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Want to Test Your Hearing? 12 Best Hearing Test Apps for Your iPhone (Free)

Do you want to try your hearing capability? Or just curious to see what is your hearing score. Coming to hearing-related issues, did you know that your smartphone can help you diagnose and even predict if you have hearing issues? If you already have problems with your hearing or are just realizing that you have them, you can check them with your smartphone.

Here, we have found the best hearing test apps for your iPhone. These free hearing test apps will work best if you have your headphone or AirPods.

Mimi Hearing Test

Mimi Hearing Test

Mimi Hearing test is a popular hearing test app that is used and recommended by many. The tests on this app can take around 6 minutes. With the simple and easy-to-use UI, the Mimi Hearing test lets you hear the audio in different frequencies. All your audio tests are converted into simple readable insights that are easy to comprehend.

You can make use of different types of headphones. However, with the iPhone, you can use the Apple AirPods, EarPods, and the Sennheiser HDA 200 and 300 models. Mimi Hearing test also lets you compare hearing tests done previously with fresh tests. This can help you understand whether your hearing is improving or degrading.


  • Quick Tests
  • Simplified results


  • Results Can Be Hit and Miss

Key Features: Ad-Free | Easily Print Results | Share Results With Experts | Export Data to Apple HealthKit | Compare Results

Download from App Store: Mimi Hearing Test (Free)

SonicCloud Personalized Sound

SonicCloud Personalized Sound

Looking for an app that tests your hearing and adjusts audio outputs based on the results? SonicCloud is the app you need.  Apart from just taking a test and seeing the results, the app allows you to listen to music and various podcasts based on your test results. Also, you can make calls to other people using this app- making it very convenient for seniors.

SonicCloud also allows you to adjust your hearing levels and gain live output to ensure it’s the best for you. The app will enable you to also hear live conversations according to your hearing test results. There are audiograms for you to see and compare results from various tests. You can export the audiogram results into Apple HealthKit which allows you to share results with your doctor or experts


  • Great Customer Service
  • Easy-to-Use UI


  • Requires Subscription Plan Beyond 30 Days Usage

Key Features: Ad-Free | Custom Sound Profile Creation | Listen to Radio and Podcasts with Tuned Audio | Make Calls | Apple HealthKit Integration

Download from App Store: SonicCloud Personalized Sound (Freemium)

Hearing Test- Audiometry Tone

Hearing test - Audiometry,Tone

Feel like your hearing is going weak? Install the Hearing Test app. An app that conducts a two-minute test is what you need. You get the results of the test in simple and easy to understand. What makes this app unique is its ability to conduct tests using 8 different frequency tones.

With Hearing Test- Audiometry Tone, you can also compare results between your current and previous tests and also compare your tests with tests from other people who have been using the same app. If you make use of the Petalex Hearing Aid, you will be able to easily adjust its settings based on the results of your test. Because the app has HealthKit integration, you can see all of the results in the Apple HealthKit app.


  • Quick 2-Minute Tests
  • 8 Unique Tone Frequencies


  • Can Have Accuracy Issues At Times

Key Features: 2-Minute Quick Tests | Compare Results with
Different Users | View Test Results History | Apple HealthKit Integration

Download from App Store: Hearing Test- Audiometry Tone (Free)

AudioCardio Hearing and Tinnitus

AudioCardio Hearing & Tinnitus

Want to find your hearing levels as well as gain Tinnitus relief? The AudioCardio app is what you need to be installing. For starters, the app requires you to undergo a custom hearing test that lasts for 60 minutes. You can set different target frequencies for each ear, making the test results more accurate.

Apart from just being able to test your hearing and being done with it, AudioCardio also integrates with your music and any streaming services that you might be watching on your phone. It adjusts the audio so that it’s tuned perfectly for your ears. Considering that the app is clinically tested, you can safely use it to get results and then get diagnosed by an Audiologist. You can subscribe to three of its available monthly, half-yearly, and annual plans.


  • Deep 60-Minute Test
  • Per ear testing


  • The test could be in Shorter Durations

Key Features: Ear Protection | Adjusts Phone Audio According to Test Results | View Hearing Scores and Metrics for Diagnosis | Tinnitus Relief

Download from App Store: AudioCardio Hearing and Tinnitus (Paid)

hearWHO- Check Your Hearing

hearWHO - Check your hearing!

Not too sure about the Hearing test apps? Well, install the hearWHO app- an app developed by the World Health Organization itself. This is a simple and easy-to-use app to test your hearing. The test requires you to interact with the app and enter what audio you hear. Based on the results, the hearWHO app will give you scores. Lower scores mean you will be required to get your hearing checked and tested.


  • Simple Hearing tests
  • Easy App Navigation


  • Accuracy Issues are Common

Key Features: Simple UI | Compatible with Multiple HEadphones | Understandable Insights and Results | Apple HealthKit Integration

Download from App Store: hearWHO – Check Your Hearing (Free)

Petralex Hearing Aid

Petralex Hearing Aid App

Another iOS app worth mentioning here would be Petralex. This app adjusts to each user’s specific hearing features. There is no need to register or pay for a permanent subscription – you can use the application absolutely free and that too, without advertising!

To try Petralex, any regular headset is enough – the headphones can be both wired and wireless. Their latest technology will allow you to improve your hearing (or at least check if you really need medical intervention).

After installing the app, you will be asked to take an initial test to adjust Petralex to your hearing. The testing is done with both ears at once – that means, if you are habituated to using only one earpiece, the test results may be inaccurate.

As with any hearing aid, Petralex adapts to the environment as well as the current background noise level. The app offers 4 different amplification modes in total which you can choose from.


  • Works with any headset
  • Tests developed by audio experts
  • Exhaustive testing by up to 9 tests per ear!


  • Results may sometimes be inaccurate

Key Features: No subscription required | Works with any normal headphones | 4 amplification modes

Download from App Store: Petralex Hearing App

Signia App

Sign Hearing Aid App

Signia Hearing Test app for iOS is another one you can try when it comes to hearing aid apps. The app features an excellent minimalist design, as well as an effective test. This application is designed exclusively for hearing tests, so you can quickly and easily see your performance and results.

All of Signia’s tests have been designed by audio experts, so rest assured that the tests are scientific. The app presents up to 9 tests per ear, after which it develops an average score of your hearing based on various parameters.


  • Comprehensive 9-test hearing analysis
  • Minimalist and functional UI


  • Test results may be inaccurate if the background is noisy

Key Features: Tests designed by audio experts | Exhaustive testing by up to 9 tests per ear

Download from App Store: Signia Hearing Aid

Hearing Test & Ear Age Test

Hearing & Ear Age Test App

Another hearing aid app that can be used on your iPhone, the Hearing Test & Ear Age Test, can detect hearing between frequencies of 125 Hz to 8000 Hz and, consequently, plot the results on a chart. These results can also be saved to compare each day’s results to notice changes in your hearing patterns.

This App can also be used to test the age of your ears. This is quite important because, as you get older, your capacity to hear high-frequency sounds reduce significantly. For testing your receptivity to such high-frequency sounds, this app plays sounds of up to 20,000 Hz to determine the extent to which you can hear these sounds. You may be surprised to know that your ear age may actually be less than your actual age!


  • Clean and Simple UI
  • Hearing Tests are plotted on charts, so you can easily see your hearing patterns
  • Ear age test


  • Low ratings on the App Store

Key Features: Ear Age Testing | Chart-based results | Test Frequencies up to 20,000 Hz

Download from App Store: Hearing & Ear Age Test

Easy Hearing Test

Hearing Test - Audiometry App

The Easy Hearing Test app consists of just 3 buttons to test your sound. These are the “Hearing Test”, “Test Results”, and “Free Sound”. The “Hearing Test” button launches the test for your hearing. Just press and hear the sound for testing your hearing.

The “Test Results” button shows all the results saved by you for each test. You can even write individual notes for each test, which will be saved along with each test. The “Free Sound” button is used for configuring the sound parameters like sound frequency, volume, the left, and right sound channels, etc.


  • Simple Interface
  • You can save individual notes with every hearing test
  • Configurable testing parameters


  • Ad-based application

Key Features: Simple UI – Just 3 buttons! | Results can be saved with your own personal notes

Download from App Store: Easy Hearing Test

Audicus Hearing Test

Audicus Hearing Test App

The Audicus Hearing Test App offers a simple and effective hearing test if you suspect hearing issues. Plug in your headphones and listen to a series of audio tones. It would be best if you were in a really quiet environment before starting the hearing test.

Audicus loops through six different frequency levels to ascertain if you have hearing issues. If you can register the various audio tones at different frequencies, you can rest assured that you don’t have any hearing issues.


  • Simple testing system
  • 6 different frequencies to test pure audio tones


  • Need quite place.

Key features: Works with any pair of headphones | Simple UI

Download from App Store: Audicus Hearing Test

Sennheiser Hearing Test

Sennheiser Hearing Test App

The Sennheiser Hearing Test App is another excellent app for testing hearing and hearing-related issues. The app has an intuitive UI. It would help if you had a pair of earphones, any brand, plug them in, and run the test. That’s it. The app starts the test by asking a few basic questions before taking you to the hearing test.

The test is completed within 5 minutes. The app is free, and you get more features if you register with the app. Whatever the result, you can sync these results with Apple Health and other devices with your registered account.


  • Guide for analyzing more about test results
  • Syncs test results with Apple Health


  • Subscription required for unlocking additional features

Key features: Free app | Quick 5-minute test | Integrated with Apple Health as well as other devices

Download from App Store: Sennheiser Hearing Test

Jacoti Hearing Center

Jacoti Hearing Center

Another Hearing Aid App you should check out is the Jacoti Hearing Center. This App is a Class II FDA-listed medical device in the United States. The main purpose of this app is to provide a software-based comprehensive evaluation of your auditory functions.

The app performs tests by using various acoustic signals in controlled intensity, so you can quickly perform an accurate self-evaluation of your hearing faculties.


  • Class II FDA-listed medical app
  • Used by medical experts to diagnose hearing issues.
  • Calibrated for Apple Airpods


  • Registration by e-mail is required before using the app

Key features: U.S FDA approved medical device | Seamless integration with Apple Health | Complete software-based evaluation

Download from App Store: Jacoti Hearing Center

So, these are the best apps that you can install on your iPhone when you want to conduct hearing tests. But again, as everyone knows, it’s always recommended to consult a doctor and get your ears checked via a physical checkup. Diagnosing and treatment with experts are important.

If you want to rely on a good app, then the Mimi Hearing Test app is the best. Do remember that while testing out these apps, you need to be in a quiet environment and should use wired or wireless-compatible headphones. As a word of caution, remember to avoid listening to harsh and loud sounds.

Disclosure: Mashtips is supported by its audience. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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