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15 Best Drones for Kids and Beginners to Buy in 2020

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RC Drones have become very common nowadays. Lots of kids are developing an interest in it as a toy due to its distinctive features. These drones are easy to use and are a lot of fun. Here we discuss a few drones which are child friendly and good for beginners.

Let us see the best drones for kids to buy in 2020 with kids-friendly features and safety options.

SNAPTAIN WiFi FPV Drone With 720P HD Camera

The SNAPTAIN WiFi FPV Drone is a simple and user-friendly drone that can be operated easily and capture 720 p videos. It has features like smart voice control altitude hold and 360-degree flips and rolls.

The SNAPTAIN Wifi FPV Drone can transmit videos up to a range of 80m. The drone provides the capability to store videos in the memory card and edit it on your iPhone or iPad.

The SNAPTAIN WiFi FPV Drone uses high-quality ABS material which saves the drone from sudden shock or drop. The drone has an altitude hold function which enables it to do a steady hover in the air at a certain altitude. This feature helps to take great aerial pictures and videos.

The WiFi Kids’ Drone also has support for trajectory for flight function which is a new technology in which drawing a flight goes on your touch screen will make the drone fly accordingly. This makes the drone even easier to use.

The SNAPTAIN drone comes with the built-in G sensor which helps to control the drone by adjusting the vertical and horizontal position of the smartphone using an app called Snaptain Era. The app is available on IOS and Android. The drone is also compatible with a VR headset.

The SNAPTAIN Wifi FPV drone is an ideal choice if you prefer easy usage and a lot of features. The drone comes with many useful features and technologies. This drone will be an ideal choice for kids considering its easiness to use.

Key Features: User-friendly | Farther & clearer | Powerful & safe | Steady & trackable | Gravity control

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Holy Stone RC Drone With 1080p HD Camera

The Holy Stone RC drone supports video quality 1080 p and has a field of view of 120 degrees. The 1080p quality allows us to capture memorable moments in high quality. The drone provides support for distortion-free images. The drone has a feature called altitude hold.

When using the altitude hold feature, even though if you take the hands of a joystick when you are taking images, the Holy Stone RC drone will still be suspended in the air with locked altitude allowing you to take good images. The drone also comes with 3D flips and headless mode.

While using the headless mode the Holy Stone RC drone is much easier to control even when out of sight. The drone has the ability to be operated by a smartphone. This can be done through the app along with multiple functions like voice control, gestures control, trajectory flight, and gravity sensor control.

The Holy Stone RC drone comes with two modular batteries with the support of 20 minutes flight. This makes the drone easier to use and safer to charge battery. The 1080p picture quality and flight controls make the drone an ideal choice.

Key Features: Mobile Control | 2 Modular Batteries | Headless Mode| Altitude Hold

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Potensic A20 Mini Drone For Kids

The Potensic A20 Mini drone is an easy to play drone with features like altitude hold headless mode and one key takeoff landing. This is a mini drone that is easy to control and has good stability during flight.

The Potensic A20 Mini drone is very suitable for kids and comes with two batteries which provide flight time up to 10 to 13 minutes. Using the headless mode you can control this small drone easily and fly towards any directions by remote controller.

The drone comes with three-speed options which we can shift and use in the different flying environment. The Potensic A20 Mini drone also comes with 4 protection guards which make it durable. This portable, lightweight, and easy to carry drone is a great option for kids.

Key Features: Easy to Play | Headless Mode | 3 Speed: RC helicopter| Portable

Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone Easy to Fly Even to Kids and Beginners, RC Helicopter...
  • [Easy to Play]: -One Key Taking-off / Landing and auto-hovering function enable this mini drone to...

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Mini Gravity Sensor Drone For Kids

The Mini Gravity Sensor drone is a drone with the option of gesture control, watch remote control, etc. This drone gets rid of the original remote control and uses a watch type gravity sensing design instead of it. This is easy to operate and can be attached to the hands very easily.

The Mini Gravity Sensor drone has the drawing flight feature in which you can change the direction of the flight using your hands. The drone even comes with LED’s which makes it easy to track at night.

The Mini Gravity Sensor drone is one of the best drones which is very beginner-friendly. The drone comes with propeller guards and a folding design which saves the drone from sudden shock or drop.

The drone comes with a  great folding design which makes it easier to be carried around. This one-hand operated drone is great toy for kids children and even for adults.

Key Features: Easy to Control | Propeller Guards | Folding Design | Drone for Kids

SNAPTAIN H823H Mini Drone For Kids

The SNAPTAIN H823H Mini drone comes with some cool features with it. It has the feature for a 3D flip stunt in which the drone does 360-degree slips and roll stunts effortlessly. This is coordinated by the 6 Axis gyro flight control system present in this Drone.

The SNAPTAIN H823H Mini drone also has the headless mote which helps in ECR control of the drawn avoiding direction chaos. The drone also has a one key return function in which the drone will instantly take off or return by a simple press of one single button.

The SNAPTAIN H823H Mini drone has three-speed control modes that depend on the user’s, namely beginners in the immediate and experts. The speed control modes help in controlling the drone according to your expertise. The size of the drone is very less and that makes it easy to carry around.

Key Features: Altitude Hold | 3D Flips Stunt | Headless Mode | One Key Return | 3 Speed Control

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SYMA Remote Control Drone With Gyro and LED

The SYMA Remote Control drone is a quite different drone with a very unique and new design. The design is developed by combining the design of a normal drone and helicopter. The drone even comes with a landing pad which makes this a super value product. The pad makes it easier for the uses to exercise.

The SYMA Remote Control drone has a 2.4GHz channel in it. The Gyro sensor helps it to hover in the air very easily and offer stability. The drone even has an option to Turns a circle and cycle upward.

The SYMA Remote Control drone is suitable for indoor and outdoor. It is very suitable for kids, beginners, and even adults. This drone even comes with certain certificates also. It is very easy to use and is very safe. These features make it an ideal drone for kids.

Key Features: Unique Design | Helicopter Landing Pat | Aerobatic Flight Helicopter

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Holy Stone Mini Drone For Kids and Beginners

The Holy Stone Mini drone is a very user-friendly drone that comes with features like altitude hold and headless mode. The altitude hold function is a feature that enables the drone to hold at a fixed height with high stability.

With the implementation of headless mode, the direction of the Holy Stone Mini drone will be always according to the direction of the pilot’s face. This helps the kids and beginners to easily fly the drone. They even come with a feature to do 3D flips. The speed of the drone can be changed according to the pilot’s requirement.

The Holy Stone Mini drone comes with three batteries which extend the flight time up to 21 minutes. So you don’t have to worry about recharging batteries from time to time. The low battery power alarm also helps to leave the concern of drone losing power without your knowledge.

In Holy Stone Mini Drone, the propellers are isolated by the protection guard which increases safety and reduces damage. The small size of the drone makes it highly portable. These child-friendly features make this drone easy to use and a good option for kids.

Key Features: 3 Batteries | User-friendly | Mini & Portable | High Protection

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Force1 Scoot Hand Operated Drones For Kids

The Force1 Scoot Hand Operated drone is an original scoot drone that has the sheep of a UFO. This drone flies without the help of a remote. The drone can be easily operated by kids and beginners without any problem. This drone is self-flying and can be controlled by hands.

The Force1 Scoot Hand Operated drone has the ability to avoid obstacles. This is done using infrared sensors inside the drone. These drones are mainly used as Indoor drones which can be launched by gently throwing into the air.

The Force1 Scoot Hand Operated drone is a certified stem toy that is very convenient for beginners and can be recharged using a USB cable. The drone takes approximately 45 minutes to charge. The drone is extremely child friendly and is a very good option as an indoor drone.

Key Features: Original scoot drone | Easy to fly | Indoor hover drones | Stem toy kids

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SANROCK Drone With Camera For Kids

The SANROCK drone is a drone that can capture 720 p HD clarity images and videos. The drone comes with a high definition camera that can go up to A 90-degree wide-angle setting. The high-quality wide-angle camera allows you to shoot the entire landscape.

The SANROCK drone even has the altitude hold feature which lets it stay on a particular altitude and capture images and videos. You can control the drone using your iPhone or Android.

The SANROCK drone is highly safe and portable due to the propellers that are wrapped by 4 protective frames. The drone comes with two removable batteries that offer a flight time of up to 14 minutes and can also be charged.

The SANROCK drone comes with the support for one key start, landing, and emergency stop. It also has a gravity induction feature. These features make this drone very easy to use for beginners and kids.

Key Features: 720P HD Camera | Real-Time WIFI FPV Transmission | Multifunction Drone | Safe and Portable |Long Flight Time | Good Service

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ATTOP Drone For Kids Drones With Camera

The ATTOP drone comes with an integrated camera and offers FVP experiences. The drone when fully charged can have a flight time up to 5 to 6 minutes. The drone can be easily connected to your phones and the view will be directly shown on your phone. This provides great first-person view experiences.

When connected with the phone, the ATTOP drone can be easily operated. The drone has altitude hold mode from which you can accurately lock the height of the location of the RC drone. This will make the drone stable, capture video, and share photos with ease.

The ATTOP drone comes with the built-in g-sensor which helps in the movement of the drone. The trajectory flight function can be used to draw the path of the flight and make the drone follow that path easily.

The main highlight of the drone is the AR game mode in which popular games can be incorporated into the app. You can easily get into the AR game page and control the drone with the smartphone. You can also use voice commands along with this to increase the gaming experience.

The drone is very easy to carry around due to its foldable design. It is very small and easy to use. These factors make the ATTOP drone a good choice for kids.

Key Features: Mini Drone | FVP Experiences | Easy Operation | Gravity Trajectory Flight | App Control | AR Game Mode | Voice Control | Foldable & Portable Design

Propel Star Wars Quadcopter

The Propel Star Wars Quadcopter is one of the coolest drones that looks like a Starwars Battleship. These drones can reach a flying speed up to 35 miles per hour and can offer three-speed settings. The speed settings can be varied according to your expertise.

The Propel Star Wars Quadcopter is so detailed that each drone is hand-painted to attain perfection. The drone works on a frequency of 2.4GHz. You can use these drones for battles between your Friends. The drone comes with altitude stabilization mode which makes piloting easy along with the reverse operation design.

The Propel Star Wars Quadcopter battery offers an average charge time of 30-40 minutes. The drone can be used for about 6-8 minutes. The interesting StarWars design and playable features make this drone a favorite for children.

Key Features: Quadcopter | Star Wars design | High speed drone

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Holyton Hand Operated Drones For Kids

The Holyton Hand Operated drone is a drone that can work in sensor mode as well as the remote control mode. It has two working methods which will make the drone very interesting. While using the sensor mode, drone can be easily thrown up and it will fly freely.

In the smart mode, you can control the Holyton Hand Operated drone with gestures and can do various stunts during flight moments. They also come with high precision infrared sensors that avoid collisions and obstacles. The drone comes with colourful lights which makes it easy to spot in the night.

The good quality materials that are used in the making of Holyton Hand Operated drone makes it highly durable and collision resistant. These factors make the drone a good choice for children and beginners.

Key Features: Sensor mode | Remote control mode | Magic Tricks | Obstacle Avoidance | Colorful lights

Syma X5C 4 Channel Quad Copter With Camera

The Syma X5C 4 Channel Quad-Copter comes with a 360-degree roll and continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance. The drone comes with the pre-packed built-in 6 Axis gyroscope for precise movements in the sky. The drone even uses spread spectrum technology for further remote distance.

The Syma X5C 4 Channel Quad Copter offers the least power consumption along with the best anti-interference ability. It also comes with faster radio control. It comes with various control options for piloting.

The Syma X5C 4 Channel Quad Copter is equipped with good quality HD camera. The drone is controlled using a remote that is provided along with this. The minimalistic features of the drone make it a good choice for drones for kids.

Key Features: 360 degree roll | Less power consumption | Anti-interference ability | Faster radio control

The above given are some of the best drones that can be gifted to children or beginners. Most of the above-mentioned drones are even suitable to be used by adults. They all have great features and offers durability. If you are a beginner and struggling to learn to fly and use a drone, go for one from the above list.


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