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7 Best Dog Training Apps for iPhone to Train Your Dogs at Home

Dogs are man’s best friend and this thing is true to its soul. Spending quality time with your dog is a great stress buster and keeps a tab on your mental health. Dogs are known to keep their owners sane even in times of suffering, stress, or any sort of loss. Dogs can be downright mischievous and will turn your house upside down if you don’t teach them beforehand.

There is a tonne of best dog training apps for the iPhone available to train your dogs at home. Here’s the list of the best apps we came across.



Puppr is a great app if you want to train your dog the right way. It has more than 70 dog exercises including anything from the basics to advanced lessons that your dog must learn. With step-by-step instructions from Sara Carson (celebrity dog trainer) and The Super Collies, the app has a built-in clicker as well. The app has a live chat feature if you want to discuss something about training your dogs with Puppr’s world-class trainers.

The app offers support for training multiple dogs without mixing it. You can also set reminders and more to train your dog to do potty at a specific schedule and so on. Most of the basic lessons and tricks that your dog must learn are available for free but you will have to pay for advanced lessons. All the lessons are supplied with video instructions that make it easier to visualize what and how to do rather than scratching your head.

Key Features: Built-in clicker | 70+ lessons | Multiple Dogs support | Track progress | Live Chat with trainers

Price: Free | Offers In-App purchases at $12.99/mo or $99.99 per year

Download: Puppr

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GoodPupTraining your puppy can be a tedious task. GoodPup makes it easy with its one-on-one video chat training that has proven its effectiveness. Take help from certified trainers who have devised a perfect course built to train dogs effectively. The app gives you daily goals to achieve during the video session. It uses positive reinforcement training which is also recommended by the American Veterinary Association.

Potty training and crate training are involved along with 8 basic commands like lay down, stay, teaching your dog his name, and so on. You can also chat with your trainer vetted and reviewed by GoodPup and the folks using it to train their dogs. Moreover, GoodPup is also well-suited with skills to teach you how to deter your dog from behaving badly such as jumping, socialization, and so on.

Key Features: 8 basic commands | Covers crate and potty training | One-on-one video chat | Skills to avoid bad behavior by the dog

Price: Free

Download: GoodPup

Dog Training & Clicker by Dogo

DogoDog Training & Clicker by Dogo is a brilliant app to train your dogs. It has more than 100+ tricks including games, commands, potty training, and more that you can check out. It has step-by-step visual instructions and video instructions that you can learn and train your dog accordingly. Teach your dog how to do potty, avoid bad behavior like barking, digging that might let you down.

You also get a built-in clicker with the app that you can use to signal your dog when you encounter bad behavior. Use positive reinforcement to get your dog to learn things that you might not be able to without this app. Dog Training & Clicker by Dogo has abundant articles, photo challenges, and video exams to refer to. Talk to professional dog trainers to get perfect tips and tricks to get your job done.

Key Features: 100+ tricks | Built-in clicker | Visual Instructions & Video examples

Price: Free | Offers In-App Purchases | Premium at $9.99/mo, $26.99/quarterly, and $99.99/yearly

Download: Dog Training & Clicker by Dogo

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PupfordPupford is a pretty heavy video-based dog training app available for iOS devices. It offers a 100 percent free 30-days dog training course prepared by dog trainer Zak George. The app offers you tricks and skills that use positive reinforcement techniques to train your dog. Pupford is a comparatively new app when compared with GoodPup and Dog Training & Clicker by Dogo.

Check out 50+ tricks and behaviors that are taught on the app in a detailed manner once you subscribe to its premium Popford Academy. Over problems such as impulse control, barking, potty training, and more with the premium plan. There’s an ebook in case you want more information about training your dogs on Pupford.

Key Features: 50+ premium tricks & behaviors | 100 free 30-days course | Easy to Use | EBook Support

Price: Free | Offers In-App Purchases | Premium at $9.99/mo, $39.99/bi-yearly, and $119.99 lifetime

Download: Pupford

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

iTrainer Dog Whistle & ClickeriTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker is practically what the name suggests. It is an easy to use app that gives you a plethora of dog whistles and sounds including training clickers and more that you can make to train your dogs. The app offers 5 different clicker sounds and 40+ sound effects including those from birds, cats, dogs, and other animals. The app also has widgets for a clicker, a whistle, and a squeaker that you can use to signal a man’s best friend aka your dog.

There’s dark mode support as well and you can use the app on Apple Watch as well. Customize the frequency of the clicker from 100Hz to 35kHz to see what suits your pet the best.

Key Features: Customizable Clicker Sound Frequency | 40+ animal sound effect | 5 Clicker Sounds | Easy to Use

Price: Free – Offers In-App Purchases | Pro at $1.99

Download: iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker


HarperTraining your dog to get something done like lay down or sit isn’t that easy. But hey, Harper is there to help. The app has more than 30 guided training courses to check out and more than 100 stimulating games to play with your dog. You can also check out its community of dog parents that you can interact with it to learn more about. There’s a live trainer chat available on Harper as well.

Get your hands on the step-by-step video instructions available at your disposal. Track your dog’s progress any time, add notes and photos to keep it as a memory for later. Harper is well-suited for dogs of any age and level of experience. Finally, it uses positive reinforcement to get your dog do whatever you train him/her to in a simple, easy to use, fun way.

Key Features: Step-by-step instructions | 100+ dog games | 30+ courses | Track progress | Live trainer chat

Price: Free | Offers In-App Purchases | Pro at $12.99/mo or $99.99/yearly

Download: Harper

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GODogTraining your dog to poop at the right place is important. So is the habit to make him/her understand commands like sit down, jump, walk, lay down, and so on. GoDog is one of the best dog trainer apps and offers you professionally curated easy to grasp lessons to better your dog’s behavior. Plus, it uses augmented reality to showcase steps that you need to perform. The app has a built-in click and whistle that you can customize a bit to signal your dog whenever he/she is doing something wrong or correct.

GoDog lets you track your dog’s progress on the app. You can create your dog’s profile on the app to get information about it and share access with others. The app comes free of charge although you will have to subscribe to its paid version or buy lessons to get your hands on the premium content.

Key Features: Easy to use | Abundant lessons and courses | Built-in whistle and clicker | Augmented reality

Price: Free | Offers In-App Purchases | Lesson Package are from $1.99 to $2.99, Pro at $4.99/mo or $35.99/yearly

Download: GoDog

That’s the end of our Best Dog Training Apps for iPhone to Train Your Dogs at Home. We do recommend trying a few apps aforementioned on your iPhone before zeroing in on the one that satisfies you. Let us know which one does the best job for you.

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