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7 Best NFC Tags for iPhone to Automate Everything

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NFC tags can store a small amount of data and transfer them to your phone when in range without any power source. You can automate tasks like setting the alarm and playing music on your iPhone if you have NFC tags. You can write data to the NFC tags and use them for any purpose. They come in various forms like NFC stickers, cards, and key chains.

Let us look into some of the best NFC tags for your iPhone.

Crystal Cube NFC Tag Stickers

You can improve your iPhone experience with these stylish NFC stickers. The Crystal Cube NFCF Tag is designed uniquely. The multi-colored NFC tags make a stylish appearance to the surface, wherever you paste it.

The crystal cube NFC stickers, like any other NFC tag stickers, work so quickly. It does not delay the read/write process just because of the stylish design. Thanks to the tough 3M stickers, you can stick these hardened stickers to metal, glass, plastic, wood, and wall surfaces.

Key Features: Metal capability | Hardened sticker | Rewrite Endurance: 100,000 Cycles | Data Retention: 10 years | Transfer Rate 106 kbit/s | Operating Range 0 – 1 In | 504 bytes Memory.

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Popl iPhone NFC Stickers

Popl NFC sticker is a quick business card for all your purposes. You can tap your phone with Popl card, a small NFC card, to get the data. If somebody’s iPhone does not have any NFC support, you can still share your virtual business card. All you have to do is scan the QR code in your Popl profile and instantly share. You don’t have to carry your business cards to networking events. Instead, you can use this NFC sticker.

Popl iPhone NFC sticker is designed to stick at the back of your iPhone so that it does not set off your phone’s reader. You can place Popl at the base itself for Android phones as well. You can instantly share your social media, music, payment platforms, and contact information if your device has this small NFC tag or using the Popl app, by using it as your business card.

Key Features: Scan QR code for non-NFC Sharing | Thin, durable design | Waterproof

Round PVC NFC Tags

These NFC tags are made of PVC material, so they are water-resistant. If you have an NFC-compatible device read and write the NFC tag accordingly. You can use it to set your alarm, send a business card, connect to car systems, and many more.

These round PVC NFC tags cannot be used on metal surfaces, and you cannot stick it to somewhere without using any external adhesives. The NFC tag has an available memory of 504 bytes. You can make use of the read-write lock functions.

Key Features: Durable waterproof PVC material | Round 30mm | Working Frequency: 13.56MHz | Memory: 504 Bytes | No Adhesive | No metal support

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PVC Card NFC Tags

PVC Card NFC tags come in the size of a credit card. The NFC card has two blank sides. You can print anything on both sides of the cards using tag printers. This is the perfect match for you if you are looking to set up NFC-enabled employee tags.

You can use the best NFC tags to share a WiFi network, set the alarm, change screen brightness, and update social media. THONSEN NFC tags use durable PVC material and are waterproof.

Key Features: Durable PVC material | Two printable blank sides | Memory: 504 Bytes | Reading distance: 0-5 cm

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Thin NFC Tag Stickers

Timeskey NFC stickers are a 1-inch diameter round NFC sticker and work perfectly with any NFC-enabled device. This one has the “raw” design style of an NFC tag. There are no prints or special designs to hide the antennas. The dollar-sized NFC stickers come with a standard adhesive surface.

These NFC tag stickers are helpful only if you are planning to stick them to any immobile, glossy surfaces. Otherwise, there are chances for the degradation of adhesives on this NFC sticker. It does not support metal surfaces as well.

Key Features: Round NFC sticker | Size: 1-inch | Memory: 504 Bytes

Heavy Duty On-Metal NFC Tags

Most of the NFC tags do not support metal surfaces. Well, there are a few and the GoToTags Heavy Duty NFC Tag is one of them. The metal-supported NFC tags have 5mm center holes so that these tokens can be fixed to a wall or any other surfaces. The NFC tag has a ferrite layer that provides on-metal functionality.

GoToTags Heavy Duty On-Metal NFC Tags proves to be one of the best NFC tags because the security checkpoints use them, which can easily be mounted on metal-framed doorways. The NFC tags are blank, and you can read or write accordingly.

Key Features: Sticky 3M backing | 5mm center hole | Ferrite layer | Waterproof | Compatible with Metal Surface

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NFC Tag Keychains

You can see that EnchanTech NFC Tags come in a pack of 10 writable keychains in various colors. The NFC tag goes perfectly well with any type of key. You can use it as a keychain and an NFC tag, both at the same time. You do not have to carry NFC tags if you have these keychains attached to the car key or house key.

The variety of colors in one single pack makes it easy for you to buy and choose whenever and wherever you want to use these.

Key Features: Writable Keychains | Different colors | Fast NFC tags

NFC tags are definitely helpful, especially with iPhone. You can write data and run those tasks when your phone touches these tags. We have a detailed guide to using NFC tags with iPhone. Above-listed is some of the unique forms of NFC tags you can buy. Hope it helped you choose the perfect NFC tag style that matches you.


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