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12 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini Cases

Apple announced its latest smartphone series, the iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is their best and the expensive one yet while, the Mini is the compact, feature-packed version, that’s as efficient as the rest of the iPhone 12 models. If you’re planning to get either the iPhone 12 Pro Max or the 12 Mini, getting a suitable protective case is quite important.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best and the most reliable iPhone protective cases you should look for your iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most advanced and expensive model yet. It comes with a 6.7″ Super Retina XDR display. Here are the top iPhone 12 Pro Max cases to look out for.

OtterBox Prefix Series Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

The OtterBox Prefix is one of the best cases you can get for your iPhone 12 Pro Max. It’s a clear case with a durable TPU bumper and a strong PC back. The case promises to keep your iPhones free from daily wear and tear. The crystal clear transparent back lets you flaunt the 12 Pro Max’s beauty and style.

There are raised bezels around the screen and the camera. This helps reduce scratches that can occur when you place your iPhone on the surface. There are also large and precise cutouts of the side-mounted buttons as well as for the port. There is also a small dust port clip that helps eliminate dust and dirt from logging into the USB C charging port.

ESR Air Armor iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

The ESR Air Armor is yet another iPhone 12 Pro hard case that comes in a transparent design. It is one of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max protective cases that come with military grade shock absorbing corners and back panel. The case has Air Guard corners that offer enhanced drop protection.

The hard back, flexible frame, and shock absorbing corners provide a greater degree of protection without hiding the iPhone’s generic beauty. The back case is scratch-resistant and doesn’t allow any sort of dust or dirt to log into the ports. There is also a raised screen bezel and lens lip that protects the screen as well as the camera from unwanted scratches. This iPhone 12 Pro Max case is compatible with wireless charging, but no MagSafe.

ESR Air Armor Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max [Shock-Absorbing] [Scratch-Resistant]...
  • Note: After installation press firmly around edges, ensure corners and sides are fully on phone, and...

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Ultra-Slim Minimal Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

This is yet another iPhone 12 Pro Max clear case that’s has extra grip. The totallee clear case is stylish, lightweight and gives an attractive look to your iPhone. The durable anti-slip TPU makes it quite comforting to hold and offers a good grip. The iPhone 12 Pro Max case comes with a clear design and doesn’t attract lint.

The case is made with a flexible TPU with great quality. The whole case is strong and can withstand accidental falls to a great limit. Unlike other clear cases, the totallee clear case will never develop that yellowish tint that destroys the beauty of your phone.

totallee Clear iPhone 12 Pro Max Case, Thin Cover Ultra Slim Minimal - for iPhone 12 Pro...
  • COMPLETELY CLEAR. Show off your iPhone’s design with this transparent iPhone 12 Pro Max case

Casekoo Clear Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

The Casekoo Clear case offers stellar protection to your new iPhone 12 Pro Max. It is made of good quality TPU and has a transparent clear back. This iPhone 12 Pro Max Case meets the military-grade build quality and can withstand accidental falls or bumps. It comes with a hard PC back and a flexible TPU frame. The shock-absorbing corners protect your device from accidental falls.

With 4 inbuilt rubber airbags, the Casekoo iPhone 12 Pro Max offers excellent overall protection. The iPhone 12 Pro Max case is compatible with wireless charging.

CASEKOO Crystal Clear Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max Case, [Anti-Yellowing] [Military...
  • 💎 [Crystal Clear & Anti-yellowing]: The crystal clear case compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max...

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Supcase Unicorn Beetle Case

The Supcase Unicorn series has got its iPhone 12 Pro Max version and it’s quite sturdy and stylish. It comes with a hard PC Back combined with shock absorbant TPU bumpers. It is basically a clear case with a soft and nice texture that keeps your phone right in your hands without slipping.

There are elevated bezels near the screen and the camera units that reduce scratches and smudge marks. The precise cutouts on the iPhone 12 Pro Max case near the port and the side mount buttons make it easy to access. This iPhone case is compatible with the Apple MagSafe wireless charger.

SupCase Unicorn Beetle Style Series Case Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max (2020 Release) 6.7...
  • Hard PC back + shock-absorbent TPU bumper provides your phone effective protection.

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Caseology Parallax

The Caseology Parallax is an iPhone 12 Pro Max exclusive shockproof protective case. It’s pretty stylish and neat. It’s a combination of soft TPU and a high-quality PC frame or bumper that’s quite sturdy and strong.

There is a protective PC frame all-round protection to your device during an event of an accidental fall. There is also a rubberized grip on the sides that helps you hold on to your iPhone without slipping. This iPhone case is compatible with the Apple Magsafe charger.

Caseology Parallax Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max Case (2020) - Matte Black
  • Slim and functional 3D design provides enhanced ergonomics and secure grip with extra raised bezels...

Spigen Rugged Armor Hard Case

The Spigen Rugged Armor Hard case is an excellent choice if protection is your first priority. The iPhone 12 Pro Max case is made of TPU and carbon fiber, making it super strong and durable. It offers good shock absorption thanks to its rugged outer design.

There is also the “Air Cushion” technology that increases the shock absorption capabilities. The case comes in a dark shade that’s quite eye-catchy. The Spigen iPhone 12 Pro Max case supports wireless charging and is compatible with the Apple Magsafe charger.

Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases

The iPhone 12 Mini is the compact version of the new 12 series. It is one of the most compact devices Apple introduced after the success of the iPhone SE. The iPhone 12 Mini comes with a 5.4″ display but comes packed with features, like its companions. these are the best iPhone 12 Mini cases that you should keep an eye on if you’re planning to get one for yourself.

ESR iPhone 12 Mini Case with Kickstand

The ESE iPhone case comes with a sturdy design that gives your iPhone 12 Mini stunning looks. It comes with excellent build quality and has good shock absorbing capabilities, thanks to its TPU side bumpers. With this iPhone 12 Mini case, you get all round protection from scratches, dust, and accidental falls.

The ESR iPhone 12 Mini Case comes with a metal kickstand. It lets you orient your device both in the landscape as well as in the portrait mode. There are raised bezels near the camera to protect your camera from cracks etc. The ESR Metal case is compatible with wireless charging.

ESR Metal Kickstand Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini 5.4-Inch [Patented Two-Way Stand]...
  • Two-way stand – FaceTime your friends or watch your favorite show with the vertical and horizontal...

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone 12 Mini

Otterbox iphone cases are well-known for their reliability and and overall drop protection for any models. The brand now comes with the rugged, super-protected cases for iPhone 12 Mini as well. The polycarbonate rugged case comes with an antimicrobial technology, that claims to keep germs and bacterial growth on the case.

The hard outer case is good enough to protect iPhone 12 Mini from impacts while the softer inner material protects any scratches and breaks. Raised edges on screen and camera gives an extra layer of protection. Whatsmore, you get a limited lifetime warranty from Otterbox for the case.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Case for iPhone 12 Mini

The Supcase Unicorn series has got the iPhone 12 Mini exclusive case and it’s pretty strong and sturdy. It’s an all-around protective solution that includes an inbuilt screen protector too. This iPhone protective case comes with a detachable swiveling clip holster for pocket-free carrying.

The case also features a kickstand so that you can use it handsfree, while reading or while binge-watching. The Supcase Unicorn iPhone 12 case comes with a TPU bumper rail coupled with a durable PC back. There are accurate cuttings on its side that’s combined with additional buttons that ensure easy access to the side-mounted switches.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case for iPhone 12 Mini (2020 Release) 5.4 Inch,...
  • [20 Foot DROP TESTED]:Winner of CNET's "Best Case Scenario" drop test.

Urban Armor iPhone 12 Mini Case

This iPhone case is a scratch-resistant and is one of the all-round solutions for your iPhone 12 Mini. It comes with an inbuilt screen protector and has a scratch-resistant back that ensures better shock absorption and overall protection. The case suits the iPhone 12 Mini without much of a fuss and has a precise cutout that makes it easy to access side mount switches.

This iPhone 12 Mini rugged case is compatible with the Apple Magsafe and wireless charging. The case is made of high-quality TPU and PC and meets military-grade standards. It also comes with an IP68 rating. The durable side bumpers offer decent protection to your device during an event of an accidental fall.

URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG Designed for iPhone 12 Mini Case [5.4-inch Screen] Rugged Lightweight...
  • Feather-light composite construction cases feature our soft impact resistant core with low profile...

ZtotopCase Marble Design iPhone Case

This one you see here is an exclusive iPhone 12 Mini protective case that’s quite stylish and eye-catchy. It’s for those who love to show off their phone’s style factor. This iPhone case comes with a marble design on its back layer. The design coupled with the exquisite gold and ivory streaks makes your iPhone truly splendid.

With the case, you get an inbuilt screen protector. It prevents scratches and cracks, provides full-scale protection without compromising on touch sensitivity. The iPhone 12 Mini case is made of soft TPU material that’s lightweight. There are precise cutouts near the side-mounted buttons that enhance the switch accessibility. What’s more, the case is compatible with the Apple MagSafe charger as well as other wireless chargers out there.

Today's Deal: $7.00 Off
ZtotopCase Marble for iPhone 12 Mini Case 5.4 Inch, [Built-in Screen Protector] Stylish...
  • 🔥【Compatibility】Exclusively designed for New iPhone 12 Mini 5.4 Inch (2020 Release)....

These cases you came across are from some of the leading iPhone protective case manufacturers and you can be a million times sure of how strong and durable they could be. Most of the iPhone 12 pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini cases come with inbuilt shock-absorbing material and provide overall protection. Also, these cases come at a reasonable price and offer all-round protection.

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