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10 Best Educational Apps for Kids in Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices are rather kid-friendly, making it a family TV solution for you. If you have a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick there are many educational apps for kids you can install on your Amazon Fire TV. Some apps on this list might require some parental guidance. Education covers a wide variety of topics.

Here are the best educational apps for kids in Amazon Fire TV or Fire Tv Stick.



CuriosityStream is the world’s first ad-free on-demand video streaming service for premium factual shows. Much of the content is exclusive which you won’t find anywhere else. The educational app for kids and adults includes convenient search functionality which lets you find shows based on the amount of time you have.

CuriosityStream is a great Amazon Fire TV app for kids but also for adults. There’s something to learn for anyone from any age group. The app requires a CuriosityStream subscription. With that you also get the ability to watch HD content on any number of devices.

Download: CuriosityStream

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BabyFirstBabyFirst is also an on-demand educational video streaming service. The educational app in Fire TV is geared specifically towards preschool children and toddlers. The service has been created by experts in child development, education, and psychology.

The kids’ educational app lets you control what your child sees, even though the content is kid-friendly. The content has been chosen from “high-quality channels and hundreds of episodes designed to aid learning.” BabyFirst claims to be the safest way for parents to introduce their kids to online digital learning.

Download: BabyFirst

Learn Spanish words with Smart-Teacher

Learn Spanish words with Smart-TeacherIf the name doesn’t already make it obvious, the Smart-Teacher app can help your kids, or you, or anyone else, learn Spanish. The learning app uses audiovisual means to teach correct pronunciations and spellings. The learning process happens via a fun and interactive game which makes it much easier and motivating for kids to learn.

As your kids play they’ll be adding more and more new Spanish words to their vocabulary. The range of topics is vast a varied and includes colors, human body parts, domestic animals, wild animals, animal body parts, birds, etc.

Download: Learn Spanish words with Smart-Teacher


PluralsightPluralsight is an educational Amazon Fire TV app that’s geared more towards kids that are already in school and adults. The educational app for kids offers various courses related to IT helping users acquire new skills.

Your growing kids can learn anything from JavaScript to Photoshop and more. Pluralsight contains over 6000 courses and new training are added every day. Users can bookmark courses, create playlists or download them for offline playback.

Download: Pluralsight


TED TVTED Talks are pretty popular across multiple platforms. But in case you haven’t heard, TED is a platform featuring speakers from various walks of life. You can find talks on pretty much any topic ranging from science to global issues.

The educational app for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick suggests new videos everyday on the home page. The content is geared mostly towards teenagers and adults. The TED TV app is available in 21 languages. The learning app for Fire TV also supports play, pause, fast-forward, etc. functionality via Google Assistant.

Download: TED TV


MasterClassMasterClass features more than 100 instructors across a varied variety of topics. The topics range from arts & entertainment to writing, business, food, home & lifestyle, music, sports & gaming, and more.

The length of classes can be as short as 10 minutes, so they are easier to fit into your schedule. New classes are added every day to the streaming service. Users can easily resume watching from where they left across multiple devices.

Download: MasterClass

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Sight Word Recognition

Sight Word RecognitionSight Word Recognition is targeted at kids from first to third grade, and it aims to teach them some words if it wasn’t obvious. Not just any random set of words, however. Educator Dr. Edward William Dolch developed a list in the 1930s-40s containing the most frequently occurring words in children’s books of that era.

This list contains 220 Non-nouns (pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and verbs) and 95 nouns. Together this constitutes over 50% of the words that you children will read in Kindergarten through third grade.

Download: Sight Word Recognition

Animal Math Preschool Math Games

Animal Math Preschool Math GamesIn this math game for toddlers, your kids join the farmer Lily and explore the farm with the counting sheep named Sherman and the mischievous matching frog Pete. There are other barn animals in the game as well which includes over 100 games. The objective is to help Lily’s barnyard buddies find a way home. The game encourages kids to play and learn more with positive encouragement, professional narration and catchy music. The games have been designed specially for kindergarten students by teachers and parents.

Download: Animal Math Preschool Math Games

Prodigies Music Lessons

Prodigies Music LessonsIf your kid is into music, it might be best to hone that talent. Prodigies Music Lessons focuses on providing music lessons exclusively. This on-demand video streaming educational app for Fire TV is free of other distractions.

The course is designed for kids as well as parents and teachers. Your kids will be able to join Mr. Rob and a colorful cast of other characters as they learn to sing hundreds of family-friendly melodies, songs, and classical pieces. The app is suitable for kids ages 1 to 14.

Download: Prodigies Music Lessons

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Word Family Factory

Word Family FactoryWord Family Factory is an excellent app for Fire TV or Fire TV Stick if you want to teach your kids about word family. The app can help toddlers get a basic idea about word families, ie, words with similar patterns or sounds. Certain levels are provided in the Fire TV app to learn and pursue each of them with practice.

There are two modes in the word game app for kids on Fire TV – practice mode and play mode. The practice mode lets the kid learn more about the words, families and more. The real game starts in play mode and will be competitive enough for the toddlers to grab knowledge soon enough.

Download: Word Family Factory

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This list contains only the free educational apps available on Amazon Fire TV for kids. The platform has a number of paid apps available as well as free apps. However, app recommendations on this list cover kids of pretty much all ages. So, we doubt you would need any other paid apps. If you think there is an app that should be on this list, let us know in the comments.

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