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How to get Rain or Snow Alert on Android or iPhone

You won’t be stuck in rain or snow anymore. Your smartphone is able to alert you one day in advance if there has any rain or snow forecast. This will give enough time to plan and prepare for yourself and your kids. Especially if you are depending on public transportation, this feature is a must have with your smartphone.

Unfortunately, there is no inbuilt feature in your smartphone to serve this purpose. But you can make this using the free automation tool IFTTT. The good thing about this tool is it is simple, easy and free.

If you are an Android or iOS user, you have to install free apps from Google Play or iTunes. Once you download, please create an IFTTT account from your phone with your email. Once you create the account and log in, you are ready to go to setup alert on your smartphone.

Rain tomorrow? Get an Android Notification

Please don’t forget to install this IFTTT app on your Android device before triggering this feature. Also, make sure that you turned on your Android push notifications for IFTTT apps to alert you. Now click on the link below from your smartphone and it will guide you to your IFTTT app.

Follow the steps to set your location and push notifications and finally enable the trigger. Once you set your location properly, you will start to get push notification one day in advance on your Android device.

Rain tomorrow? Get an iOS Notification

Please install IFTTT apps on your iOS device and turn on the push notification for IFTTT app in your phone. Once you set up this, please click on the below button from your smartphone to configure the alert.

Follow the steps and set your location and push notification. When you have done, you will get automatic notifications on your iOS device one day in advance for rain or snow forecast based on the trigger you set.

Snow tomorrow? Get an iOS / Android Notification

Please change your trigger under Tomorrow’s forecast calls for Condition from rain to snow to change the push notification from Rain to Snow to get the notification on Snow one day in advance.

Update: IFTTT is not supporting this now and deleted the script.

Now your smartphones are ready to show you push notifications if there has rain or snow tomorrow in advance. You can convert this push notification into SMS if you prefer from IFTTT apps from your smartphone.

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