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How to install apps for windows 8

Windows 8 is the transition of windows to the apps world. Microsoft has started Windows Store for providing apps for Windows 8 users. Now it is easy to install all the apps on your windows, everything is coming from the Windows store and that is the beauty of it. It is pretty easy to install apps on Windows 8 compare to older versions. We will go through the step by step instructions to see how to install an app from Windows Store in Windows 8.

1. Go to start button – ie bottom left corner and click it. You will see the tiles menu.

apps for windows 8 -1.jpg

2.In tiles menu, go to Store menu and Click it.

3. You will see a number of applications in different categories. Go to any category and select the app you want to install it.

apps for windows 8-3

4. Click on the app, you will see the details of app along with an install button.

apps for windows 8

5. Click on the install button and you will be back in the previous screen. On the top right corner, you will be seeing the status of the installation.

apps for windows 8

6. Click on the status of installation, if you want to see the details.

apps for windows 8

7. After installation, it will be notified in the top right corner.

8. Now you can start using the apps from your start tile menu.

The availability of apps for windows 8 is increasing day by day. Try to install Start enjoying new apps for Windows 8.

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