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12 Best Educational Apps for Amazon Fire Tablets

Amazon offers a lot of free educational apps for kids to use on Amazon Fire tablet. The Amazon Fire is a pretty good, cheap and powerful tablet, best for Kids educational purpose. Amazon is using a Fire OS to power the tablet and offering a lot of free educational apps from the Amazon App Store. In addition to this, those who want to use the Android app on Fire Tab, they can install Google PlayStore on Amazon Fire tab.

Amazon Fire Educational Apps

Let us have a look at some of the apps that educate, share and give information about space, and teach alphabets, phonics, handwriting, math, and different languages.

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ABCmouse.com – Early Learning Academy

Early Learning Academy AppThe Early Learning Academy is the best educational app for kids who are in the nursery, first, and second grade. The app has all the subjects related to them. It makes their learning interesting by including interactive activities too. The app follows the standard syllabus. So, all the activities and books are in the English language but if needed, 900+ books are in Spanish. It has puzzles, songs, videos, animations, and printables. The app is all set for fun and reward-based learning. It has thousands of learning activities to fulfill it. To install it, 134.5 MB of free space is mandatory.

Download ABCmouse for Amazon Fire

Stack the States

Stack the States AppStack the state app costs $2.99 that requires 34.3MB device space to educate kids on the states. So for this price you get to arrange the states on the map and play with it. HD images of US landmarks, interactive maps, state flashcards, and games with applied physics are some of the highlights. You can choose a state icon from 50 of them to represent you while doing this. Questions based on states will be asked to test you. The main aim is to collect state icons by answering the questions correctly. Upon collecting state icons, you can track your progress on the map and unlock bonus games. Map It, Pile Up, Puzzler, and Capital Drop are the free bonus games. While you try to figure this out, you can enjoy the background music too.

Download Stack the States for Amazon Fire

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Learn Languages with Rosetta Stone

Learn Languages with Rosetta Stone AppRosetta Stones app has 20+ languages. Starting from basics to interactive sessions, it will try to enrich your language skills. You can gain confidence by choosing among various topics to converse on. The speech recognition feature is introduced to enhance your speaking skills. In order to hone a particular language, a phrasebook can be accessed for a quick reference. Even stories and audio lessons will be of great use. The language app is 66.8MB and is particularly designed for Amazon Fire tablet.

Download Learn Languages with Rosetta Stone for Amazon Fire

Kids A-Z

Kids A-Z AppThe app will serve as a mediator for teachers and students. Kids can access and utilize electronic resources to the maximum. And any doubts in lessons are clarified by the use of annotation tools. Upon completing the lesson, quiz will test your kid’s understanding. Then the teacher can automatically view the score and report of the test. This occupies a space of 29.6MB, which is lesser than the rest.

Download Kids A-Z for Amazon Fire

Starfall Free & Member

Starfall Free and Member AppThis Starfall app is somewhat similar to ABC mouse. This educational app yet again provides the learning that is best for kids. There are many topics such as plays, fiction, non-fiction, Greek myths, and Chinese fables in the stories section. It also comprises topics on maths and letters. It will interest your kids with songs, educational games and pronunciation of vowels too. In order to install this educational app for Amazon fire, free up 41.1MB.

Download Starfall Free & Member for Amazon Fire

Pinkfong Shapes & Colors

Pinkfong Shapes and Colors AppThe Pinkfong app is a colorful and lovely app. This Amazon Fire educational app focuses on learning of colors, patterns, size, and shapes. Through various activities, kids can distinguish different colors and shapes. It has songs to impress newcomers. While learning, your kid can play sorting games too. On moving from level 1 to 10, the complexity increases. On completing each level without any mistakes, kids can even collect prizes. So, before starting all these, kids get an option to choose from 5 languages. Kids can select their own preferred language to start and play with the app.

Download Pinkfong Shapes & Colors for Amazon Fire

ABC Phonics

ABC Phonics AppThe ABC phonics will teach your kids to read and write English. The app is also available in 8 other languages. Its way of teaching English introduces 26 educational games. Along with this, there is a tracing game that interacts with kids on uppercase and lowercase letters. Now the kids can remember the phonics well, as it has song animations too. To make it more memorable, capture the kid’s photo and frame it in your favorite photo frames.

Download ABC Phonics for Amazon Fire

Writing Wizard

If your kid is a beginner in writing and learning alphabets, then this app is the route map. Its interface is simple and hassle-free. Once you download the app, kids can start to learn trace and practice writing letters and numbers. To make tracing more joyful, there are colored pencils and 40 animated stickers. If your kid is facing any problem doing it, you can make changes in the tracing options. The kids can even hone their handwriting with almost 7 fonts. The kid has an option to play with the letters that animate after writing them. Adding to this, you can create a list of your own words through audio and make them trace and learn it.

Download Writing Wizard for Amazon Fire

ABC Kids

ABC kids AppNo doubt, this app is quite similar to Writing Wizard. This educational app will prove good for learning letters, phonics, and upper and lower case letters. Kids can learn letters just by tracing the current letter and identifying them. It creates a lovely play, to match letters and its respective images, and uppercase and lowercase letters. While learning, even the ads won’t disturb your kids. There will not be an issue with the app while working with it.

Download ABC Kids for Amazon Fire

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Star Chart

Star Chart AppIf you are a person who loves space and would like to learn about it, the Star Chart educational app is the one on Amazon fire. This app provides a splendid view of illustrated planets, stars, constellations, and other deep sky objects. If your device supports AR, then you get to see a night sky that looks too realistic. Otherwise, you can have a 3D view, which is also mind-blowing. As per the Star Chart estimation, there are about 1 lakh stars and 88 constellations. With State-of-the-Art, the chart also shows the suns and moons of all the planets, which is also picturesque. To include deep-sky objects, Star Chart has used the Messier catalog. You can choose from Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Korean languages.

Download Star Chart for Amazon Fire

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

Stellarium Mobile Sky appThe app costs $2.58 to download it on the fire tablet. Some of the features resemble that of the Star Chart app. Here you have a chance to gaze at 6 lakh stars, planets, deep-sky objects and more in the night sky. Based on GPS, the app will trace out our location and change direction accordingly. Depending on the directions it will figure out the stars. Apart from constellations which are official, asterisms are also presented here. Just like Star Chart, a detailed description of geographical features is also given. And it occupies very less space of 18.2MB on your amazon fire device.

Download Stellarium Mobile Sky Map for Amazon Fire


NASA AppThis app is developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It is available only in the English language. It updates day-to-day news to make everyone aware of its current missions. Even live streaming is possible from NASA station. If you have a keen interest in its past success and failure missions, and its insights, you can watch the videos on request. Images obtained from satellite and other sources are readily available to have a look at the past events. You get to see a very close and realistic view of the earth too, that is from ISS.

Download NASA for Amazon Fire

With changing times, technology has never been the same. Before, the school was the only source of education. But now, smartphones have turned out to be a good source too. There are educational apps for Amazon fire tablet that will prove worthy for you and your little ones learning. They tend to aim for fun based learning and engage in interactive activities. So as we see, these Amazon Fire educational apps will for sure help in drawing the attention of the kids. Just introduce it to them in their routine and see them learn.

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  1. ABC Mouse does not work properly on the Kindle (read the reviews) and Starfall isn’t even offered on the Kindle anymore. Doesn’t seem like the writer did their research.


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