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7 Best Cross Platform Password Managers for Android, iPhone & PC

When you search for a secure password manager, you can get tons of them. However, there is only a limited choice when you search for the best password managers for smartphones and PC. A good password manager should work on all platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. And all these cross-platform password keepers must have the option to sync between these different platforms.

Let us see the list of best cross-platform password managers that support and sync Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.



LastPass is one of the best password managers among all other password apps. The LastPass password keeper app is accessible on all devices like smartphones and PCs. This app offers better sync between smartphone devices, allowing the stored username and password to log in from any device.

A logged-in user can save login user ID, password, and other private information in this password manager. Your data is always protected with multi-factor authentication and TouchID (if available). This password manager app will suggest the best strong passwords using a built-in password generator.

LastPass facilitates an organized folder view for easy access and secure sharing with peers. This password keeper supports the browser autofill forms using the information saved on the LastPass app. The LastPass Enterprise is the premium version. The features include employee accounts management, member sharing, security policy, Active directory, etc. It can store up to 1GB of encrypted files.

The cross-platform support of the LastPass Password manager provides the same password manager solution to almost all devices. In addition to this, they offer browser extensions. That option is only present as a premium feature.

The free user can only get the functionality with a single device. Android and iOS apps provide the accessibility function of autofill apps. Trusted family members can access your Vault using the Emergency mechanisms. The option of importing and exporting vault data can also be a beneficial feature when switching between password managers.

Encryption: AES-265 bit encryption and Two-factor authentication | Supporting Cloud: Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneNote | App Server: Yes | Cost: Subscription | Price: $ 2/month for premium | OS Support: Mac | Windows | Android | iOS | Web


DashlaneWith an automatic password changer, DashLane is one of the best password managers for Mac Windows and Smartphones. Inheriting a user interface refresh in 2016, the password manager is now sharp and easy to use with the best security.

This app securely stores the user id and password details along with the user’s credit card data, passport, and other ID. The features like easy auto-login, auto-fill form, password generator, user-configurable storage options, receipt storage, and instant ordering from online shops using stored information make this app an all-in-one solution for passwords.

DashLane password keeper changes all saved passwords when a site is compromised. The purchase tracking and digital wallet features allow making online purchases even with websites where you don’t have an account.

We can choose between the storage of the data options: either local storage or backed up and synced to the cloud. Dashlane will be free of charge for life for a single device. This password keeper app comes with support for all major platforms and syncing available across devices while using the premium version.

The password manager also provides auto-renewal of your subscriptions. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. After purchase, you can manage the subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings.

Encryption: AES-265 encryption and Two-factor authentication | Supporting Cloud: Dropbox, GDrive, Box and OneNote | App Server: Yes | Cost: Available in free and subscription | Price: $ 3.33 for Premium | OS Support: Mac | Windows | Android | iOS

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KeePassSome great things in life are free, and Password managers are no exception. KeePass Password is a free, portable, and open-source password manager. KeePass’s free password manager can be used for Mac, Ubuntu, and Windows, allowing users to access almost all the features for free.

The features include encryption, auto-typing, password generator, database transfer, and import and export functions apart from the storage of passwords. This free Password keeper offers portable and installer versions of the app and the database are stored locally without any cloud upload, which will be preferential to some users. KeePass app is portable as it can be installed on different storage hardware. The KeePass password keeper has the best encryption (AES-256), and even the fields are not visible to the internal system processes.

Keepass is an efficient password manager even though it is coming as an open-source. This open-source password manager has many variations as Android and iOS apps that are offered by various developers.

Most of all, the KeePass password manager also includes a dedicated Linux version available as the appropriate software repository. The option of importing and exporting databases in the form of .csv files is a significant advantage. The application allows two types of secure unlocking.

You can unlock with a master password or by a master key stored on local or portable hardware. The one disadvantage of this password manager is it does not have a sync option, as it is locally stored. In addition to it, it does not have an official iOS or Android app to sync between devices. For that reason, you’ll need to use third-party alternatives.

Encryption: AES-265 encryption | Supporting Cloud: Dropbox, GDrive, Box and OneNote | App Server: Yes | Cost: Free | Price: Free | OS Support: Mac | Windows


1Password1Password, developed by AgileBits Inc, is award-winning software that serves as a platform to store passwords and software licenses. This app supports almost all devices, and the perfect sync will enable users to access the details on any device.

Due to the flexible and organized way of obtaining information using a brilliant UI, this password manager helps to safeguard the details in multiple vaults. For advanced phones, your stored data can be protected by TouchID. In addition, two-factor authentication is available for additional security, provided by an app like an authenticator.

This app provides team and family accounts, and sharing among them is much more comfortable. The user can set up a master password, and the stored passwords are fully encrypted by a local key that protects them from online attacks.

1Password app also contains a password generator, auto-fill functions, custom fields for storing information, and an auto-lock function, which will lock the app from unwanted access. You can save all your passwords with a single click, and it provides everything that is needed to secure the business. Memorize the one password unlocking all the accounts. This password keeps the app and supports the Touch ID, allowing more functions with a single tap.

1Password.com is a monthly service that costs $3.99 for individuals or $6.99 for a five-member family. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. The purchased subscription can be managed in your iTunes Account Settings. Cancellation of a purchased subscription will not be entertained after the subscription is done.

Encryption: AES-265 encryption | Supporting Cloud: Dropbox, GDrive, Box, and OneNote | App Server: Yes | Cost: Free for 30 days and Subscription-based | Price: $2.99 for individuals and $4.99 for families | OS Support: Mac | Windows | Android | iOS


LogMeOnceLogMeOnce is one of the best password managers that comes without a password that uses Photo login to sign in apart from the usual PIN and TouchID. This password keeper also contains a wide variety of features and options, including the unique Mugshot feature that tracks the hacker’s location and details along with the person’s photo and audio. The protection of passwords employs the best technology and offers Secure Backup & Restore along with secure sharing.

The LogMeOnce app also comes with a password scorecard and tracks the password’s success in four ways using safety analytics. The suitability of the password is decided by monitoring the strength, essence, daily usage, and access activities. The password generator utilizes password Dialer to generate unique, strong passwords.

This app has different editions like Consumer, Business, and Enterprise, catering to all users. The user can decide the storage location of their credentials in the LogMeOnce password manager app. Finally, A secure browser is also available in this app to access the internet without any hassles.

Encryption: AES-265 encryption and Two-factor Authentication | Supporting Cloud: Dropbox, GDrive, Box and OneNote | App Server: Yes | Cost: Free | Price: None | OS Support: Mac | Windows | Android | iOS

Sticky Password

Sticky PasswordWith the Sticky Password app, you can manage all your passwords as well as unlimited personal data in secure memos. The password manager for Android stores all such information and credit card numbers for safe sign-in and express check-out. Users can synchronize the data across the devices selectively. Fingerprint secures the data and PIN along with a master password.

This app captures even oddball logins and gives alerts to the user in online console manager devices. The Sticky Password keeper allows you to connect to the same Wi-Fi network and control the data sync options between devices and to the cloud. Sticky enables the users to manage bookmarks using the app irrespective of the browser used.

Sticky Password app contains an embedded browser that can be used as a trusted browser for accessing the websites. Creating a valid Sticky Account during the first run wizard is required to enjoy full synchronization features. The cloud backup and synchronization features to any device included in Sticky Password Premium are $19.99 per 1-user/1-year only.

Encryption: AES-265 encryption and Fingerprint Scanning | Supporting Cloud: Dropbox, GDrive, Box, and OneNote | App Server: Yes | Cost: Free and Subscription-based | Price: $29.99 for one year and $149.99 for a Lifetime license | OS Support: Mac | Windows | Android | iOS


RoboFormBesides storing passwords, RoboForm doubles up as a smart form filler. The RoboForm password manager from the industry expert developer also works as a password auditor and generator.

The user may begin by creating a RoboForm account online, which is quick and simple to make. For Windows 10, an extension is available for the Microsoft Edge browser at the Windows Store. With the updated user interface, the password manager is much simpler to use for novice users.

It has functions like Autosave, Autologin, Autolock, a built-in RoboForm browser, and better synchronization between devices. The data is secured using a Master password, PIN, and TouchID. Furthermore, options are available for multi-step login and OTP dual authentication. The app is accessible on all major platforms and keeps every device up to date with advanced syncing technology.

Encryption: AES-265 encryption | Supporting Cloud: Dropbox, GDrive, Box, and OneNote | App Server: Yes | Cost: Free and Subscription-based | Price: $19.95 for Everywhere and $29.95 for Business | OS Support: Mac | Windows | Android | iOS | Web

There are two types of syncing methods offered by these password managers. The first one is the password manager keeps an account for the user in their server. They synchronize the data to and from all platforms. The second option is using a local encrypted file that passes through a cloud drive (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox) to sync between other platforms. In the second method, the servers do not store user data, which is my favorite choice.

For every online account created, the owner has to ensure a secure password is used to avoid any data compromise and leakage. For this, many password manager apps are available that will secure every password through proper encryption. Keeping the same password for multiple online services is like an invitation to hackers. In case that single password gets into the hand of a hacker, all the other accounts will get compromised and accessible.

We can avoid overloading the brain by using the best password manager available for our devices on any platform like Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Some of the best password manager apps for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows are listed here to aid you in protecting confidential data from another person’s access. Since the best service needs a price, you will find that most password manager apps are paid.

The password manager stores the login details with proper encryption under a master password. All that we would need to remember is this master password. Then, we can efficiently use complex passwords for every login and use the password manager app to store them. Some of the password-keeper apps will serve as a form filler by inputting the required details on the required pages. It needs permission from the user to do that.

No matter how strong you keep your password, there are chances that you may easily hack or forget it. There is always a possibility that hackers might find a way to hack into the account. Strengthen your lines of defense with this iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows password manager app. Using these Password managers, organizations can control any data breaches. This can ensure easy and accessible logins throughout the devices. The option of having multiple paid and free password managers will ensure that we can switch apps with minimal effort.

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  1. No word about Enpass? I’ve been using it for a several years without a single problem and it’s also likely the cheapest one.


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