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How to Use Echo Dot as Bluetooth Receiver for Home Audio System

Your Amazon Echo device can be used as a Bluetooth transceiver for your sound system. This will work for those who don’t have a built-in Bluetooth receiver or their sound system. You can buy a dedicated Bluetooth receiver to convert the surround system to Bluetooth. We are going to explain an alternative solution. Use Echo Dot devices as Bluetooth receiver to connect your iPhone or Android to the home sound system.

Let’s see how to use the Amazon Echo device ad the Bluetooth receiver and connect your iPhone to Home Theatre System or Audio System.

Pair Echo Device to iPhone or Android

First, you open your iPhone or Android Bluetooth Setting screen. Follow the steps as listed here for iPhone users;

  1. Open iPhone Settings > Bluetooth.
  2. Let iPhone search for OTHER DEVICES.
  3. Say, “Alexa, Pair.
  4. Alexa will respond and say she is ready to pair.
  5. Check iPhone Bluetooth Settings OTHER DEVICES for Echo Dot or Echo.
  6. Tap on the device to complete the pairing process.

iPhone Bluetooth Other Devices

Alternatively, you can go to Alexa App > Settings > Select Echo Device > Bluetooth and tap on Paring Mode to initiate the paring with your phone.

Android users can follow the same steps except for some menu changes on the Android Bluetooth Setting screen. For those who don’t have Amazon Echo Dot yet, you can get from Amazon.

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This will work with the Echo show, which comes with an external audio port. You can have the device from Amazon for less than $90.00.

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Connect Echo Device to Home Audio System.

Amazon Alexa devices have an additional audio output port on the back panel. You can hardwire this port to the input of any audio system to play the sound in the system. This is a standard 3.5mm audio part that transfers the station sound. You can even use the port to stream the songs on your own sound system from the Alexa device. Amazon Echo Dot and Echo Show devices come with an additional 3.5mm audio port.

Amazon Echo Dot Audio Port

Since you don’t have built-in Bluetooth with your home audio system, you need to have a 3.5mm audio cable with a male connector on both ends. You can get this 3.5mm audio cable from Amazon just under ten bucks.

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Your audio system must have a 3.5mm audio-in port to connect. This port is very common in the old systems that don’t have built-in Bluetooth. A few of the old sound system comes with RCA audio ports instead of standard 3.5mm audio port.

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You need to have an audio cable with one end male 3.5mm audio connector and RCA adapter on the other end you can get from Amazon.

How to Connect Bluetooth Adapter to Car Audio System?

Stream Music Through Echo Device

Once you connect the wire from the Echo device to your Home Audio System, you can start streaming audio from iPhone or Android to the Sound System. Once you begin to play the music on your iPhone or Android, you can switch the streaming device to the Echo device. On the iPhone, you can do this right from the iPhone Home Screen.


Android users can set the Bluetooth Output device like Amazon Echo and start streaming to the Home Audio System. Alternatively, you can ask Alexa to play music for you. The echo device will play the music from Spotify or Amazon Music.

You can use a dedicated Bluetooth Device to stream music to Home Audio System if you don’t want to use the Echo.

Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Check the article for a complete list of the best Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Home Entertainment. Alternatively, you can buy the Bluetooth Adapter directly from Amazon.

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There are many benefits of using the Amazon Echo Devices to stream music on the Home Audio System. You don’t need to buy a dedicated Bluetooth adapter to stream to the music system.

Your Alexa device can take care of this. Secondly, you can use the same setup to stream music from Spotify or Amazon Music through the Echo device to Home Audi System. And one more benefit is that your Echo Devices output voice will be loud and always play through the Home Audio System, Loud and Clear!

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