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How to change workstation name from Active directory?

This trick is useful when you want to want to change the name of PC as a part of your new system rules. The pretty easy thing is that you can do it from a command prompt from your PC instead of visiting all PCS and changing their name:

We are using Netdom command here, Click on Start>Run>CMD

Type in the command prompt,

: netdom renamecomputer currentcompname /newname:newcompname /userd:domainadmin /passwordd:* /usero:domainadmin /passwordo:* /reboot:10 /force

I put the * for the passwords so it will ask after you hit enter, but it won’t show on the screen. /reboot:10 is optional – it will reboot the computer after 10 seconds to force it to take effect, otherwise, the name change will take effect at the next reboot. /force is to make it not ask the “Are you sure?” question after you hit enter.

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