degree FOV which is great for recording everything that is on the street.

Viofo A129Pro 4K Rear Day
Viofo A129Pro Rear Camera day Time Shot (Resized Image)

The Sony Stravis  2MP Image Sensor offers great image quality with its image processing. And the great thing about this camera is that it offers similar video footage details in the day time as well as in the dark.

Viofo A129Pro 4K Rear Night
Viofo A129Pro Rear Camera Night Time Shot (Resized Image)

Even in the dark, the number plates are clearly visible and you can have the driver details without much struggle from the rear camera footage. The rear camera can cover 140-degree wide-angle to ensure more coverage on the street that you left behind.

Viofo A129Pro Dash Cam Camera Features

While having a great camera sensor is quite important, other hardware and software features are equally important as well. Thankfully, the Viofo Apart A129Pro dashcam offers great hardware with a wide range of software features. This 4K dash cam is equipped with all default features like loop recording, night vision, etc. However, we are explaining some of the key features of A129Pro. Viofo A129Pro DUO Dual Dash Camera Features

GPS Unit (Optional): As mentioned earlier, this dashcam comes with a GPS unit as an optional choice. You can connect it to the dashcam quite easily to enable GPS recording. Once you have done that, the Viofo A129Pro dashcam will record your GPS data along with the video. You can find the speed of your vehicle right on your video footage later. And the location of your car along with the timestamps gets saved in a log file. You can find this log file on the SD card of your dashcam. The GPS unit also synchronizes the time of the dashcam with GPS satellites. As a result, you do not have to manually set the time if it gets reset due to power loss.

Dual-Band WiFi (2.4GHz and 5GHz): Viofo A129Pro is one of the 4K dashcams out there which comes with Dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity. This feature allows the user to connect this dashcam to their smartphone. And it even supports dual-band WI-Fi for optimum connection speeds. Once you have connected the smartphone app with this dashcam, you can control it as well as monitor the cameras. When you want to transfer the data from dashcam to phone, the 5GHz band comes handy with high-speed data support. The 5GHz connection can support up to 8MB/S, fast enough to transfer the video footage into the phone.

Parking Mode (Impact & Motion): Apart from recording the road, this dashcam keeps the cameras running even when your car is parked. Viofo uses parking sensors to detect any movement or impact around your car. And if it detects a person or a vehicle, it starts recording. This ensures that your car stays safe even when it is parked. This dashcam comes with two camera units for your car. Thus, both the front and rear of your car get recorded with impact detection. The video will record in very low FPS to save memory while recording in parking mode. The low bit rate file will take less space to save parking mode footage.

Capacitor Power Supply (Handle Heat): Viofo A129Pro the front camera unit is designed to handle high temperatures. The additional vents and capacitor power supply are built to handle high-temperature operation. When you use the dashcam in Arizona or Flordia, these feature is an essential one In addition to that, the Viofo 4K Cam has high-temperature protection which automatically shut off the camera when the internal temperature crosses the max limit.

Mobile Apps (iPhone & Android): The dashcam offers mobile apps for both iPhone and Android users to make things easy. You can download the app directly from the Apple Store or Play Store and work with the Viofo dashcam models you have. The app offers a real-time video preview. A129Pro lets you download the videos directly to the mobile with a 5GHz wireless connection. The app has built-in functionality to edit the video, and also you can sync with the GPS to track the information. Viofo Mobile app also helps you to configure the camera for the first time with the help of the app instead of using Dascam’s control buttons.

The app for both iPhone and Android is not perfect yet. This needs some tweaking to stream the video to the mobile. Also, the connection from the dashcam to mobile seems to break sometime and annoying.

In addition to this, the dashcam supports up to 256GB SD Card and offers super night vision.   The high capacity SD card is required when you record the videos in 4K quality and 256GB will be sufficient to record videos for a couple of hours.

Viofo A129Pro Dashcam Installation

Since you get a large number of accessories with this dashcam, installing this is quite easy. You can easily attach the front and rear camera units using the including 3M tape. Once you have applied it, the cameras will not come out on their own. After mounting the cameras, you can power them using the including 12V charging adapter.

You can simply connect it to the lighter port of your car. You can have to route the back dashcam with the cable that comes with the cam unit. There is no need for additional power supply for the back cam. The trim removal tool makes cable routing in your car quite easy.

Where to Buy?

Today's Deal: $19.90 Off
VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam 3840 x 2160P Ultra HD 4K Front and 1080P Rear Car WiFi...
  • Ultra HD Real 4K Dual Channel Dash Cam: Adopt top quality 8MP IMX317 Sensor on front camera and IMX...

You can get this A129Pro 4K dashcam direct from the Viofo website or from Amazon. Amazon store is offering different combinations that you can choose. You can get A129Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam for $249.00. Instead of dual dash cam, you can select the front dash cam with optional GPS tracking for a price of $199.90. The HD version instead of 4K get for a cheaper price. The Viofo HD Dashcam can get for a price of $169.99. You can buy the Viofo Hard Wire Kit to use the cam as a parking mode dashcam. Here is the Circular Polarizing Lens (CPL) for better video footage in the day time.

With the loop recording and high memory card support, this 4K dashcam can record both front and rear dash camera footage at a time for a couple of hours. The night vision is offering great detail in the dark. Also, the parking mode feature offers additional protection to your car and worth the money. You may need an additional hardwire kit to use the camera to a parking mode surveillance camera. The hardwire kit can supply the power to the dashcam continuously and protect the car battery from draining. With all these features and the price tag near to $250, Viofo A129Pro is worth for every penny you spend.


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Viofo A129 offers you excellent video quality with 4K Ultra High Definition footage. Everything around your car gets recorded with great detail. Sony sensors in both of the camera units offer the best video quality for both front and rear cameras. The mobile needs some tweaks to works well, and the syncing is fast enough with 5GHz. While considering the features and the great video quality, the Viofa A129 is worth for the money you spend.


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Viofo A129 offers you excellent video quality with 4K Ultra High Definition footage. Everything around your car gets recorded with great detail. Sony sensors in both of the camera units offer the best video quality for both front and rear cameras. The mobile needs some tweaks to works well, and the syncing is fast enough with 5GHz. While considering the features and the great video quality, the Viofa A129 is worth for the money you spend.VIOFO A129Pro: 4K Dual Dash Cam with GPS & Parking Mode Support