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11 Best Dual Dash Cams for Uber, Lyft, and Taxis

Dual Dash Cams are built for Uber, Lyft, and Taxi drivers with an additional camera to record car cabins. The dedicated Uber dash cams can record both front and interior views at the same time while you drive. For Uber driver dashboard cams, the front and back camera is attached to the dash cam unit to cover back and front angles. The taxi dash cam interior camera is used to capture interior vehicle footage, ideal for Uber, Lyft, or Taxi drivers.

Here we give you the list of the best dual dash cams for Uber, Lyft, and Taxi drivers to set on the dashboard that records both street and interior video footage.

REDTIGER F7N 4K Dual Dash Cam

The REDTIGER F7N 4K Dual Dash Cam is a superior dual channel dash cam to get online. It comes with an IPS 3.16” display that lets you access live visuals, device settings, and other info. This dual dash cam can record in 4K at 30 fps both at the front and the rear. Both the front and the rear cams feature the  Sony COMS Sensor and offer better footage recording even at low lights. What’s more, the front cam encompasses a 170° viewing angle while the rear cam offers 140°.

Talking about the key features, this 4K dual dash cam for taxis comes with inbuilt GPS and WiFi. The GPS lets the cam lock onto vehicles to determine the speed, altitude, direction, and navigation. It also renders real-time GPS data into the saved footage. You can equip a 256GB SD card with the device. As the dashcam comes with overwriting, there won’t be any storage issues for a long time.

The Rediger 4K Dual dashcam includes the Emergency Recording. It works when the device detects a collision. These files are saved into your SD and are kept free from overwriting. The loop recording and overwriting are beneficial if you plan to use the Parking Mode. A thing to note is that you should hardwire the unit into your batteries if you need continuous parking surveillance.

Key Features: 3.16″ IPS Display | Video Quality: 2160p (Single Cam mode) and 1920p (Dual Cam mode) | Viewing angle: 170° | Inbuilt GPS | Gravity sensor | Wi-Fi | Memory: Supports up to 128GB | MicroSD card not included | Parking Mode

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Pruveeo Dual Dashcam

The Pruveeo Dual Dashcam you see here is the updated dual dash cam that Pruveeo rolled out this year. It includes a dual-cam setup. There is the front camera that records in 4k when used alone. The cabin cam is pretty awesome when it comes to in-cabin surveillance. It can record in 1080p at 30fps. Each of the cameras offers a FOV of 150°. This gives wide and clear footage of the traffic upfront as well as the cabin without much image distortion.

This dual dash cam attaches to the windshield. There is a great 2” LCD display that shows both the front as well as the cabin visuals. What’s more, the Pruveeo Dual Dashcam includes inbuilt GPS and WiFi. The inbuilt GPS logger records the driving location and speed and in turn, stamps them to your footage. These footages are accessible within the Pruveeo Drive App. Apart from hr smart features, there are essential features like the 24hr Parking Mode, Loop Recording, and the IR Night vision. There isn’t inbuilt storage available. You’ll need to equip a compatible SD to enhance storage. 

Key Features: 2″ IPS Display | Video Quality: 2160p (Single Cam mode) and 1080p (Dual Cam mode) | Viewing angle: 150° | Inbuilt GPS | Gravity sensor | Wi-Fi | Memory: Supports up to 128GB | MicroSD card not included | Parking Mode

PRUVEEO Dash Cam, Front and Inside 1080P Dual FHD, Novatek Processor, Single-Channel...
  • [Dual FHD 1080P Dash Cam] Each of the front and cabin cameras records in 1080P at 30fps or in...

Pyle Rearview Mirror DashCam

The new Pyle Rearview Mirror DashCam is compact and rather extremely useful to the taxis and the cab drivers. It works as a dedicated rear view mirror that shows HD visuals of the traffic upfront. This dual dashcam includes two camera units. Both the front as well as the cabin-facing camera record in HD 1080p.

The 4.3” TFT screen shows you the rear view visuals which record visuals with a FOV of 150°. The rear camera acts as the backup camera apart from the two inbuilt camera units. There aren’t any smart features like the WiFi or GPS and that’s a real blow. Other features include the Parking Mode, Loop Recording and Collision triggered Emergency Recording. This dual dash cam is a great piece of surveillance cam that is rather affordable.

Key Features: 4.3″ TFT Display | Video Quality: 1080p Dual Mode | Viewing angle: 130° | Backup rear Cam | Gravity sensor | Memory: Supports up to 128GB | MicroSD card not included | Parking Mode | Loop recording

Pyle Dash Cam Rearview Mirror - 4.3” DVR Monitor Rear View Dual Camera Video Recording...
  • 1080p DUAL SYSTEM CAMERA: Pyle compact size front mirror car dash cam in full HD 1080p and 4.3”...

Nexar Pro

The Nexar Pro Dual Dash Cam is rather compact and stealthy in design. It includes two camera modules, one that records footage of the traffic up front and the other that records cabin footage. The front camera records in HD 1080p and encompasses a FOV of 135°. The interior camera on the other hand records at 720p. This is one of the best dual dash cams that offer superior Night Vision recording. The 10 inbuilt IR sensors give you crystal clear visuals in extreme low light conditions.

The Nexar Pro dual dash cam comes with inbuilt GPS and WiFi. It lets you stay connected with your smartphones via the Nexar app. You can live stream footage, edit, and even share them within the blink of an eye. Within the app, you could adjust the sensitivity of the G sensors and Motion sensors. Apart from the key features like the Loop Recording and Overwriting, this dual dash cam features inbuilt storage of up to 32GB. It is expandable to 256GB via inserting a compatible MicroSD.

Key Features: Video Quality:1080p (Front Cam) and 720p (Cabin Cam) | Viewing angle: 135° | Inbuilt GPS | Gravity sensor | Wi-Fi | Memory: Supports up to 256GB | MicroSD card not included | Parking Mode

Nexar Pro Dual Dash Cam - 1 Year Nexar App Subscription Included - Unlimited Cloud...
  • Dual View: Our HD dashcam front and inside system is perfect for all kinds of drivers even pros who...

Vantrue S1 Dual Lens Dashcam

The Vantrue S1 is a hardcore dual dash cam that offers 4K footage recording. It’s an extremely durable front mount dash cam that comes with a rear counterpart also. The front camera module is powerful enough to capture ongoing traffic within a span of 170°. The rear camera on the other hand comes with a 160° FOV.

Vantrue S1 Dash Cam

This wireless dual dash cam is easy to install. Almost all ports are right next to the central housing and this makes it pretty user-friendly. Also, the rear camera comes with a 20ft cable. This makes it easier for you to wrap it around and connect it to the main unit without much of a fuss.

Talking about the features, the Vantrue S1 comes with inbuilt WiFi and GPS. The GPS module inside will keep track of your speed and direction which then tags them to your recorded footage. There is also the 24-hour Parking Mode surveillance which works on loop mode. The parking mode coupled with the collision trigger lets you keep track of anything once your vehicle is parked in the abyss.

Key Features: 4K recording at 30fps (front) | 170° Field of view | Digital image Stabilization | 1080p Rear cam recording | G sensor and GPS logger | Emergency SOS button | Parking mode | Extreme Weather Mode

Vantrue S1 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear, 1080P Dual GPS Dash Camera with 24 Hours Parking...
  • 【Single 4K Dash Cam】The Single front recording captures exceptionally clear video at a...

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Z3 Pro Dual Dashcam for Taxis

The Z3 Pro Dual Dashcam is a super solid 2K Dual dashcam for all Uber, Lyft, and taxis. Its compact and includes two powerful camera units that can record in 2K HD. the front facing camera as well as the cabin camera record in 30fps. The cabin camera has 4 IR LEDs to shoot videos in low-lit conditions.

Z3 Pro Dual Dashcam for Taxis

The Sony IMX323 sensor is used to control the night vision video recording. The front camera can shoot videos with 2560x1440P@30 fps to make sure to get number plate information.

The supercapacitor power supply makes sure the dashcam works in all extreme conditions. The 155° wide angle is available for both cameras with this taxi dash cam. The front camera of this interior dash cam has WDR sensor for better color contrast. GPS Logger helps to log the location and speed at which the video got created. The G-Sensor can detect movements and starts recording any impact in parking mode. These videos will get classified as Emergency videos in normal operations.

Key features: Front Camera: 2560x1440P@30fps 155° FOV | Inside Camera: 1920x1080P @ 30fps 155° | Support up to 256GB Micro SD | Infrared Night Vision | Buy from Amazon

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Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

N2 Pro, Packed with the new Sony Exmor IMX323 sensors coupled with HD rear and front-facing cameras. The dual-camera design on the same enclosure makes it ideal for Uber and Taxi drivers to record inside the vehicle while driving. It also comes with tons of other features including Parking Mode, Loop Recording, G-Sensors and Impact Sensors, etc. 

VanTrue N2 Pro Build

The N2 pro comes with a 1.5″ TFT LCD screen, combined with image-enhancing optimizers. Also, a crisp and clear recording angle of 170° front cam and enhanced 6-layer glass with F/1.8 wide aperture give clear-cut details to a great extent. Moreover, the dash cam accepts storage devices up to 64GB. Here, equipping a 32GB SD card will fulfill most of your needs. Also, the loop recording enables that additional space gets created by overwriting.

Key Features: Front Camera: 2560x1440P 170 degrees | Inside Camera: 1920x1080P 140 degree | Supports up to 256GB Micro SD| Parking Mode | Infrared Night Vision | Buy from  Amazon | 15% Discount Code

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Pruveeo C3 4K Dash cam Cars Uber Lyft Truck Taxi

The Pruveeo C3 has two 180° rotatable cameras. One of them features the IR Night Vision. The four IR LEDs surround the camera for better low-light video recording. Both the cameras record at 4K HD quality. The Sony IMX323 sensor makes it possible to record front and cabin visuals at the same time.

With NT96660 CPU, you can record 2560x1440p videos at 30 fps. It also supports 60 fps at the front. An aperture of f/1.8 and a 6 glass lens provide clarity videos and images.

150° wide-angle recording is possible with this model. A 3M adhesive tape keeps the camera in position for recording. The company prefers Samsung Evo Micro SD card for faster-writing speed. A USB 2.0 port is available for storing videos directly to pen drives. The memory card slot supports Micro SD cards up to 128GB.

Key features: Front Camera:4K HD recording at 60fps | Inside Camera: 2560x1440p@30fps and 1920x1080P@60fps 170 degree | Support up to 128GB | Infrared Night Vision | Buy from Amazon

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Akaso Trace 1 Dual Dash Cam

While most of the companies focused on the screen size of the dash cam, Trace 1 focused on the quality and cost. Equipped with 2 Sony Starvis front and cabin cameras this dual dash cam is a game-changer. The camera modules record in 1080p at 60fps. This dual dash cam offers a 170° wide angle view. Although both cameras record together, you got to turn off the cabin camera for 60 fps recording.

The cabin camera supports Night Vision, thanks to the 4 IR LEDs present above the camera. So, you don’t need to worry about recording in low-light areas or the cabin lights at night. With Wide Dynamic Range lenses, the dual dash cam can cover an angle of 340° altogether. This way, your car can record the surrounding without missing any details.

AKASO Trace1 Dual Dash Cam

A major highlight of Trace 1 dual dash cam is the G-Sensor that detects all kinds of impact and starts recording automatically. These recorded videos get classified as emergency videos and are safe from corruption. Another feature of Trace 1 is the Parking Monitor. Once you leave the car, you don’t have to worry about it until you get back. This feature will record a 30-second video if any motion gets detected near the car. These recorded videos also go to the emergency videos folder for future investigations. Trace 1 supports MicroSD up to 128GB. Although the company recommends a MicroSD of 16GB for better storage and speed. The Trace 1 comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30 days hassle free return.

Key Features: Front Camera: 1080P 170 degrees | Inside Camera: 1080P 170 degrees | Supports up to 128GB Micro SD| Infrared Night Vision | Buy from  Amazon | 20% Discount Code

Transcend DrivePro 550 Dual Dash Camera

Transcend Drive pro comes with Dual cameras one for the front view and another for the car’s inside view. These dash cameras are mainly used as Taxi dash cams to capture the street and inside the car while driving. This taxi dash cam looks like a compact hand-held digital camera. The Drive Pro 550 mounts to the dashboard or the windshield using a suction mount.

Transcend DrivePro 550 Dual Dash Camera

The front camera has an f/1.8 aperture with a 150° FOV and 1080P resolution. The interior dash cam has a 110° FOV and can also record in 1080p. 4 IR LEDs around interior cam provide better quality videos at low light conditions.

You can take snapshots while recording for better safety. A motion G-Sensor automatically saves videos in case of an accident and keeps this video protected under emergency recording. A DrivePro app is available to download from the play store and iOS store. Using this app, you can connect via Wi-Fi and stream, download, and share your recorded videos.  A free 64GB microSDHC is also provided with the camera.

Key features: Front Camera: 1080P 130° | Inside Camera: 1080p 110 ° | Support up to 256GB | Infrared Night Vision | Parking Mode | G Sensor | WiFi and GPS | DrivePro App | Inbuilt Battery | Buy from Amazon

WOLFBOX Mirror Dash Cam

WOLFBOX Mirror-based dual dashcam is coming with an aluminum alloy metal frame and anti-glare mirror. This is one of the car dash cameras with a front and back camera with an LCD on the rearview mirror. The mirror mount gives an additional benefit of vision to the driver and therefore makes the journey much more secure. The rear camera is waterproof and comes as a separate backup camera with night vision. This Full HD Dashcam is equipped with a 170o ultra wide angle cam for the front clubbed with a 140o rear cam to capture more street area while you drive.

WOLFBOX Mirror Dash Cam

This fully functional automatic recording camera is built with motion sensors, gravity sensors, and parking sensors to detect and record any movements after you parked the car. This dual dash cam comes with GPS and real-time collision triggered recording. This dual dash cam permits you to lock important visuals and thereby stops overwriting in loop recording mode. The camera is coming with an additional 8GB SD.

Key Features: Front Camera: 1920x1080P 150° FOV | Rear Camera: 1920x1080P 140° FOV | Support Up to 128GB | Infrared Night Vision | Parking Mode | GPS | Collision Triggered Recording | Buy from: Amazon

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The dual dash cam is a great cost-effective investment and can be a good companion for taxi drivers to record interior footage. A dual dash cam is coming with front and rear dash cams to record street and interior, at the same time. The interior dash cam is coming as fixed on the same housing. These types of dash cams are good for recording inside the vehicle and ideal for taxi, cab, Uber, and Lyft drivers.

Dual Dash Cams for Uber, Lyft, and Taxis: FAQ

Can Uber drivers use a dashcam?

Yes, Uber allows drivers to install and use video cameras, dash cams, or other recording devices on the vehicle. In fact, installing cabin surveillance cams aren’t unlawful in the US.

What dashcam fits the Uber or the Taxi drivers’ use?

The Taxi or the Uber drivers should go for at least a dual dash cam that offers cabin footage recording. There is also the triple channel dash cam that suits the taxi drivers.

What is a 3 channel dash cam?

A 3 channel dash cam features 3 camera modules. It includes a front-facing, interior-facing, and rear-facing camera to capture video of what is happening in and around your vehicle.

Can you leave the dash cam on all the time?

The modern dashcams could now be hardwired. This lets you get complete and comprehensive video surveillance 24/7.

Do dual dash cams offer smart connectivity?

Most of the modern dual dashcams feature inbuilt GPS and WiFi. This lets you stay connected online and enjoy a wide range of smart features.

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