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How to Make WhatsApp Audio and Video Call on PC and Mac

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WhatsApp audio and video calls come quite handy whenever you want to call a friend or family quickly. It is even the best method to make free international calls, international video calls to anyone. As a mobile-only platform, the WhatsApp video calls and audio calls are limited to make and receive using your smartphones. This limits your video calling capability, even when your laptop has a quality wider camera. Now, you can make WhatsApp video call on PC and Mac easily.

Here, we will show you how to make a WhatsApp video call on PC or Mac quite easily.

Make WhatsApp Video Call on PC and Mac

WhatsApp has a web version that lets you send and receive messages using the PC or Mac. You can simply scan the QR code on WhatsApp Web’s page using the WhatsApp app on your phone to see all your messages on your PC.

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Likewise, WhatsApp offers a standalone app for Windows and Mac users. Even though the WhatsApp Desktop app is similar to the WhatsApp Web, there are more features. The last feature you get to see in the WhatsApp Desktop is the option to make WhatsApp audio and video call on PC.

  1. Install and open WhatsApp Desktop on your PC or Mac.
  2. On Android, go to the menu > WhatsApp Web.
  3. On iPhone, go to Settings > WhatsApp Web/Linked Devices.
  4. Scan the QR code shown in the WhatsApp Desktop app using your phone.
  5. Open any chat on the WhatsApp Desktop.
  6. Click the call buttons on the top right corner to make a WhatsApp video call on PC or WhatsApp audio call on PC/Mac.

Also, you will get a notification on your PC or Mac when you receive an incoming WhatsApp call. You can answer incoming WhatsApp calls using your desktop with the latest WhatsApp Desktop app.

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As of now, you can make a WhatsApp video call on PC to your individual contacts. There is no group call option yet. Hope you found the way to make a WhatsApp video call from your MacBook or laptop.


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