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12 Best Rearview Mirror Dash cams for Cars and SUVs

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A mirror dash cam consists of a collection of cameras positioned in the front or back of your vehicle. The camera footage is displayed on a digital display in the location where your rear camera would normally be. Thanks to this feature, drivers can see both sides of the road without difficulty. The mirror dash cam concept avoids the need to rear view the mirror and replaces it with a screen associated with the camera.

It is time to try your dash cam with this list of available mirror dash cams, and some of them come with 4K quality footage.

These are a curated list of the best value-for-money rear-view mirror dashcams that you can buy from Amazon.

Wolfbox Mirror Dashcam


  • USB-C supported for faster transmission
  • Wide-angle cameras record more views
  • Split screen enabled for better workflow
  • MicroSD-based recording storage


  • Build quality

Key Features: 12-inch LCD display | Wide angle cameras | Split screen support | 32GB MicroSD | USB-C for faster connection

The Wolfbox mirror camera records in 1080p on both the front and back with a built-in high-quality chip. When using only the front-facing camera, the maximum resolution is 1296p.

The G840S Mirror Camera has been completely changed from a Mini-USB socket to a Type-C socket. This change was made to make the process of using the camera more reliable and may help reduce restarting and high-temperature deformation to a considerable extent.

For safe driving and reversing, Wolfbox’s 170° front and 140° rear lenses give an ultra-wide vision that minimizes blind areas. You are able to concurrently view a dual-lens display if you make use of the smart screen split capability.

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WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera, 2160P Full HD Smart Rearview Mirror…
  • UPGRADED STUNNING 4K UHD – With the front cam’s resolution upgrading to 2160p from 1296p as of…

Akaso Mirror Dashcam


  • Large 2.5K display for crisp footage viewing
  • Dual camera supported
  • Night mode recording for better clarity
  • G-sensor collision detection
  • 32GB storage for storing videos


  • Poor tech support

Key Features: 12-inch 2.5K display | Dual camera | G-sensor | 32GB internal storage | GPS chip | Voice commands

The Akaso mirror camera enables dual lens recording, a front video resolution of 2.5K (2560 x 1440), and a rear-view video resolution of 1080p. This allows you to read important details such as traffic signs and vehicle license plates.

With its 12-inch IPS touchscreen, the camera is simple to use. There is an intelligent voice control feature, and the accuracy of command acceptance can reach up to 95%.

At night, its rear-view camera provides great video with precise picture clarity and vibrant color thanks to the usage of a Sony IMX335 Starvis sensor and Hisilicon Hi3556 CPU.

The old files will be overwritten when the SD card is full if you are recording in loop mode. The G-sensor detects a sudden impact and locks the collision film, so the dashcam won’t overwrite locked data; the Parking monitor operates as a surveillance camera setup while the car is parked.

AKASO Mirror Dash Cam 2K – 12” Front and Rear View Mirror Camera for Cars with Backup…
  • CLEAR FRONT VIEW AND REAR VIEW RECORDING: This mirror camera support dual lens recording, 2.5K (2560…

Pormido 2.5K Mirror Dashcam


  • Large 12-inch display
  • Longer cable for better camera connection
  • Wide Dynamic Range recording
  • 32GB expandable storage


  • Buggy firmware

Key Features: 12-inch LCD Display | 33ft long cable | 32GB expandable storage | Wide Dynamic Range Recording | G-sensor

The Pormido 12″Square rear view mirror gives you an extremely broad perspective of what’s behind you, reducing the number of blind spots and enhancing your ability to drive safely and reverse. You may see two displays side by side when using the smart screen split feature.

WDR technology and Sony sensors allow you to acquire crisper DVR pictures from both front and rear dashcams at 1296p, even in low light from other cars.

In addition to SUVs, pick-ups, campers, and minivans that use the smaller reverse camera, the 33-foot cable also works with larger automobiles.

PORMIDO 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 12″ Large Full Touch Screen Front and Rear View…
  • 【12 inch Larger IPS FULL SCREEN】- Upgraded from most rearview mirror cameras, PORMIDO 12″Square…

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Jomise Rear Mirror Dashcam


  • 24-hour parking monitor for extended surveillance
  • G-sensor for collision detection
  • It supports USB 3.1 specs
  • Dual camera setup enables precise recording


  • Frequent restarts

Key Features: 4K LCD Display | G-sensor | USB 3.1 support | Dual camera with wide angle | GPS chip is available | 24-hr parking monitor

The Jomise G814 streaming media dashcam features an 11-inch IPS full touchscreen that has a resolution of 1920 x 480 pixels

It has a 24-hour Parking Monitor that can only operate with an external power supply or with the Hardwire Kit. Whenever your vehicle is impacted by another vehicle and the G-Sensor Level is exceeded, a 20-second video is recorded and saved. When driving, the dual-lens dash camera’s GPS module records precise data on speed and location.

The Jomise Dashcam has 24 built-in pins, supports USB 3.1 high-speed transmission, and can be inserted and removed 10,000 times. When compared to the typical 5-pin mini-USB interface, it prevents issues such as black screens, restarts, deformation caused by high temperatures, and so on, which can arise when using the device.

JOMISE 4K Mirror Dash Cam, 11″ Rear View Mirror Camera, 2160P Rearview Mirror Backup…
  • 👆【Pullable Front Camera & 11″ IPS Full Touch Screen】JOMISE G814 dash cam mirror has been…

Pruveeo Mirror Dash Cam


  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Easy to Setup and Pair
  • Portable Design
  • Find My AirPods Pro


  • No USB-C charging
  • Available in White Color Only
  • Certain Features won’t Work on Android or Windows Devices

Key Features: Triple Cameras | 12-inch LCD display | Built-in Parking Monitor | Easy installation | Timelapse recording | High-performance CMOS | GPS Chip enabled

The Pruveeo J30 Dash Cam is attached to a standard rearview mirror using strapping during the installation process. It includes a front camera, a camera for the inside of the cabin, and a camera for the back, all of which are capable of concurrently recording video in full high definition 1080p.

The Pruveeo J30 has a built-in parking monitor that may be activated at any time. In the event of an accident, the dashcam is activated and begins recording. In addition, it’s capable of precise time-lapse recording, which enables continuous monitoring.

All three cameras include high-performance CMOS sensors that enable them to shoot HD video at 1080P and take crisp photos even in low-light conditions.

PRUVEEO 2K Mirror Dash Cam 3 Channel,Rear View Mirror Camera,Dash cam Front and Rear…
  • Triple Mirror DASH CAM: STREAMING MEDIA DASH CAM consists of three channel cameras: the front…

NexiGo D90 4K Dashcam


  • 11-inch 4K display for crisp viewing
  • Low light recording
  • Full HD video recording
  • Anti-glare reflective coating
  • GPS-assisted navigation support


  • Random freeze during recording

Key Features: 11-inch 4K Display | Full HD recording | Low light video | GPS assisted navigation | Split screen display

A combination of Sony STARVIS IMX415/307 sensors and HDR technology in the D90 ensures sharp images even in low light.

An ultra-high definition (UHD) camera with a wide field of view and 30 frames per second allows for more detailed photos and videos. Its 131-degree rear 1080P@30fps HD camera catches what’s going on behind the car, giving you complete peace of mind. You can even quickly swap between the front and back views.

In order to reduce blind spots when driving, the NexiGo mirror dash cam features an 11-inch touch screen with an anti-glare anti-reflective coating.

NexiGo D90 4K Mirror Dash Cam with Dual Sony Sensors, 11 Inch IPS Full Touch Split Screen,…
  • 【Dual Sony Sensors and Powerful Night Vision】The D90’s Sony STARVIS IMX415 and IMX307 sensors…

Kingslim 4K Mirror Dashcam


  • 12-inch 4k LCD display
  • Voice command for hands-free navigation
  • Dual camera supported
  • GPS for Maps and navigation


  • Random shutdowns

Key Features: 12-inch 4K LCD Display | GPS Chip | Voice command | Dual Camera support | Night vision cameras

The front and rear cameras of the Kingslim DL12 4K mirror dash cam use superior Sony sensors for clear, detailed nighttime footage. With the big aperture of f/1.8 and WDR technology, you can capture videos that are crystal clear and viewable at any time of day or night.

The 12″ IPS touchscreen makes it simple to configure the camera with your finger. There is an intelligent voice control feature, and the accuracy of command acceptance can reach up to 95%. When you are driving, you have the option to directly instruct the camera to start recording or to stop recording.

Using the dual dash camera’s GPS module, you can keep track of your vehicle’s position, route, and speed at all times.

Kingslim DL12 Pro 4K Mirror Dash Cam, 12″ Front and Rear View Camera for Cars with Dual…
  • Capture 4K Videos on the Details of Road Signs and Car Number: Front 4K(3840×2160) + rear 1080P…

Urvolax 11X Dashcam


  • Large display for brighter viewing
  • Wide Dynamic Range videos for clear footage
  • GPS assisted navigation
  • 30-sec collision detection recording


  • Customer service not great

Key Features: Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) | 12-inch LCD Display | GPS assisted navigation | Dual Camera | 3-0-sec collision detection recording | Wde angle cameras

Replicating the design of the original factory mirror, the Urvolax 11X dash cam mirror is an excellent replacement for the stock mirror. The hands-free voice control makes it easy to use this HD mirror camera, allowing you to concentrate more on driving.

At night, glare from other vehicles’ headlights may be minimized thanks to the front and rear mirrors’ WDR sensor IMX335.

Using the accompanying GPS Module, you may record your speed, position, and route to use as evidence in court. When a collision is detected, the hardwire kit connects the dual dashcam to the vehicle’s video system, which records for 30 seconds before shutting off to protect the battery.

URVOLAX 12″ Mirror Dash Cam Voice Control,Car Backup Rear View Mirror Camera with Detached…
  • 【Industry FIRST Factory Mirror Design with VOICE CONTROL】URVOLAX 11X dash cam mirror adopts…

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RedTiger Rearview Mirror Dashcam


  • Large 4K UHD display for better viewing
  • Dual cameras for parking assistance
  • Expandable storage for storing footage
  • GPS assisted navigation


  • Sync issue

Key Features: 11-inch 4K Display | Dual Camera | Wide Angle recording | GPS Assisted navigation | 32GB storage | Voice commands

It’s easier to see road signs and license plates with the higher resolution of the RedTiger T700 mirror dashcam, which captures footage in Ultra HD 4K 3840*2160P on the front camera and 1920*1080P on the back camera.

Additionally, the front 170° and rear 150° wide-angle lens dual camera ensure that the blind area is reduced and provides ample proof for rear-end crashes.

When compared to the standard rearview mirror, the 11-inch Streaming Media touchscreen offers more viewing area and is easier to operate than the older model.

The rear-view camera immediately turns to the reversing picture with an adjustable reversing helpline, so you may set the parking line manually to make parking simpler.

REDTIGER T700 Rear View Mirror Camera 11” 4K UHD Front and 1080P Mirror Dash Cam Front…
  • 4K+1080P REARVIEW MIRROR CAMERA – The REDTIGER T700 rearview mirror cameras records top quality…

Jansite Mirror Dashcam


  • Large display for a clear view
  • Real-time image transmission support
  • G-sensor for collision detection and locking
  • Wide Dynamic Range recording


  • Buggy firmware

Key Features: G-Sensor | 11-inch LCD Display | Wide Dynamic Range | Dual Camera Support | Enhanced Night Vision

The new 11inch Golden Ratio, which ideally suits your rearview mirror size, and the highest quality 1920*480px, makes Jansite dash cam more effective in vivid color presentation.

As a result of improvements in chip technology, the Jansite dash cam now provides Ultra HD video resolution up to 1920*1080p for both the front and back view cameras. The wide-angle mirror dash cam minimizes blind spots with real-time image transmission and full-screen viewing.

Upgraded 4K 10” Rear View Mirror Camera Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear Touch Screen Smart…
  • 🌟【2023 New Upgrade】New T79S is an upgrade from Jansite 2023 in T30S (ASIN : B08H5MHJ2K)….

Pormido Mirror Dashcam 12″


  • 6-layer glass with an advanced image sensor for better footage
  • G-sensor for collision detection
  • Large 12-inch display with split screen support
  • GPS assisted navigation


  • Split screen bugs

Key Features: 12-inch LCD Display | G-Sensor | GPS assisted navigation | 6-layer glass lens | Dual Camera support | Split screen view | 32GB storage

Pormido Dashcam’s Full Laminated mirror operates flawlessly in anti-glare from sunshine, and both front and rear vehicle cameras have 6-layer glass and Sony sensor IMX335.

You may modify the parking lines so that they are compatible with your car, making it much simpler to reverse. The rear camera wire that comes with most versions is 33 feet long.

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When you’ve parked, this HD mirror camera automatically goes on when it senses a collision and shuts off after recording an emergency video lasting 30 seconds.

PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam 12″ with Detached Front Camera,Anti Glare Full Touch Split Screen…
  • 【Industry FIRST 12 inch Split Screen Mirror with DETACHED Front Cam】PORMIDO front lens is…

IYING Mirror Dashcam


  • Wide Dynamic Range to record clearer videos
  • 32GB internal storage to store more files
  • Split screen view allows for better parking
  • GPS assisted navigation
  • Aux and FM Transmitter support


  • Not suitable for SUVs

Key Features: 12-inch LCD display | Wide Dynamic Range | GPS navigation | FM Transmitter | 32GB storage | Split screen mode | Bluetooth 5.0 | WiFi enabled

When combined with the IYING Dashcam’s WDR lens technology, the large aperture front, and rear lenses eliminate motion blur and color noise while also suppressing glare and compensating for backlight.

The use of loop recording enables recording to be done continuously. The dashcam comes with 32GB storage that can be upgraded to 256GB if the memory card is full.

This rearview mirror camera offers a simultaneous display of front and rear-view pictures on the screen, and it also supports selecting it as the default display mode, so that you may monitor the movements of the vehicle’s front and rear in real-time while driving, resulting in a safer driving experience for you.

Mirror Dash Cam Wireless CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto, Dash Cam Front and Rear Backup…
  • 【Newest Upgraded Dash Cam with Wireless CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto】 CarPlay & Android Auto…

Every day, road safety becomes more and more critical. Many safety accessories are pre-installed in your car to help keep you and your passengers safer on the road. It’s also possible to install your own 3rd-party safety devices in your car, such as a mirror dashcam.

Up until this point, we’ve gone through the top choices available on the market for a mirror dash cam, and we’ve also gone over the specifications and top features that come with each individual model. As a result, you may now pick the most cost-effective choice from our list.


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