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Home Hardware How to Show Hidden software in Add/Remove Programs?

How to Show Hidden software in Add/Remove Programs?

There are some windows default programs, you won’t be able to see in your regular add / remove program list. For example if you want to uninstall programs like WordPad from your computer, chances are you won’t find it in Add/Remove programs in Windows XP. These are programs that stay hidden from the Add/Remove programs window.

To see and uninstall these programs, Look for a file named sysoc.inf in C:WindowsINFsysoc.inf.

Here, C: can be any drive on which Windows XP is installed.

Open sysoc.inf in notepad which will show a list of programs. Some of them will have the word ‘Hide’.

Remove ‘Hide,‘ for programs you want to be listed in the Windows Add/Remove programs and save the file.

The programs will now be listed among the others.

Also note, not all programs can be uninstalled after they are displayed in the Add/Remove box.


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