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10 Best Educational Apps for Students to Learn from Home

By this year, we learned that education is not always about textbooks and homework. Your smartphone is a tool for learning now. There are plenty of educational apps available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. These apps enable students to learn from home.

You are going to see some of the best educational apps for Android and iOS devices.



 edX is one of the best learning apps out there. It is or students who want to pursue higher education from their homes. You can learn many courses from various institutions using the app. It gives you access to more than 2000 courses in different subjects.

Experts from top international universities create online courses in edX. This includes courses from MIT, Harvard, Oxford, and many Ivy League Universities. The university credit with a certificate will help you to build a career in any industry.

Key Features:

  • Free to use
  • 2500+ online courses
  • Curated content by top international institutions
  • Covers all subjects
  • Interactive quizzes and exams
  • Course completion certificate

Get edX: iOS | Android

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Khan Academy

Khan AcademyKhan Academy is a popular free education app for learning any desired topic. You can brush up on statistics, music notation, geometry basics, or anything you want. It includes everything from math and computer science to art and history. Students can also prepare for SAT, MCAT, GMAT, LSAT, NCLEX-RN, and many more exams using the app.

It is easy to use the app and track your progress. The video tutorials and lessons in the Khan Academy app make learning very simple. The videos are designed to appear as if the instructor is using a virtual blackboard.

Khan Academy has a massive library of interactive exercises and articles as well. You can take quizzes, practice exercises, and do a lot more in the app. You can also bookmark or download any preferred content in the app.

Key Features:

  • Free to use
  • Covers all subjects
  • Extensive library of articles
  • Video tutorials
  • Interactive exercises
  • Automatic sync for progress tracking

Get Khan Academy: iOS | Android


UdemyUdemy is another popular learning platform for students. The learning app gives you access to over 130,000 video tutorials spanning more than 2000 topics. You can learn any desired course using the app, be it coding, data science, or digital marketing. It even allows you to learn a new skill set and prepare yourself for the changing trends of any industry.

Expert instructors create the courses in Udemy from top international institutions. The study material in the app is available in more than 60 different languages. You can even download content and access them offline. There is an audio-only mode in the Udemy app too. This allows you to listen to the tutorials on the go.

You can choose from free or paid courses as per your budget and learning requirements. Udemy gives you lifetime access to the study material as you take a class. It also has a great community of students and instructors. You can ask for help and clear your doubts whenever you feel stuck somewhere.

Key Features:

  • Free/Premium.
  • Covers over 2000 subjects.
  • Study material available in 60+ languages.
  • Interactive video tutorials.
  • Audio-only mode.
  • Offline access.

Get Udemy: iOS | Android


Learning AppsDuolingo is a free app that helps you to learn a new language. It offers a fun and engaging way to learn over 30 languages. The app also has many interactive games and activities. These help students hone their linguistic skills.

Duolingo has short lessons for speaking, reading, listening, and writing. This helps to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation. The app also offers you a customized language learning experience. You can start with basic phrases and sentences. And learn new words every day.

Duolingo adapts to your learning style and offers tailored exercises. This helps you to learn and review vocabulary. It claims that 34 hours of learning is equal to a semester of university-level education. You can earn virtual coins to get further content. As you learn, it opens new levels, and help you track scores.

Key Features:

  • Free with in-app purchases
  • Duolingo Plus membership available
  • 30+ international languages
  • Ideal for children aged three and above
  • Customized learning experience
  • Interactive games and activities

Get Duolingo: iOS | Android

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Free Education App

Photomath is another free educational app. It helps you to learn how to solve math problems uniquely. Unlike other educational apps, Photomath works offline as well. You can even study for ACTs/SATs. Plus, you can prepare for your academic exams using the app. It provides a vast library of solved math problems.

You can capture handwritten math problems with the app. It will give you the solutions. Else, you can type and edit equations using the scientific calculator. Photomath will then break it down into easy-to-understand and straightforward steps. This makes it very easy to learn and understand core math concepts.

Photomath will give you step-by-step explanations for every solution. It also provides different solving methods for each math problem.

Key Features:

  • Free with in-app purchases
  • Photomath Plus subscription available
  • One of the best educational apps for solving math problems
  • Scan printed and handwritten equations.
  • Multiple problem-solving methods
  • Offline mode

Get Photomath: iOS | Android


Free Education AppSoloLearn is also one of the best educational apps to learn to code. The app includes thousands of programming topics and concepts. You can access everything for free in the app.

It is helpful for everyone, from a beginner to an expert coder. SoloLearn can benefit you in a lot of ways. It covers all popular coding languages like PHP, Java, C++, Swift, Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The learning app also comes with a compiler to test codes. SoloLearn also has a friendly community of coders. It allows you to find the best peer support for your learning and development.

Key Features:

  • Free with in-app purchases
  • Covers all programming topics and coding concepts
  • A dedicated community of coders
  • Interactive tutorials on coding
  • Latest coding trends
  • Integrated code editor

Get SoloLearn: iOS | Android


Education AppsQuizlet is an app that makes learning easier and quicker. It offers you study sets and flashcards to practice. You can also choose custom study material created by other students. Over 50 million students use Quizlet. This gives you a huge catalog of study sets to explore.

You can find the relevant study material for any subject you want. Unlike many of the best educational apps, Quizlet does not focus on a single category. It covers everything from studying languages and history to arts and science. Quizlet is a free education app and does not need any sign-ups to access the study sets.

There are many interactive games and activities in Quizlet as well. It helps you to learn your subjects well and prepare for the exams. You can even test your memory or race against the clock in the app.

Key Features:

  • Free with in-app purchases
  • Premium plans available
  • Millions of pre-built flashcards
  • Customized study material
  • Practice tests
  • Supports 18 different languages

Get Quizlet: iOS | Android

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Best Educational Apps

Memrise is one of the popular language-learning apps. It allows you to explore and learn new languages. You can choose from different languages on Memrise. The app will guide to learn vocabulary through real-world use.

You can learn with native speakers using Memrise. This makes the learning experience more extensive and engaging. You can learn conversational phrases and perfect your skills with the help of locals. Memrise also has a lot of practice games to train your mind and have some fun. This includes Listening Skills, Speed Review, Difficult Words, and more.

Memrise also helps to improve your pronunciation. You can record the new words you have learned and see if you are saying it. You are free to choose how you want to learn and build a habit around it. This helps you to strengthen your linguistic skills.

Key Features:

  • Free/Premium
  • Pricing starts at $8.99 per month.
  • Ideal for learning a new language
  • Learn with native speakers
  • Interactive practice games
  • Offline access

Get Memrise: iOS | Android


Learning Apps

Brainscape is an interactive learning app. It has content from top publishers, schools, and educators from around the world. You can find study material for more than 1 million subjects in Brainscape. It is also used by students to prepare for SAT, MCAT, AP exams, and more.

The app offers a custom learning experience. It also has flashcards and tracks your progress. Brainscape allows you to create your own multimedia flashcards share with others.

The Pro version unlocks many options. It includes browsing mode, bookmarking, foreign language content, etc.

Key Features:

  • Free with in-app purchases
  • Brainscape Pro subscription available
  • Covers over 1 million subjects
  • Personalized learning experience
  • Curated content from industry experts
  • Allows creating and sharing flashcards

Get Brainscape: iOS | Android

Motion Math

Educational Apps

Motion Math is one of the most popular learning apps for kids. There are seven different learning games in the app. All these make the most challenging K-6 math concepts easy.

Cupcake aims to teach kids how to work around word problems and proportions. Hungry Fish focuses on the basics of math. Bounce helps children to calculate numbers and fractions. Likewise, the other games in the app train kids on different aspects of math problems.

Motion Math follows an innovative learning model. It teaches the foundations of math using interactive visuals. The aim of the app is to build math fluency and understanding in children.

There are over 900 levels of adaptive content available in Motion Math. Parents can track usage, learning progress, and mastery of math skills of their kids as well. All the stats and data will be accessible on the parent dashboard online.

Key Features:

  • Pricing starts at $2.99 per month
  • 7-day free trial available
  • One of the best educational apps for kids
  • Ideal for learning K-6 math concepts
  • Interactive visuals
  • Parent dashboard

Get Motion Math: iOS

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Choosing from the Best Educational Apps

Smartphones are changing our lifestyles. With the best educational apps, students can access any course or subject on the go. An education app will change the way you learn. It can even make the topics easier to understand. That is why even schools and universities are now promoting the use of learning apps.

There are a lot of educational apps out there, though. We have just listed a few of them in this post. You can try a free education app or go for the paid ones. In any case, make sure that the app covers the subject that you want to learn. Focusing on your needs will help you to shortlist the best educational apps much more relaxed.

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