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JOMISE K7 WiFi Dash Cam: Smart Enough to Remind You Green Traffic Light Change

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You can get hundred of dash cams from Amazon, but this Jomise K7 comes with unique features. This about you are in busy intersection and the traffic lights already changed. I see the riders are busy with texting on their phone while waiting on red. This smart dash cam is here to help those cell phone busy geeks. The dash cam can alert you when the traffic light change from Red to Green? Good enough?

See the completed review of the Jomise K7 WiFi dash camera comes with a couple of unique features to distinguish from the crowd. You can buy the Jomise K7 dashcam with 30% off using our coupon code under pricing.


The Jomise K7 is the newest addition to the range of compact dashcams. It comes packed with innovative features that make your drives safe to a great extend. This is by far one of the compact and stealthiest dash cam that we ever got to review. Yeap, we were overwhelmed by its wide array of features but most importantly, it does pull out a great deal of performance once the installation is done.

Jomise K7 Dashcam All Features

Jomise features a 170° wide-angle dash lens that can record footage in 1080P at 60fps. You can get the maximum resolution unto 1600P, and you have to compromise the fps to 30. The 170° wider view makes it easy to capture up to 4 lanes of traffic without any clarity loss. With excellent image processing algorithms and image enhancements, this compact dash cam is a game-changer at this price tag.

Watch Jomise K7 DashCam in Action

Talking about the features, the K7 offers everything a modern dashcam should have. There are the night vision and loop recording, inbuilt GPS, collision trigger, WiFi connectivity, smartphone app, and many more.

Jomise Smart Cam Menu

The Car Ahead Reminder and the Traffic Signal Reminder are the unique features that we never see before. These features make the Jomise K7 one of best and the charming dash cams you can ever get online. We tested them vigorously and found them truly innovative and essential. So move on, there’s a detailed review of everything about the K7 as you scroll down.

Design and Build Quality

The Jomise K7 as we said earlier is one of the smallest and stealthiest dash cams we ever got our hands-on. It is a single unit that houses both the display as well as the camera. The durable housing is made of good quality materials that tend to go well in the long run. The front cam is well placed on the front panel but might not really catch anyone’s attention.

There is a 2” touch screen that lets you access only the necessary settings and options. There is no other control buttons, and the touch display works well and sensitive like your phone display.

Jomise Smart Dash cam TouchScreen Quick Menu

We really liked it cause they kept it simple and limited owing to the fact that the display as well as the unit being compact. The camera on the K7 can record in 1080p at and 60fps. The wide angle lens also provides a 170° wider view.

The camera’s software is meticulously designed and is in tandem with the overall physical design of the K7. The simple design also favors quick and easy installation. We’ll get on to that as we go further. Overall, the design aspect makes it keep a low profile and that’s one of the necessities a good dashcam should possess.

Camera & Video Capabilities

The K7 features a Sony IMX415 front camera. It is capable of producing dynamic details compared to its peers that come at the same price tag. With the IMX415 front cam, you get a 170° wide angle view and records in 1080p at 60fps. You can adjust or set it to 1600p at 30 fps but as for us, we were satisfied with the 1080p video clarity as there was not much over exposure even during the afternoon traffic. The 170° view encompasses a wide area, enough to shoot a 4 lane traffic.

Jomise K7 Dashcam Day Shot (Watch Video)

The outstanding low light performance and the excellent IR night vision recording makes it a comprehensive driver-friendly dashcam. Based on our test, we were able to get a moderate quality of footage in night driving. The night vision recording is not so bad low light visuals. You can watch the day and night time footages to see the quality here (Watch Video).

Jomise K7 Dashcam Night Shot (Watch Video)

The footage is either stored on to the SD card that’s inserted or you can stream them live through your phone as the K7 comes with WiFi connectivity. Downloading the hiDashCam App lets you stream and download and even share visual, all within your smartphone. A small thing we felt is that they could’ve included a rear cam of at least 720p or 480p as there are quite a lot of “dual dashcams” that are now invading the markets.


Take a look at the overall spec of the Jomise K7. The specs should definitely indicate that it’s capable of outperforming its competitor based features and performance. It is variably one of the smallest and the most user-friendly dash cams that you could get online. The overall specs also indicate the max video recording resolution, list of key features, and storage capabilities.

Video Quality1080P @ 60FPS, 1600P (4K) @ 30FPS
Display2″ Touch Screen
Connectivity & SensorsWiFi, GPS, G-Sensor,
SecurityCollision loop recording, Parking monitor, GPS Tracking
Driving AssistanceCar ahead alert, Traffic green light alert
Recording EnvironmentBoth Day & Night support
StoragemicroSD Card up to 128GB


Talking about the connectivity, the Jomise K7 features GPS and WiFi as its primary mode of connection. The GPS is common on dash cams these days and it enhances the features like the parking mode surveillance, G sensor, and many more. The WiFi connectivity enables you to connect the dashcam with your smartphones.

The app lets change the dash cam settings, format micro SD card, and you can even access live footage on the go. It lets you download and share and save them right into your phone. The app is available on both the Android and iOS platforms, but we felt a bit of sluggishness with the iPhone app pairing at a point in time. This could be the lack of a pleasant UI, but that’s okay as there were fewer connection dropouts and we were satisfied with the all round performance.

DashCam App

The hiDashCam App (iPhone / Android) lets you do pretty much everything on the App itself. You can calibrate the angle fo the dash cam by seeing the cam footage on the screen, and you can change the recording resolution etc.

The video compression standard help you to save more number of footages on the SD card. You can adjust the camera alert volume, unit, language and all other parameters with the app.

The cam support geo-fencing and intelligent broadcast if you have a 4G SIM with it. The camera comes with additional SIM tray, but we never tested that feature on this unit.

Jomise K7 Features

The K7 might be small and compact but when it comes to the features, it includes a bit more from what its competitors have to offer. There are the necessary dashcam features like the G sensor, Collison Trigger, and much more but what we find innovative was indeed their biggest bet, the Signal Light Reminder, and the Car Ahead Reminder. We’ve tested all of them individually and here is what we have to say;

Smart Green Light Reminder

The Smart Green Light Reminder is one of the unique future comes with this camera. This feature reminds you as a voice alert when the when a traffic light turns green, while you stopped. The same image algorithm works in tandem to capture the traffic level and signal light status. When the green signal pops, the dash cam indicates you to start and move forward.

A thing to keep in mind is that it won’t even trigger when you’re far behind the traffic. Even if the signal’s visible, you should be within a range of the traffic light in order to get an effective indication. In that case, the second feature going to help you. The Car Ahead Reminder.

Jomise K7 Dashcam Smart Features

Car Ahead Reminder

This is the Car Ahead Reminder that comes into the picture where the Smart Green Alert Fails. The Car Ahead Reminder will remind you when the car in front of you starts moving away from you after a green signal.

This indicates whether there is a movement of the vehicle in front. The smart image algorithm captures the state of the vehicle in front and the voice indicates when the vehicle starts moving. This is useful when you’re stuck in traffic and you don’t need to be alert. The dashcam can alert you when the vehicle at the front moves.

But a thing to note is that the sensitivity is pretty good in day time, but in night time we noticed that the sensitivity is not perfect and sometimes the dash cam miss to alert you. Also you have to be reasonably close to the vehicle in order to trigger the reminder.

The good thing about it, for both reminders, you can adjust the volume along with the other alerts. Moreover, we weren’t able to adjust the sensitivity or the indicator volume.

There is no sensitivity adjustment for this both features. However, when the Car Ahead Reminder and the Green Signal Reminder work hand in hand, the dash cam becomes pretty much efficient.

What we experienced: We found the Green Signal reminder works at least for 3-4 car distance, day time nine out of ten. In night, some times dash cam hesitate to respond if you are behind a couple of cars, and all with enabled break lights. The car ahead reminder working 90% of the time in daylight. The dishpan struggle to realize the car movements in low light night conditions.

GPS and G sensor

The Jomise K7 comes with the inbuilt GPS and enhances the features like the Collision Control, Parking Monitor, and Loop recording. GPS enables you to record your location, speed, and trajectory. It lets you get real time data via the smart app. The footages come with a prior date and time stamp and also include the current speed data.

What we experienced: You can set the unit form imperial to metrics and that allows you to with between KMs to MPH. We set in MPH and found that the speed display is accurate compare to the car speedometer.

This WiFi Dashcam comes with the G sensor. It detects sudden collisions and will trigger auto recording the auto recording locks the current footage into your SD card and keeps it safe within a protected folder. The G sensor coupled with the loop recording gives crucial info that can in fact save you from potential hazards and insurance issues. The G sensor sensitivity is adjustable and offers a 5 level sensitivity. Keep in mind to set it up according to the required sensitivity in order to get the best output.

Loop Recording

The loop recording doesn’t need an introduction. Even the basic dashcams come with the loop recording. The Jomise K7 includes the loop recording that records footages when it is switched on. Even though the SD capacity is limited to 256GB, the dash cam rewrites old and outdated footages without causing stability or storage issues.

Like its peers, the loop recording performs well and does what it is intended to do. Not everything gets rewritten as important files that are recorded while in the event of a collision gets saved onto a special folder. These files are protected and can never be deleted even if loop recording is active.

Parking Mode

The Parking Mode surveillance helps you keep your vehicle safe even when it is parked. The dash cam automatically powers up and starts recording when motion is detected. The motion or pacts trigger auto recording thanks to the G sensor.

A thing to note is that there isn’t a motion sensor and that’s a major turn off when it comes to the Parking Mode. The parking mode triggers only when the G sensor senses impacts near the vehicle. This reduces the efficiency of the parking mode surveillance as most of the dashcams include motion sensors as well. Also, the dash cam needs to be hardwired in order to get complete and comprehensive parking mode recording to sustain.

What we experienced: You have to get a separate parking mode power cables to get this feature work perfect all the time.

Dashcam Installation

The Jomise K7 is pretty user friendly. The installation is so easy that all you need to do is to attach it to the windscreen of your vehicle and you’re done. It comes with a antistatic thing transparent screen. The dascam can attach on top of the sticker. This make sure that your windshield will be clean and no glue will remain there when you move the dash cam. This makes it less time consuming and easy to use. The device draws power from the 12V cigarette lighter port. A bit of adjustment keep the wires hidden and you’re done.

A thing to note is that if you’re planning to get all out parking mode surveillance, then your need wire it to the car battery. Apart from that, everything looks nice and easy.

What we experienced: The installation was pretty easy and the dash cam holder gives you up/down and left/right of movement to adjust the cam set in any desired angle. We are not sure about the stability of the antistatic sticker in extreme hot weather states.

What’s in the Box

With the whole delivery, you get the dash cam, mounting straps, and necessary documents. There isn’t much of a hectic installation and so there aren’t any tools or stuffs required. You get the user manual and the warranty documents and the 12V cigarette lighter port USB Supply and charger connector apart from the dash cam.


  • Great image quality within the price range
  • Includes WiFi and comes with smartphone connectivity
  • Touch Screen & App based interface
  • Real time footages that can be saved on to the phone’s camera roll
  • Built-in GPS
  • G sensors are pretty efficient
  • Comes with a reasonable price tag


  • Occasional glitches at the highest resolution
  • Traffic Signal reminder requires a bit more work in order to be fully efficient
  • The iPhone app is still buggy and hesitates to connect sometimes.
  • The antistatic sticker might need a replacement in the long run
  • Built with Li-ion, not ideal for hot places.

Key features: 1600P SONY IMX415 front cam | highest resolution: 1600p @ 30fps | Optimum resolution: 1080p @ 60 fps | 170° wide angle view | Inbuilt WiFi and GPS | Smartphone connectivity | Green Light Reminder | Ahead Vehicle Move Indicator | G-sensor | Loop recording | Parking Mode

What we experienced: Since the camera footage takes a good space on the SD card. The card never get’s full error because of the loop recording. However, we recommend you to use a 64GB/128GB camera to get all the footage when you go for a long trip.

Pricing and Availability

The Jomise K7 is a budget oriented dash cam that offers a great level of possibilities. It’s a good option to consider if security is a key aspect. It includes everything that a modern dash has or yet a step above. At present, you can get the Jomise K7 from Amazon for a price just below $200.

You can get the Jomise K7 WiFi dash camera for 30% off from Amazon using our coupon code 8HN286QR.

Having a dashcam is important as it can capture everything and anything that happens on the road. We don’t know when and how things might turn out and it’s better if you have a personalized CCTV right in your car to monitor everything. The Jomise K7 as you saw is one of the compact and the stealthiest dashcam you can ever get. It barely visible from the outside and that gives it an upper edge over potential hazards.


Design & Build
App Support
Value for the price


With features like the Green Signal Reminder, G sensor, Loop Recording, and many more, this Jomise K7 smart dash cam is worth giving a shot. It comes at a reasonable price tag and clearly holds an upper edge among its peers. But yeah, they could've included a small rear cam module for the price.


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With features like the Green Signal Reminder, G sensor, Loop Recording, and many more, this Jomise K7 smart dash cam is worth giving a shot. It comes at a reasonable price tag and clearly holds an upper edge among its peers. But yeah, they could've included a small rear cam module for the price.JOMISE K7 WiFi Dash Cam: Smart Enough to Remind You Green Traffic Light Change