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How to Open Multiple Programs with One Click on Windows?

This is a simple time-saving technic if you are using your PC in regular interval and assume that you always want to open a group of programs at the same time, ideally with one click. Here the technic to save your time.
This tip will open many applications simultaneously and that too with a single click. The trick is to create a batch file that will fire up several programs same time.

1. Open Notepad.

2. Type @echo off in the first line.

3. The next lines are used to refer to the executable files that you intend to run, say one example if you want to start Notepad and Calculator together, use the following lines.

start %SystemRoot%system32calc.exe
start %SystemRoot%system32notepad.exe

(The location of the executable file be provided are the ‘start’ keyword)

4. Now the contents of the file will look something like this.

@echo off
start %SystemRoot%system32calc.exe
start %SystemRoot%system32notepad.exe

5. The last but important step; Save the file with a .bat extension.

Now you can see when you click new bat file, t will open all the programs that you have written in the code.

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  1. Very useful trick that is. will you share any software program which enables us to create our own control panel to list all main or important scheduled program to show on single place with animation, etc. Which will spice up desktop on startup and not required to do that cumbersome task of launching programs from this tedious start menu for Windows XP 2000 SP3,
    Thanks , for any support!


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