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Is Your Mac Compatible with Mac OS Catalina?

Apple announced the next desktop operating system, Mac OS Catalina (Mac OS 10.15). This new Mac OS Catalina is going to support machines from Mid 2012. With Mac 10.15 OS,  Apple had been replaced iTunes with Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts. The remainder apps got extra features with new Mac OS. The Mac OS Catalina is supporting all latest models and compatible with Mac Pro 2013 model and 2012 MacBook Pro and Up.

Mac OS Catalina Compatible Models

Here is the Mac OS Catalina (Mac OS 10:15) compatibility list.

MacBook Models

  • MacBook: 2015 and later
  • MacBook Air: 2012 and later
  • MacBook Pro: 2012 and later

Mac Models

  • iMac: 2012 and later
  • iMac Pro: 2017 and later (all models)
  • Mac Pro: 2013 and later

Mac Mini Models

  • Mac mini: 2012 and later

Mac OS Catalina Availability

  • Developer Beta: June 2019
  • Public Beta: July 2019
  • Final Release: Fall 2019


This is the Mac devices compatible with Mac OS Catalina. You can see the preview and more details of the Catalina features from Apple Mac OS Catalina Preview Page. Compare to Mac OS Mojave, Catalina is not supporting Mac Pro old Versions, that is Mac Pro 2010 to Mac Pro 2012 are not compatible.

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