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44 Best Google Home Games to Play with Family

Google Home, coupled with Google’s virtual Assistant, is not just for streaming music and others. But Google Home is filled with some of the best and most vast collections of Google Home games that you play. Everything from a virtual guessing game to puzzles, an arcade, and more, you will be amazed by the collection.

These smart speakers can help you wander in the worlds of the unknown at your home. But what games can you play on Google Home? If that’s the question, we have the answer. 

Best Google Home Games

  1. Adventure Games
  2. Family-friendly Trivia Games
  3. Classic Arcade Games
  4. Fun Guessing Games
  5. Party Games
  6. Math Games
  7. More Google Home Games
  8. Google Home Games: FAQs

Adventure Game for Google Home

Sub War

Sub War puts you in a tactical situation where you are a caption of a submarine. You have a mission to destroy other submarines based in the Acton Straits and be victorious. There’s limited ammo at your disposal, and your location can be tracked with every shot you fire, so beware.

The Magic Door

If you are looking for exciting adventure games on Google Home, try The Magic Door. It lets you go through many stories where you wander through a garden, forest, and ancient temple. It enables you to find puzzles and hidden items. It is a long-form game, so you won’t be discovering everything all at once.

The Darkness at Innsmouth

One of the masterpieces from Lovecraft, this horror game is the first installation. It takes you on a professor’s journey investigating mysterious events. Google Home will take you to a whole new voice-based game experience.

The Pilgrim and the Guardian

This is another puzzle/guessing game for you. A pilgrim has arrived at the gate of a temple at the end of the forest. A guardian is standing at the entrance, and he knows the password. The catch is he can’t say it out loud, but he can say puzzles or hints. It would help if you answered it to open the gate.

The Vortex

If you are looking for interactive games on Google Home adventure games, try The Vortex. A fully immersive voice-based game takes you to space where you need to eliminate an alien entity from an abandoned spaceship and survive the Cortex. The game does offer excellent character development that adds to its USP.

Jungle Adventure

Check out Jungle Adventure, where you search for lost temples through caves and jungles. What you do and choose defines the ending of this voice-assisted game.

The Game of Castle

Check out The Game of Castle, often called one of the best games on Google Home; it offers a rich RPG adventure-based game. It has a series of scenarios you can go through by choosing the right options and prospering through the stages.

6 Swords

One of the best adventure games on Google Home, 6 Swords, is similar to Dungeons and Dragons. It takes you on an adventurous journey where you can club with six companions in a voice-based RPG layout. Explore dungeons, castles, and cities and strive to loot a stash of gold, fighting monsters.

Family-Friendly Trivia Games for Google Home

Star Wars Trivia Challenge

Do you think you know all about Star Wars? Try the Star Wars Trivia Challenge and test your knowledge. Andi Gutierrez and Anthony Carboni deliver questions, and you need to exercise your knowledge to earn points. The questions are from the four Star Wars films and follow a multiple-choice answer pattern.

Mandy Star Trek Trivia Game

Can’t get enough of the Star Trek film franchise? Test your knowledge of the Mandy Star Trek Trivia Game, where you must answer questions based on the Star Trek movies.

Brainstormer Trivia

If you love trivia, you’ll love Brainstormer Trivia too. It uses the same old multiple-choice questions to test your general knowledge. Do you know it all, or are you someone who wants to find out things? Try Brainstormer Trivia. Summon it with the command, “Hey, Google, talk to Brainstormer Trivia.”

Animal Trivia

Let’s see how much you know about the animal kingdom with Animal Trivia. Just say, “Hey, Google, play Animal Trivia.” Google Assistant will ask you a few questions that you need to answer. It will also explain questions like “Do octopuses have three hearts?”. The game helps you learn facts about animals on the go. Google Trivia games for Google Home, and you will find them.

‘Friends’ Trivia

So you think you know everything that happened at Central Park or Rachel or Joey’s apartment? Test your knowledge with this little trivia game based on the sitcom “Friends.” Impress others by answering correctly.

Lucky Trivia

Summon Lucky Trivia on your Google Home and set out to play solo or in a group. The Assistant will ask you random questions that you need to answer correctly. Test your luck, score the highest, and win it amongst your friends or family. It is one of the games that you can Google trivia-based voice-assisted game categories.

Fortnite Quiz

Fortnite is a massively popular battle royale game with millions of users. If you are one of them, you certainly know a lot about Fortnite, or do you? Check out this irresistible Fortnite Quiz on Google Home to test your game knowledge. Let’s see what you score.

Movie Quiz

Another great Google Home game is Movie Quiz. As the name suggests, it is a quiz about movies from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and above. You can play it with your family guessing the name of a film after Google Home plays a small clip. You can summon it by saying, “Hey Google, talk to Movie Quiz,” and it is on.

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Classic Arcade Games


Akinator is a genie who can read your mind. The game takes you on a guessing” ride. Say, “Hey Google, let me talk to the Akinator” on your Google Home. It would help if you thought about a popular character, and Akinator would figure out who you are thinking about. Note that you need to answer accurately for Akinator to guess the person. It can be a fictional character, as well.

Classic Hangman

It is another guessing game you can play on Google Home devices. You have to guess the missing alphabets in a word. You have multiple lifelines, and answering each incorrectly takes the hangman toward his end. Play it with all your wits and win big, at least in the game.


If you love card games, 21BlackJack is a must-try on Google Home. The game lets you play the game virtually. You can command Google Home to “shuffle” the deck or “deal.” It will keep the scores to determine who is the ultimate master of the game. Undoubtedly, it is one best options for your ‘What games can you play on Google home’ query.

Tic Tac Toe

This virtual game of Tic Tac Toe offers a twist to the much-played game of Xs and 0’s. Instead of writing on paper, you have to visualize it and play, forming a line of Xs or 0s to win it.

Crystal Ball

Just a simple but exciting game to play, Crystal Ball is a virtual fortune teller game. You can summon it by saying, “Hey, Google, let’s play Crystal Ball,” and there you have it. The game will take your questions and answer by either saying ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

Fun Guessing Games for Google Home


Have you ever played the ‘Guess a song’ game? This game does the same by playing a song snippet, letting users identify it. You can choose between the various music genres. The game is to either identify the song title or the artist correctly. You can get a hint and three options to get the answer right.

Guess My Age

Another guessing game on Google Home, this game does what it is called. It asks you questions that you need to answer now. It is trying to guess your age based on the answers.

Mystery Sounds

Test your hearing and memory with Mystery Sounds. The game plays everyday sounds and asks users to listen and identify the object emanating from them. Score higher by answering correctly.

Guess the Founder

Also known as “Who Invented,” it is a fun trivia game about inventions and who invented them. It takes you on a historical journey where you need to answer correctly. In this game, you can learn facts about the world in a truly pulsating, unique way.

Taylor Swift Lyrics

Taylor Swift fan? Try this game and match up with Taylor’s lyrics. The one who matches correctly with the titles of her songs gets applause.

Party Games for Google Home

Mad Libs

If you love weaving stories, Mad Libs is for you. Add a few words and use them to create a ridiculous story. You can enact it with friends or play it with the Virtual Assistant.

Ding Dong Coconut

No game on the Google Home list is complete without mentioning Ding Dong Coconut. The game takes you on a journey testing your memory. It clubs a sound with a sound answering which you win the round. Play as many rounds as you can with Ding Dong Coconut.

Absurd is the Word

This is a somewhat different game altogether. It will ask you questions and two options to choose from. You can answer either of the ‘absurd’ choices, but the one with the majority of choosers will win.

Truth or Dare

Bored? Try Truth or Dare on Google Home and set out on the journey to complete the ‘dares’ and answer the ‘truths.’ The Assistant will shoot questions you need to attempt with friends or family.

Never Have I Ever

Are you searching for interesting games on Google Home? The Never Have I Ever is one of them. The Google Assistant asks you questions that you and your friends need to ask. Try, “Never have I ever driven a car.”

Musical Chairs

You don’t need a degree to understand what this game does. Instead of asking someone to start and stop music for you, ask Google Home to do it. Just say how many people are playing, and you are good to go. The game is the survival of the quickest. There are a few silly dances that Google Assistant asks you to do to add a zing.

Math Games

Math Logic

Train your brain with Math Logic, an interesting game that uses numbers and logic for gluing its users. It will throw bizarre arithmetic questions, such as “What’s 6 Mbps with 7 Gbps?” You’ll have to answer it. It also considers general knowledge, making it a useful game to play.

Number Recall

How much memory do you retain? If you want to know, try Number Recall on Google Home. It’s a game of a sequence of numbers that the Assistant will call out and ask you to repeat. If you get it right, a number will be added to the series for you to repeat. And if you get it wrong, a number will be removed to recall it.

1-2-3 Math

One of the best Google Home games for kids, 1-2-3 Math, lets you test their or your necessary math skills. It asks questions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and you need to answer them as quickly as possible.

Reverse Math Game

The game is a bit tough at first. Unlike other math games, here you have the answer and a criterion. Your task is to find the equation that would result in the answer, as mentioned above. Easy? Try Reverse Math Game for a change.

More Google Home Games

This or That

Have you ever played “Would You Rather”? This is the same concept where you are given two scenarios and have to choose one. Google has made it kid-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about objectionable questions.

Wait Wait Quiz

If you are an NPR fan, you already know this game. It is an interactive game with the voices of Peter and Bill, where they’ll ask you a few questions to fill in the blanks on the news. You must complete the news questions to stay ahead of others. There’s also a lottery to win every week.

Lizard Spock

Do you remember playing Rock Paper Scissors? This game takes it further by adding Lizard Spock in the combination. It’s a task to know which kills what, and you are playing it with an AI.

Name Game

Have some mad rhyming skills or want to brush it up, Name Game on Google Home lets you do just that. Just say, “Hey, Google, play the name game with [name], and there you go. You have to rhyme anything with the name you said to get more brownie points.

Mickey Mouse Magic Show

Just say “Mickey Mouse Magic Show” and set out on a quest to help Mickey House reach the venue on time. The game lets you choose between options that dictate what Mickey would do on his journey. You win when Mickey reaches the venue for his magic show on time.

Maui’s Music Game

It’s a magical game with Maui that you can play with your family. It takes you on a journey to get Maui’s fishhook back. You can listen to the monsters that you need in the game. Colorful shells on the way are filled with music you will get as a reward.

Sound Pet

Sound Pet is a combination of Pokemon and Tamagotchi. It converts your Google Home smart speaker into an imagery animal. You have to take care of the imaginary animal and do fun with it. Choose whatever animal you want as your pet.

Google Home Games: FAQs

What Games Can Google Home Play?

Google Home is a den of various games from various categories, including adventure, guessing games, trivia and quizzes, education and reference, party and classic arcade games, and others. There’s a huge collection of games to choose from.

How to Ask Google Home to Play Spelling Games with My Kids?

A simple command to the Google Assistant, i.e., “Hey Google, spell the word [add what you want it to spell]. Other commands include “How to spell [word or words],” “Synonyms for [add the word],” or “What is the definition of [the word’] that should get it done? You can use games like Spelling Bee by Kevin Huang for spelling out games for kids.

Why Are Certain Games Not Available on Google Home?

Although Google Home has plenty of games on board, some might not be accessible. There are a few reasons behind it. The games in question might be region-specific. Or the games need specific phrases, which is why you can’t access them.

How to Add More Games to Google Home?

One way you can add any app or game on Google Home is by linking it to the Google Home app. Launch the Google Home app, tap on the account, and verify the paired device. Now, tap on Assistant> Explores and check out the list to find the app you want to link. Finally, tap on ‘Link,’ and it is done.

How to Play Games on Google Home?

Google Assistant app pretty much takes everything into its hand. Summon the Assistant by saying “Hey Google” or “OK Google,” followed by a second command to launch a game with “Talk to [game name],” “Speak to [game name].” You can cancel the linked game by saying the command “Cancel.”

How to Fix Google Home Not Recognizing My Voice Issue?

Since we are talking about voice-assisted games here, recognizing voice is crucial for Google Home. If it isn’t responding for some reason, try retraining the Assistant.

You can do so by going to the Google Home app and hitting the personal icon. Now, proceed to More Settings under Google Assistant and to ‘Assistant.’ Next up, tap on Voice Match > Teach your Assistant your voice again‘.
Next up, hit the ‘Retrain‘ button, speak the phrases as said, and Google Home will start conversing with you on the newly recognized voice.

These are most of the popular games you would find on Google Home. Do let us know what game you find the most interesting to play. 

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